Great Dessert Recipe's     by Roy Mackey 


     You know I have always loved sugar... at least desserts and candy. I remember collecting candy bar wrappers back as a kid. I must have had sixty or more candy wrappers. I started when candy bars were still ten cents. I had heard from the mothership that they were going to go up and that the new ones would not have the price on them any more. I saved the wrapper from every one I ate. Back then they were made from real paper! This was also before all things got the "mark of the beast" thus no bar codes either. Bar codes really ruin the design and simplicity of a candy wrapper. Sure enough before long the ten cent price was gone and up they started to go. Being the idiot that I have often been though I eventually threw them out. A bit of a fools move since I wanted to find a candy wrapper with the old 10 cent tag on it awhile back and no dice. I did find one Cherry Blossom but the starting bid was $40.!!!      (a related note I recently heard from the mother ship that candy bars were soon going to have health warnings that cigarettes do!!! so much for nice wrapper designs)  

     Anyway my love of sweets has made me get inventive. It started back in 1980 or so you could not get any more than three flavors of ice cream and a basic assortment of pastries at most bakeries. My solution way back then was to make my own fancy ice cream. I would buy the regular vanilla and then soften it up a bit. I would then mix in chocolate chips, peanut butter, caramel and other assorted things. This was years before "Moose Tracks and Heavenly Hash" People always thought I was crazy but when they tried my homemade creations they quickly changed their minds. It was years after that before you could get these fancy ice creams off the shelf

     Even though I lacked the motivation to pursure making exotic ice creams as a business it did open my eyes to new possibilities. Ever since then I have always been creative when it comes to sugar and in fact all foods for that matter. Below are a few ideas that I have come up with that are quite good. Most are really quite simple.



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     Here is a trick I stole from below to spruce up my pumpkin pie. After all lets face it pumpkin pie really sucks!!! What kind of desert is that? Virtually no sugar. Thus the creation here. What you do is cut the pumpkin pie.... in the case Safewaste's discount own brand. Since it is mostly cheap vegitable oil and chemicals you have to cooler down a bit in the fridge. Once it is cold enough puller out and slather on a nice healthy layer of Betty's Crock a icing. The trick to make it really good is to then put it back into the fridge until it gets nice and chilled again. Since Betty's Crocka Icing is also mostly oil it needs chillin too.

     This above is one of my really cool tricks. Have you ever noticed that once you slice a piece of cake there are two sides that have no icing!!! I finally figured out how to get around this problem by simply keeping some Betty Crockers premade icing on hand. That way just before you eat it you can spread more on at least one of the sides. Since this was such a small piece it would not stand solidly enough to do both sides. Normally a larger piece would mean you could actually finish icing both sides. Simple I know but who would have thought that improving cake could have been so simple.



     This above is one of my latest creations. I call it McDonalds modified. A favorite thing of mine to do is to take chain food places and stir up the menu a little. Here I would ask for one of their new cinnamon buns and then ask for shot of caramel they use on their Sundays put on it. Wow! now we are talking!! Sure it adds a few calories but hey if you were really worried about calories you wouldn't be at McDonald's in the first place!! I have also tried the same but with chocolate sauce instead. Then toss on a couple bags of the peanuts they have for some added protein all washed down with a cup of their fresh brewed coffee and it's workout time!! You can buzz like crazy on that combo. I have thought about trying a shot of that white frozen stuff they sell there also but have heard that stuff has a lot of chemicals in it. I sometimes worry about my health when it comes to chemicals.