Here is a lit's of my favorite videos. With the US political ones unless you speak common sense though these will be meaningless to you.... Best you head back for instruction at CNN before watching any more.

     Other videos are my favorites that I wanted to find easily down the road. The bike one's here are to tide me over till spring.

     If you seriously want to get a better idea as to what's really going on with the US election then check out this great video!!! Powell puts it all out there enough to give you an overview. This applies to everyone in the world who thought they also had fair elections.

      This video is incredible if you like facts over "narrative" Because the facts are beyond belief!!!! You would think everyone would want to get to the bottom of this and not just republicans. Pretty well tells me something incredibly illegal is going on here.

OK This is really eye opening!!!!

     As usual the truth usually is. Now if you have been "parroting" CNN about Trump being a racist then you might have some trouble with this one. Might be better if you head back over to flatearth. com instead.