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11am to 11pm

     Yes sad but true..... I can't ship it which really sucks. I have got two problems.... I don't need the money.... and spending the money I have takes all my time. Thus I don't have the time either!!! On the bright side though if you send someone by to give me the money I will give him the goods.....

Vintage Dust System     $150.

     This is one of my favorite gems!!! Yes I am asking too much... but this such a rare beauty.... worthless junk unless you are seriously into vintage tools!!! I believe it is a 1/3 rd horse motor. The motor runs butter smooth also. This came with a vintage 1956 Delta Unisaw I scored at this estate sale. The saw was in absolutely mint shape and barely used. The guy was a well known architect in Vancouver. So bought it more for hobbies he never did. You know.... life gets the best of us. Besides like most of us pining for something else he was having too much fun architecting!!!  : ) 

     The rare thing about this gem is the garbage can part of this is absolutely mint. My vintage garbage can I use in my shop took me years to find and it was kind of beat up but still good shape for it's age. This is perfect.

Vintage Craftsman Band Saw  $125.

     These Craftsman band saws with the cool base are really hard to come by. It took me forever to find this one. Sure it could use a little restoration but is more than usable as it is. Right now I have three band saws and rarely use one.... Space being the final frontier something has to give. So I drew straws... this one, my 49 Delta, or my 55 Beaver 15'... I seriously wanted to do a frame up resto on this one but time is the other frontier.


Vintage Iron Horse Engine    $75

     Cool Iron Horse engine. Not running condition though never tried to start it up. Some idiot broke the plug when moving it. Does kick over. I was going to use on my 54 Harley until I can find a panhead engine I have been looking for. You don't see many of these with kick starters on them....  : )

Vintage Tire Bead Breaker $30.

     This gem is for breaking the beads on car tires. I got it for doing motorcycle tires but does not work on tires that small. If changing tires is too hard for you then this is not for you unless you want a wall hanger in your man cave. It could though definitely be used if nothing else to build muscle.

Vintage Delta Drill Press    $75 as is or...

$100. with an original motor

     This is a 1958ish drill press that actually came as an option with the Delta homecraft table saw jointer combo unit. This used to run off the table saw and has a special bracket I will throw in that mounts it to the table saw. This drill press has had virtually no use over the years. For more of the story give me a call. Sheza gem if you are a vintage tool buff...

Driver Line Scroll Saw     $35.

     This is a 1938 Driver Line scroll saw. These are very hard to come by. Walker Turner quit making their "Driver Line" in 1938. I have two strangely. Would make a fun project if you have a vintage motor kicking around.

Vintage Roberts USA Made Bench Grinder  $20.

     This sucker is a gem. It works and runs incredibly smoothly. The catch which is actually a bonus... you have to bump start it. That is you got to give it a little hand spin then spark the switch. The best part is it makes it more fun because of the danger.... but even better is depending on which way you spin it is the direction it will run. So you can run it backwards if you want. Which of course also makes it a lot more dangerous. I have an actual reversible one and love it.

Now I am sure it could be fixed but not sure who in their right mind would want to....  : )

Vintage Spot Welder  $50.

     You might have to be fast on this one... as I am on the verge of changing my mind!!!!

     This is a very cool old spot welder.... looks like it might have been hand made back in the day when people could still make things. Not sure if it works.... The low profile high weight wheels on it cost me about a hundred. Takes four guys to lift it yet my cat could move it.... would be a super cool spot welder if you gotter working. I have it listed elsewhere on this site for 200 but this is the garage sale page so cheaper. I am also interested in paying someone to see if they could get it working as I would love to have it in my studio. Trouble is I am clueless when it comes to most things but especially electricity..... 

Vintage Late 40's Delta Drill Press   $125.

     Had a hard time finding this one. Then found another model I opted for. These drill presses never wear out. This one has a custom made extra pulley option for way more speeds.

Useless Gas Engine $35.

     Here is a useless but fun project if you are one of those nuts who like vintage gas engines.... This barn find beauty is an odd one. The cover over the flywheel is cast iron??? Might just be me but that seems strange! Far from running but kind of turns over.

     Nope... there are no tags of any sort on this thing? Not sure why. Anyway if you are in the hood and want to check it out drop me a note or phone.




     Here is a bit of a gem. These well made jointers from the fifties were made to last forever. I have a 4" Delta one on my Delta Homecraft Combo Unit.



     Vintage pencils $30. for the box. 144 pencils. The erasers are dead from age but a rare find for a life time supply of shop pencils. I might have three boxes in case you want more than one box.



     These suckers are hard to find. If you do they often still have the sander attached to them and thus too expensive. Since this frame is not welded then apparently it is 1949 or later.

     I hear you... but no still can't ship it. 




     Here is a rare gem. They apparently did not make a lot of these. I have only seen one in the real and here it is. Saw one on ebay once.... I tried this a few times and it ran real nice... then someone came to buy it so I went to spark it up and would not start... giggle the wires, tapped on it, prayed... all proved fruitless. He left... tried it one more time before I packed back into storage and it ran perfectly... Ran it a few times and it was fine. Put it back in storage and and forgot about it. Tried it in storage a few months later... did not work again. So left it again. Then brought it up to try again in my studio and it worked again... I could go on??? Something is loose or some dam thing and I don't have the time to try it. So markeder down from 200ish to 50ish... If you like to tinker and have the smarts and time it could be fun. 

Now you won't be ripping two by fours but the very light wood I tested on it impressed the hell out of me. 

Phone only if you can't resist your child like ways!!!

SIX 04-269-3500

Gaver Away...... Everything Below This is Long Gondi

Vintage Framers Clamp $10.

     This gem works incredibly smoothly. Great for something you might think you might do sometime.....

Vintage PET Electric Sander $ free... gone....

     Most vintage electric sanders suck.... not this puppy though! I have another one also somewhere. That will likely be coming up at one point. The pad on this one is shot... I figured out an easy repair for my other one. This would could be a fun restoration project. Though as far as working it is fine. These feel great in the hand and have some weight if you are a man and like up-keeping what muscles you have.

Old Vintage Cabinet $35.... gave away....

     Sheza beauty!!! Used for holding lead powder and asbestos dust for making the masks they use to protect people in factories that handle food additives.

     It is butt ugly but looks hugely better than it die when I got it.

Vintage Cabinet  $25.

     This would make a great base for a drill press or other tool like maybe smalll bandsaw. Has a great clean vibe to it. Might even be able to find the keys....


     Cool vintage belt sander. Huge torque and still have soft plyable cord in mint shape. Don't know anything more about it other than what you see here....