Art Buyers and Renters, Galleries, Designers etc

     Hi There and thanks for checking out my artwork. This website shows virtually all the artwork I have done since 1984. There may be a few missed pieces but as they come to mind or light I do post them up here to thus document them. The page showing all of my artwork does not include my hammer series, my candle holder series and only a few of my small sculpture series and key chains. You can see that there is only one of each piece. These works were all hand done by me.


     In regards to art commissions or collaborations I am always open to ideas but almost never do them. Unfortunately I don't have the talent or motivation to work outside of inspiration.  : )


     If you are a gallery and find this work interesting please feel free to contact me. At this time I am not actively seeking out gallery representation but again am always open to offers of interest. I am also open to paying commissions on any one time only sales made through your gallery.

Interior Designers

     If you are an interior designer and have use for any of these works note I do offer a commission on any sales


     I no longer have most of my work priced on this site. Only some of my smaller works. If you are interested in a piece that is not marked as sold then feel free to contact me by email or phone. Please note that due to many variables presently in the wind prices are subject to change substantially on short notice. At the same time if you see a piece you would love to have but don't have the budget check out my payment plans below.

Payment Plans

     If you like a certain piece and don't want to risk losing it to someone else yet can't afford the lump sum required to buy it then I may take payments. Feel free to check with me to see if I like you. Chances are I do. I am pretty easy to deal with.


     For your convenience I now accept both VISA and MASTERCARD for art purchases via SQUARE.

Rentals for Movie Industry

     Note that most of the work below is also available for rent to the film industry. I do have very reasonable rental rates that can suit your budget. Deposit check is not required as long as your production is listed on the film board website and you have proof of insurance. All the work below is available except for those works marked sold. I am also available for pick up at any time that suits you 24/7. Some pieces are in storage and am thus affected by their hours... 8am to 8pm.

Private Art Rentals

     Work is also available to private clients for rental or short tern trial but there is a charge, deposit and proof of insurance required.


Note: 10 to 30% of all commissionless sales made directly by me

go to the charity of your choice.

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