Life Is Not Short....

by Roy Mackey

Why You Need To Waste Your Life

     A lot of people are under the impression that life is short. It isn't... as you will find if you manage to slog through this tedious long winded and boring monologue.

     I should point out that if you are under the influence of  the "life is short" concept then this will be almost impossible to read. After all "times a wastin" like my Dad always said.

     Oh I guess I should say it will also be hard to read if you like ideas that actually make some form of "common"  sense....

     You know over the last…. really long time I have had three near death, out of body experiences. Shoulda been paying attention instead of hoping to pay cash.

     OOBE's as they are sometimes called  are weird, really weird. Going out of body is a really strange thing to experience that pretty well always changes your perceptions about life in one fell swoop. Sort of like how a sledge hammer can change the shape of an egg.

Just the same going out of body is not a special experience as it has been experienced by bazillions of people. Though years ago if you had an experience like this you kept pretty dam quiet about it. You had to mostly because people were really weird back then. If you told someone you left your body they would burn you at the stake, lock you in a padded room, give you a lobotomy, hound you into becoming a politician or ban you from attending church services. It was a pretty scary situation.

     These days’ things have changed a lot though. People are not near as hell bent to gather in groups with pitchforks demanding all people think the same any more. Ok the trend is coming back a little with things like environmental, economic and democratic issues. It always does when times get uncertain as we humans have a real aversion to uncertainty. When that happens killing becomes the new hobby.

     Generally though people today are pretty easy about revealing their out of body experiences. Now I am not sure talking about out of body experiences really has much benefit to others anyway but just the same. I guess it could be like telling a 5 year old boy about how much fun girls are. Most five year old boys I remember could not see that perspective back then. Of course I am assuming that five year old boys now are like they were back in the ole days. Like sex, out of body experiences are one of those things that you have to experience to really get any value. Just the same I will babble on a bit here about it and how it relates to life not being short.

     Now for me, having these experiences… the out of body one's that is… created a huge change in my perceptions about life. In all my ten years of school I only read one book on my own accord. I hated school, reading and cod liver oil thus eventually dropped out once I heard the local sawmill was hiring.

     It was not long after that I got to enjoy my first out of body experience. Going from sixty mph to zero in a half a second with out airbags really changes your day. About two weeks later after getting out of the hospital, healing and going back to work I quit my job and got obsessed with reading everything I could. My attitude also changed from constant negative to more of a delusional blind Pollyanna state of mind which I still have today. Of course I immediately lost all fear of death. I had always claimed I was not afraid of death which was why I was constantly doing dangerous things. I later learned that doing dangerous things in life is almost always fueled by a fear of life.

     Apparently most daredevils are not afraid of dying mostly because consciously or unconsciously they know it is the only thing that can save them from their real fear which is living. When you die supposedly it all ends. When you live you risk being a failure, being judged and or rejected, being hated or ending up lonely, hungry, homeless, going blind, being crippled and many other painful things.

     Life is not a pretty picture when you consider the odds of making it. An extremely small percentage of the world lives in North America, one of the richest countries in the world. Of those that do live here an extremely small percentage of them ever become really successful at least financially. People who live dangerously have a good chance of avoiding all those really scary things. After all if your parachute does not open you hit the ground and die. The pain lapse for this is a couple of minutes at most. If you break your back falling down the stairs and can no longer walk the pain lapse of loneliness, poverty and struggle could go on for years!! Now that's really scary.

     I actually learned this when I was young in grade school. On needle day I would always be first to put up my hand to go. I did that for a few reasons, first I knew I was doomed, the militia that ran the school had us all locked in and non compliance would have only led to torture. Second is I could not stand the horror of anticipating the pain that was coming. Lastly it made me look brave and strong. Every time I would come back into the class I would be holding my arm and making faces of agony. That sent the other weaker ones into tears of panic. Partly because they saw me as brave and strong and yet I was looking like I was in pain. They knew they wouldn't have a chance.  Of course the needles never did hurt that much at all but I wasn't passing up on that kind of fun. The teachers never liked me much, especially for doing that.

     Anyway all this babble leads up to the fact that life is not short. Sure some may want it to be but it aint. Just like your car though eventually your body will also cave in but when it does the lights don't go out. "You" keep running. This is one of the main things that an out of body experience teaches you.

     Now once you grasp this and realize that life is forever you start to ask yourself “what's the hurry?” Especially once you find out that going out of body is the most delicious things you will ever do in life. The truth is you are going to be around forever, you body is going to die, you are going to get a new body and start over. Thus there is no sense hurrying… what for?, you got all the time in eternity.

     Now this is not new knowledge and has been around for eons. The trouble is people that don't know this are easier to control. Thus the concept never gained much popularity with those organizations out there that like controlling other people.

      Most people don't realize this but the "life is short" mentality has some real drawbacks like creating stress. We are constantly trying to save more time and make more money before our "times up". It also creates a desperate sense of urgency to experience as much as possible before one's time is up. As people grow older they frantically whip up bucket lists in desperation, hoping to cram as much experience into their few remaining years as they can. All before their "short" time is up and the lights go out. The trouble is like I said the lights never do go out. The body dies but the lights stay on. Actually this, "life is short" mentality, is what started "desperately seeking boomer syndrome"

     Desperately seeking boomers by the way are those who sold out their real love to making money. This always leads to a feeling of emptiness that creates a void in their life. In order to fill this void they rush out in desperation diving into one enviable experience after the other. The trouble is this never works. Getting twice as much of something you don't want will never compensate for getting half of that which you do want. There is only one thing that can truly satisfy your cravings and only you know what it is. Mind you owning up to what it is can be another challenge.

     You see horking back as many gourmet meals as you can during one day is not what you would call enjoying gourmet food. The same applies to experiencing lifetimes. You need to savor a lifetime to really enjoy it. Hurrying is not savoring. Sure there is nothing really wrong with diving into as many experiences in life as you can. You just have to make sure or know that you are not doing that in order to fill some void. A void created by not following your true dreams. If this is the case you have to remember what your dreams were and start seeking them out once again. Otherwise you will never be satisfied.

     It is like trying to quench you hunger with water or if you are North American then Chinese food. Sure it helps a bit if you drink enough or eat enough but the full feeling never lasts long. Before long you are as hungry as you ever were.

     This short life mentality is also what keeps a lot of people from "throwing their lives away" by doing what they love. After all most times that is what is required. Often doing what you love does not make one a lot of money right off and sometimes never. This is a pretty scary thought thus people tend to sell out for some higher paying position. That way they can afford to do all the things that "other" people love to do instead of what they love to do.

     The willingness to do what you love might not be cool but is a hell of a lot more satisfying than doing what other people love. Not to mention the more years you avoid doing what you love the harder it gets to do it and let go of what you don't love.

     Years ago when I was heavily into metaphysical studies I learned that East Indians are actually a lot more comfortable with "throwing their lives away" Some spend years meditating in a cave, others spend their lifetime growing fingernails, or some other odd ball thing. You see the "short life" mentality will never allow this sort of thing. Since they have a better grip on life being eternal it does not bother them. (This of course is a bit of a generalization promoted by new age groups trying to convince everyone that God only exists every where else and not here, where ever your "here" is)

     Steve Wozniak was obviously one who was willing to throw his life away playing around with dumb electronics. Now fortunately Steve ended up doing ok with his dumb little inventions but the truth is even if he didn't, like most others out there like him, he still would have had a ball along the way. If you go online and dig around you will find out that almost every famous person was told by the "authorities" that they could not sing, or were stupid or would never amount to anything.

     Thus if you are young don't worry so much about throwing your life away. In fact if you want to get anywhere other than a wife, 2.5 kids, low interest mortgage and nine to five for 40 years you have no choice but to throw your life away.

     Remember in order to keep up with the Jones's you have to get on the same train they are on. That train goes nowhere but in circles. Throwing your life away is one requirement to doing anything new or interesting.

     Do you remember that weirdo who invented the light bulb…? I forget his name even though they were always harping about him in school. Anyway apparently he tried a thousand times to get it right. Now history books don't mention this but each time he failed his mother was on his case ragging him non-stop about getting a normal job working for Amway. Luckily he never took the bait she offered even though there was no "selling" involved. Because of that we can now see in the dark.

     Now one thing I have noticed and that is what people often want to do the most is NOT the thing that they proudly brag about. The thing you love to do is the thing that secretly embarrasses you to even talk about. That's partially why you have been avoiding all this time. It is that thing that you think you could never be good enough at to earn a living or get recognized at etc. Sort of like that girl or boy you were in love with back in grade school. You would never admit it to anyone even your best buddy but could not stop thinking about them.

     Of course you knew they would never go for a loser like you. Thus you never did approach them. After all it is better not to know than to risk being rejected and having to deal with the devastating pain that comes with that. Because of the common and extremely powerful fear of rejection most of us have we never approach that person. Next thing you know you see them going out with an even bigger loser than you are and you end up kicking your own butt for being so stupid.

     If you want to see some mind boggling examples of this go to Britain’s Got Talent on youtube. Look for videos with a ton of views. Often it is some super loser looking self conscious buffoon who can barely make it out on stage that knocks the audience’s socks off and ends in standing ovation! You see the reason is the more you love something the more special it is to you and the more you strive to perfect and protect it. This is done with good reason as most people tend to be balloon poppers or shall I say dream poppers. In fact the ones that do it the most are nothing more than people who have not stood up and embraced their own "foolish dreams" Thus want to stop you from standing up and embracing yours.

Ok all this babble seems to go around in senseless circles

but here is the boil down.

     Life is forever so quit hurrying and stop worrying about throwing your life away. After all throwing away your life on something you love is why you came here in the first place. It is the only thing that you will ever get any real satisfaction out of. All the money or prestige in the world will not buy your way around this.

     Oh and just so you know "throwing your life away" could very well be working at a factory doing the same thing over and over for years. Everyone likes to think that their life's dream is to heal the sick and feed the hungry or some other glorious thing. Goals like that are often just motivated by someone needing some ego stroking.  They forget that the lowly farmer does more for feeding the poor than Mother Theresa did. You don't have to justify what your dream is. You do though have to figure it out.

Remember... tacky as it sounds

If You Slow Down and You Will Get There Faster

     Now if you think that throwing your life away is easy think again. You may be able to do it for awhile but soon you start looking out the window. When you do you notice all the other "lemmings" running somewhere quickly. You start to feel like you are missing out and then get the overwhelming urge to join them. Next thing you know you are out there running with the rest of them. Sure the ones next to you are smiling but the truth is they are only thinking of getting in front of the one in front of them. Anyway if you know lemmings you know how that story ends.

     Just so you know your purpose or "love of your life" is that secret you have hiding deep inside of you. Not the one you would or do brag about to you half asleep friends but the one that just mentioning it embarrasses you.

     Hangliding, parachuting, bungee jumping etc is all easy… pursuing what you really love is holy terror. If you start doing it you could likely even lose some friends because of it. If you do pursue it odds are extremely in favor of you failing miserably. At the same time though if you do pursue it your life will be delicious beyond compare. You already knew that though...

     Now you can say what you want to your friends but if you are a dare devil then you are afraid of life. I know that hurts and I promise not to tell your "adrenaline junkie" friends. But hey death is the easy path. It’s time to show a little backbone and own up to that inner secret that you have never revealed. You can fool your friends but you can't fool me… it's in there somewhere. The adrenaline rush feels good because it distracts you from the fear of life. I agree that gets addicting and you may think it makes you look tough but the secrets now out of the bag. You ain't foolin no one anymore.

     Oh yea and remember the world progresses forward because of all the young punks out there who don't listen to their parents. People older than you that are telling you what to do are only trying to preserve the life they created and wanted. You can't follow them you can only follow you. Their life is often gone before they die anyway. It has been happening for eons but even more in the last three hundred years of mankind’s history. In fact these days a lifetime can pass in a few years if you are talking about careers and lifestyles.

     So the best thing you can do with your life is to waste it. Isn't there a song line somewhere that says we were born to be wasted? There is, I should add that means born to be wasted not 'born to get wasted" Your body is not much more than a bio suit for your "light that never goes out" Don’t get too attached to it. After all most bodies eventually turn to landfill sooner than later. The real brave souls are the ones that stick around for a long time in the body they got.