The Chair Series by Roy Mackey




     Starting with the most recent and working back in time...

Chair with Lines steel sculpture by Roy Mackey

     Chair with Lines... 



Armless Chair steel sculpture by Roy Mackey

     Armless chair...



Flaming Tree Chair steel sculpture by Roy Mackey

     Flaming Stump chair



Face Chair steel sculpture by Roy Mackey

     Man on Fire... my second face chair



Flower Chair steel sculpture by Roy Mackey

     Flower Chair



Bottle Chair steel sculpture by Roy Mackey

     This is my Bottle Chair at a show I had in the Hongkong Bank Atrium here in Vancouver. Response to the work at that show was overwhelming.




Face Chair by Roy Mackey

     This piece was one of two face chairs I had done. You sit on the back side about where the brain would be. This is a big chair and does not fit through normal doorways by a long shot.



Flame Chair, roy mackey, steel sculpture

     This is the same flame chair restored after an explosion during a photo shoot that almost destroyed the piece. It took me two weeks of grinding and welding to get it back to shape.



Flame Chair on Fire photo by Ken Flett

     This is the photo of the flame chair mere seconds before the explosion that sent it 12 feet into the air. It was kind of the empty gas tank blows theory. A lot of my ideas don't always turn out well. Luckily for the neither the model or the photographer were hurt. In fact only an hour later and they could both hear again!



Flame chair, roy mackey, steel sculpture

This is the flame chair just after completion in 1990



Armchair by Roy Mackey

     This armchair was the first piece of my work I had in a show. The show organizers wanted to put it in the entrance way to the show so that people could use it to take their winter boots off. Luckily for me one of the organizers was a friend of mine and serious painter. He was actually trained by Arthur Lismer. He protested adamantly and thus this lowly chair was shown on the main floor. The show was a regional show and a couple of works from each region were chosen to be part of the provincial show. This chair was chosen much to the dismay of the shows organizers. At the provincial show it was issued an award of excellence.



Rocker by Roy Mackey

     This rocker works great and is very comfortable. If you throw your weight back quickly the chair goes into the reclining position and stays there. Nudge your weight forward and it returns to the forward position. All done in twenty gage sheet steel.




Rooted Chair by Roy Mackey

     This chair was my second piece done back in 1985. It was the first of my chair series. 




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