Odd Stories Etc... and other useless bits

by Roy Mackey 

      Here are a collection of strange writings you may enjoy if you have absolutely nothing better to do. All sorts of stuff that is not so art related but could be good to consider. To read more about each title just click on the ajoining picture or where it sayz.... read more






 Seriously... have you ever noticed...

The world is a weird place. Herez a collection of strange but useless things I have noticed. A real time waster for sure. read more






Great Dessert Recipes


Fat and sugar... my two favorite nutrients next to coffee that is. Remember "Stressed is Desserts spelled backwards"  read more





How to Cut a Couch in Half


     A prime example of what the human spirit is capable of. Never let doubt hold you back!!!   read more







The Incredible Oneida Dust System


Yes this is the the dust system you want if you are a serious wood worker. If you are smart, and you must be you are here right..., then you already know you never regret quality.    read more 





Things You Learn as as Second Hand Store Owner


Not nice, not politically correct, strange but unfortunately true... read more 






Times Gone By...


Yes the good ole days... whew!!! thank god they are over... read more





Gold, Silver, Art and Antiques


The rich buy gold, silver, art and antiques.... the poor buy big screen tv's... the rich get richer... the poor get poorer.... ever wonder why?   read more... 





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Saving Time is Saving Green


Things have changed. What web shopping really saves you... read more...







Things You Learn as a Building Manager



   It's not pretty but hey thats life. But if you want a view from the other side here it is... read more...  





Some Weird Thoughts About Time


     Time is really strange. Don't get a grip on it and it will kick your ass faster than you can say ouch!  read more...







Life at the ARC


     Man what a great place to live. This is modern living at its finest. No commute!!!   read more... 





Get Rich Ideas


     Lets face it... we all wanna be rich yet you ain't gonna get there sitting around on your fat butt all the time...   read more 






The Pin Ball Urinal


     Yes it is about time!! For years I have talked about the pinball urinal. Supposedly it is finally here but if not...    read more 





The Latte Effect...


     Learn how accountants are destroying the world one penny at a time.    read more






I Quit Quitting Sugar


     I quit sugar completely for two years and herez what happened believe it or not...   read more





Delicious Low Fat Sandwiches


     Here is how to make some of my all time favorite sandwiches. Laugh all you want but try them and you won't be laughing believe me.... read more








Merry Christmas from Hell....


     Santa vrs. Satan... yes folks you choose... if you can! Ha ha ha hahahahaha!!!   read more... 





Barter is Better

Being a bit of a bafoon that was brought up in a barn I came to believe that Barter is Better but am betting big buckets of bills that you would be better off just buying my art in order to beat the best bang out of your bloody buck. But if not... read more






Are You a Prints Charming


Ever wonder why some people would rather buy fools gold over the real stuff...  read more 






One Big Pink Pig...


Here is an old dinosaur in my personal collection that is why we need a larger studio.... read more






1983 Mercedes Benz


Like new... 100K... read more