Foodies Beware...

Here are some delicious eatin recipes from my kitchen to yours.



by Roy Mackey ….

     When I grew up back on the farm there was no such thing as low fat anything. That would have been a real dumb idea to say the least. After all fat is what tastes good. We all knew that high fat meant delicious and good for you. That of course still has not changed except for the “good for you” part. Just the same almost every processed food you buy these days is high to very high in fat. The reason is we humans love fat. It may not be good for you but makes foods taste good. The only foods that are not high in fat are the ones that are extremely high in sugar. You can tell high sugar foods by the labeling. Those packages will have a big label saying “LOW FAT” Low fat means high sugar.

     Now if the label says “LOW IN SUGAR” then this means it is very likely high in fat. A lot of people trying to get healthy these days always make sure they buy both low fat and low sugar products.

     Anyway after growing up eating white bread soaked in fresh bacon grease every morning I decided to join the health trend and come up with some sandwiches that were healthier. This is what I have shown below. I will give you one warning now that you can laugh all you want at these favorites of mine but if you have the spine to try them more than once you will quickly understand how great they are. I have listed my favorite first since it was the one that got me started on healthier eating. I have had so many people laugh in disgust and disbelief at this one it is unreal. Yet those that did try it have made it a regular part of their nutrition plan.

     Well here it is! I call it “Mexican Toast” Not sure why other than the cayanne I guess.

Mexican Toast

     Well here is my first and most favorite. I call it "Mexican Toast" Not sure why other than the cayenne I guess...

     Step one acquire a good toaster and essential ingredients. Pop the slaba wheat in the toaster and cooker good. The toaster here we bought new.... it lasted a year before we tossed'er in the ole landfill. We since picked up a vintage one that works like a dang. When it comes to catshup Heinz is the obvious. Here we used safewaste's natural peanut butter. Needs a bit of salt added though.

     Step two, apply apply a couple of pats of butter for nutrition. After that spread on the peanut butter. Make sure it is not a sugary brand loaded with all sorts of strange stuff. 

I love catshup since it is low in fat!!


     Step three, apply a liberal amount of catsup. Heinz of course as if that needed to be said!

     Step four, spread out the ketchup evenly and cover completely with cayenne pepper. Now this is the real surprising part. Normally this much cayenne would burn the mouth right out of you but in this case no. Now if you think this is a joke for some reason, then try just a very small bite to start or if you are really nervous then only put on a light sprinkling of the pepper. If you have not used cayenne pepper before you better be careful! Get one speck on your hand and then rub your eye and you will feel like someone punched that eye!! It also does not go well up your nose so make sure you hold your breath when taking a bite.

     There you have it! A thing of beauty, but before you eat it remember to pop you next piece of toast since you will be going for another. Of course I always use low sugar peanut butter and low fat ketchup. As you know cayenne pepper is very good for you but hard to eat a lot in any quantity. I first started making this sandwich just over twenty years ago and love it as much today as I did then.

     Here is another version for those that want to amp up the protein a little more. Just top it up with a little fresh cottage cheese. This also cools the cayenne more for those who do not eat many hot foods.





The Worlds Best Peanut Butter Recipe

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     Peanut butter.... Gods gift to man. I live off the the stuff. As good as it gets though there are ways to make it even better. My favorite is this. Go to Costco and buy a jar of natural peanut butter. This is my favorite brand right now. After getting it home and on the counter I pour off some of the separated oil into a small jar and save until you can no longer remember what it is. Then throw it away. Next scoop out some of the peanut butter, about 1/8th of the jar or so. Eat that with a spoon for energy. Then add a few heaping scoops of the following ingredients. Actual amounts don't matter and you can adjust to taste. Oh I also add a bit of salt for nutritional reasons since they forgot to add salt at the factory. 

Roasted sesame seeds

Roasted and ground flax seed

Hemp Hearts

     After adding the above mix the mess up thoroughly. The best part about this is it makes the peanut butter more solid if it too runny like most natural peanut butters. This butter is delicious. I have been doing this for years and love it. Now I just saw that you can buy something similar... peanut butter with flax seed. It is all ground in though and lacks the delicious texture that this homemade version has.

     Now if you have kids and want to save some money you can do what the big companies do. To each jar of this mixture add a cup or two of powdered sugar and a cup or so of hydrogenated oil and in fact any other cheap filler ingredients you can find. Lets face it the way kids eat these days they will never notice anyway. Not only that why let big companies charge you big money to do it for you.

     For those you who are hoping their kids live long enough so that they can look after you when you are old you may want to skip the above step. Now if you want your kids to actually eat this healthy concoction there are a few tricks to make it easy. Tell them it is yours only and they can't have any! Every time you turn your back they will be eating it like no tomorrow. Hell the government uses this tactic all the time. Why do you think they came up with the drug war in the first place? Since they started that war drug consumption is up 900% ! Now of course if your kids are allergic to peanuts then you will of course be missing out on this delicious dietary staple. In the meantime enjoy and don't forget to check out my other recipes below...

Hot Dogless Hot Dog Sandwich

     Ok here is another delicious favorite of mine. Since I no longer eat ground up animal entrails... hot dogs... nor do I dare risk eating soylent green... or as it is more commonly known... vegi dogs I have created my own version to get that same great taste. Just follow the step by step photos below and then enjoy! I have even made this version below with lettuce and tomatoes. Delicious either way.

     First thing... popa slap of your favorite wheat on the plate. Next swipe on some butter. I prefer organic. The more the merrier.

     Next swipe a little natural peanut butter on the piece. If you are making this for your kids use the cheapo oil, sugar and chemical laden peanut butter (you know... that crap they make for squirrels)  and save the good stuff for yourself. After all as you get older you cannot afford to be experimenting with chemical laden crap that could either kill you or give you cancer. 

     Next it is time for a little high fructose corn syrup... thus start spreadin out the relish!

     Next it is time for mustard to build your faith. I prefer not to spreader around much.

     Next it is time for a little more high fructose corn syrup and red die... AKA ketchup. Once again if you have organic ketchup you can use that and save the chemical crap for your kids. Heinz don't care so why should you! Especially if you have shares in the company. 

     Next the main ingredient!! Cayenne pepper. Try to hide as much of the ketchup as you can with the cayenne pepper. Note don't rub your eyes after handling this sandwich!! 

     Next add the queso! I prefer old chedder. Once again if you have kids save the good cheese for you and lop a slap of processed wax cheese food stuff on the one for them. Remember if you have kids you are too old to be gambling your health with chemical laden highly processed foods. 

     Dam near ate the whole thing before remembering to take a photo. Three or four of these makes a great meal or healthy snack. If you are into eating foods from different color groups this sucker has most of them. I get the hunch this might be really good if popped in a toaster oven for a bit. 

Cake Toast

     Here is another one of my latest inventions. This is the peanut butter  and jam special. My mouth is just watering thinking about it. What you do is take a slice of whole grain or lilly white bread and toast it. Then you add a nice thick layer of no sugar peanut butter. After that add a nice layer of low fat raspberry jam. Then to give it a thick layer of Betty Crockers Creamy Deluxe French Vanilla icing. I like the French Vanilla since it has a nice balance of sugar and fat, not too sweet. That's it!!

     The nice thing about this sandwich also is the balance of low sugar bread, low sugar peanut butter, low fat jam and of course the icing which appears to be fairly balanced in fat and sugar. This makes for a well balanced sandwich. Now normally I put a lot more icing on the sandwich but put a little less for the photo.



Some other versions

          Well my guess if you like peanut butter and have tried the ones above you will be more open to the following ones. This next one gives you all the benefits one gets from eating garlic but with a sweet tinge. I call it “honey garlic toast” It is fast, simple to make and good for you. All you do is take a piece of medium cooked toast, apply butter, honey, then garlic powder. That’s it! Like I said simple fast and just plain good for you. One note is to try and used unpasteurized honey as it is better. This I know from my dad who was a bee keeper for years.

         This next sandwich is one of my all time favorites. Though I prefer it on toast it does look better on plain bread. It looks the best on plain white bread especially. I call this one “moldy bread” mostly because it almost looks like moldy bread! Of course it is not and is extremely good for you.

          Here all you have to do is butter a piece of bread or toast, apply a layer of fresh un-pasturized honey, and then sprinkle on layer of Super Blue Green Algae. Now a couple of added points on this one. First off Super Blue Green Algae comes from a company called New Earth, formally Simplexity, then Cell Tech. They sell two types and you only want to use the Alpha as the Omega tastes kind of fishy. I buy it in capsules and open the capsules and dump them into a shaker. You can get it in powdered form but I like capsules since you have both options of eating it in capsule for or on toast in powdered form. I have been eating this algae now for around 12 years and would not be without it. It gives me so much energy and other benefits it is hard to believe. I will admit I am no longer sold on the company that markets it but the products are extremely good and get an order every month from them.

     Sometime soon I will upload some more pics of these but below will just list below some of my other favorite ones with short descriptions.

     Peanut butter and jam topped with cheddar cheese. This one is extremely good and rates up there with Mexican toast for me. Now that I am back on sugar I will be showing some really good sweet ones. 

     Then there is cream cheese topped with peanut butter and honey or jam. This one is sometimes even better topped off with sliced bananas.

     Peanut butter and jam or honey topped with cottage cheese is another one of my regulars. Now that I am working out more often the added protein in cottage cheese is great and it tastes great also.

     Then there is peanut butter and jam or honey topped in nutritional yeast. This is tasty way to eat nutritional yeast.

     One of my breakfast nutritional specials is toast with honey, garlic powder, powdered algae as explained above, nutritional yeast, then a layer of cottage cheese. On top of this all you put on a table spoon or two of hemp seed hearts! Delectable!!

By the way if you like hemp hearts try Rocky Mountain Grain Products. They have a great deal on them and will ship right to your door. I ordered a case of them. A case is nine 454g containers for $10. a container. If I remember it came to ninety dollars. Shipping was free!