Healing Cavities In Your Teeth

     This post is about healing a cavity in your tooth...

Yes.....with before and after pictures.

Yup.... it's possible.!!!

Easy... no......

slow... yes

Free... no

Cheap.... yes.... kinda

     OK.... here is my story regarding me trying to heal my teeth. I started chasing this holey grail over 30 some years ago but never got the results I was reading about.I started pursuing this because since I did not graduate I still had some logic and desire to learn left. That led me to thinking every other part of the body heals except the teeth? What!!?? 

     Anyway that got me searching... in my spare time when I wasn't sucking back boxes of chocolate bars. I have to say it has been a riot piecing together clues using redneck home science. Especially once the beast came along offering up the internet!!!!

     Now if you think I know what I am talking about or even have the slightest clue dream on!!! Like I said I am a drop out who failed English 10 three times and metalwork ten before dropping out of school. So please read this for entertainment or amusement and nothing more!!! (sorry I had to say that because there are a lot of Karen's out there who never got spanked enough)

     What I am going to do is show you the pictures I have first. If you think they are fake please move along. I seriously don't have time to to comfort, argue or baby sit "Karens", "trolls" or other bored keyboard warriors. After you look at the pics you can read on through the tedious monologue and give it a shot yourself. I will point out in more detail later but taking macro shots of your teeth is insanely hard... at least for me and with my iphone fixed with an add on macro lens, by myself. 

     Now I will also spiel off my two bit, unscientific idiotic theories and stories. Yes they are probably not even close to reality. I don't care I got the results I have so far and absolutely love it!!! So.... my stories suit me. On top of that, whats left of my teeth after 34 years of starving myself by eating vegetarian have never felt better!!! 

     Oh... and this is an ongoing journey for me so will be updating this as I go along.  

This is my front tooth... back in...

This is that same tooth....

Again... that same ugly tooth again this pic taken....

     After years of believing teeth can heal themselves I had kind of given up on it. I opted to switch to finding more energy. After all energy is one of the key players in enjoying life and I wanted more of it. Especially with so much fun to do in life.
Here is the water pic I ordered off of Amazombie..... ok I realize that buying anything off amazombie is creepy unless you hate your country and can't wait to start learning chinese. I bought this back before I had my morals sorted out. This one has been so good I got a back up in case it dies. It has actually lasted about three years or so now. A miracle for most plastic crap these days... Once you get used to using these you can't live without them. They leave your mouth feeling incredibly clean and fresh all with only the sixty five toxic chemicals they put in our drinking water.... Which is why I use purified water in mine..