Door Series...

by Roy Mackey

     This is a series of door signs I have done for my studio. At the ARC here each door has a foot square wooden plague that you do what you want with. It is set up so artists can do whatever they want to this. Usually it is something that identifies the artist inside. I like to change mine at least fairly often. Each time I do I convert the remains into a wall piece.


door series,, roy mackey, steel sculpture, steel art, vancouver bc

     This door plaque was one of the first ones I did when in cell 407. It was inspired by a neighbor, Cory, who came by my studio one day and got his hand a little too close to my bird Sweetie. She did not cut his finger off like she could have but did draw a fair amount of blood. Needless to say unlike most people these days Cory was a man about it and never cried. Not only that but he was man enough to take responsibility for his own actions. Another rare trait these days!! He had been warned that Sweetie love to make people bleed... except me of course. I used this on my door in 407 until I moved down to the cell block on the main floor. After that I started changing them whenever I got the inspiration, motivation and time all at once.

Under construction here,

more works in this series coming as soon as I get the pictures taken...

     I have decided to alter the way I present my door series works. The steel frames were just not cutting it. The frame distracted from the work too much. These are now mounted on a 24 x 24" painted wood frame. This is an ongoing series and right now my favorite series. The photos are quite lousy compared to how these works look in hard copy.

Door Series 2011

Door Series 2011 detail

door series, roy mackey, steel sculpture, steel art,

Door series     $     June 2007

door series, roy mackey,, steel sculpture

Door Series     Sculptor of Useless Things     $     2006

door series, roy mackey,, steel sculpture

Door Series     Steel     $     Dec 2005