Time on Wall Street 

Last year Marta and I spent 29 ten hour days walking down wall street.

photo by stranger whom caught Marta and I doing our Wall St. shuffle… have since lost his name…

     The other day I was doing a little math which was kind of surprising but did get me thinking. Marta and I usually go for a walk down Wall Street each day. Often it takes an hour and gives us a chance to get out of the studio for some fresh air. Not that I mind welding and paint fumes but sometimes a change is good.

     Anyway I started to do some adding and was quite amazed. I figured we probably didn’t walk down Wall street every day but let’s say five times a week. Multiply five times by 52 weeks and you have 260 times we walked down Wall street! If you multiply that by the one hour it takes each time you get 260 hours walking down Wall street each year. If you then divide that buy 10 you end up with 26 ten hour days of walking down Wall Street every year!!!


     I was a little stunned and checked the numbers ten times sure enough it was right. Can you really imagine spending 26 ten hour days walking down Wall Street each year? No wonder I can sit around all day starring at the walls I get tons of practice doing mindless things!!!

     Now I am not saying that there is anything wrong with going for a walk each day but when you math this out and get conscious about where your time goes it is pretty strange. If you multiplied that 260 hours by what you make an hour that is quite a sum of money. The point of all this is not to justify sitting on the couch but more to get conscious about where your life is going. You could ask yourself, are you getting the return on your time investment or could you be doing something better. If you really liked walking then no problem but if there was something else you could be doing during that time that you would enjoy better then you may want to consider it.

     What if you added up something else like say watching the news for one hour. Is seeing all these people die or get shot or getting robbed really paying you the return that you could get for 260 hours spent somewhere else? The same would apply with watching other crap on TV for a couple of hours a night.

Walking down Wall Street 26 – ten hour days a year

Watching the news 26 – ten hour days a year

Watching three rental movies a week 31 – ten hour days a year

2 Hour daily commute 50 – ten hour days a year

     Now that I have done the math on this I can easily see why my life is so dull! This is interesting since what if you wanted to learn some new talent but thought you never had the time. Sometimes you just need to assess why you don’t have the time and you could be surprised. With so many things out there to learn and do these days you may want to give it some thought. A few minutes making some conscious notes as to where you time goes may surprise you! No one says you have to change but at least you will be conscious about your choices.


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