by Roy Mackey



     Well finally after two years of eating absolutely no sugar I came to my senses. I decided that I should try to stop eating sugar for two years and see what happens. Well two years later… nothing. I pretty well felt like I always did.

     Well I guess I did not quit completely after all they put sugar in things like bread and catsup etc, other than those two though I read labels to make sure. I did eat honey but very little of that. My goal was just no refined white sugars no matter what the packaging called it. Surprisingly it was not all that hard. I just stopped case closed. The only reason I ate catsup was because I am addicted to peanut butter, catsup and cayenne pepper toast.

     I have to admit it was a lot of fun and quickly realized how many better things there are to eat. I did notice my taste for good food seemed to get better. Other than that though, I never noticed a blade of difference. Oh there was one other minor thing I noticed and that was the fact I saved about ten bucks a day on cakes, muffins and cookies etc. On top of that I drank a lot less coffee. This was because I don’t like drinking coffee without something to eat. By not eating sugar I ended up not drinking coffee! I also learned some other neat stuff. Things like the average American consumes 150lbs of sugar a year. Of course not you though!! I also learned how many people lie or are unconscious about how much sugar they consume. Denial is real popular when it comes to sugar. You notice it more when you are eating none.

     At least I was never addicted to sugar. Oh sure I may have eaten a little more than most. One of my records was a large double layer box from Purdy’s in one evening. Well almost anyway. I had to finish the last two the next morning the moment I got up. I always ordered and ate my desert before every meal. People used to look at me strange and I used to just reply, “the world could end any second and the desert would be wasted… I was not taking that chance” Besides who wants to fill up on bulk like potatoes when you have banana cream pie sitting in the cooler. Of course downing a litre of ice cream in a sitting was common and of course not hard at all. Not that we did that every night most just weekend nights and the odd weeknight. I actually think, Marta, my girlfriend was the one addicted since she would always hide any treats she had so I would not eat them. That was weird. It used to sometimes take me twenty minutes to find her stash of candy or treats after she left the studio.

     Anyway like I said it was not that I was addicted or anything I just wanted to take a break to notice if I felt different. Well on a trip to an all inclusive five star resort in Mexico two years after quitting I decided to go back to eating sugar like I used to. I dived back in with a vengeance. For starters I would have pancakes smothered in syrup. For lunch I would hit the desert buffet section for a warm up plate, then go for my regular lunch followed by another desert plate of my favorite earlier pics. Snacks were ice cream and more whipped cream cakes. Dinner was pretty much the same routine. Well after two weeks of that treatment I never felt a blade different. When I got back I quit again for two weeks and then decided that it was just not worth it. I like doing stuff for my health but need to see some real changes in order to keep doing it. Unfortunately I no longer have the taste for sugar that I used to have but maybe with more practice I will get back up to speed.




     I will have to admit though that sugar is not all it is cracked up to be. In fact if you wanted to read something scary try Sugar Blues, by William Dufty. A bit of a page turner that will teach you stuff you never dreamed about sugar. Not like you will quit but you will sure want to. No, quitting is out of the question but it is fun to think about anyway.

     Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that sugar is bad for you after all Americans eat tons of the stuff and look at them, they are the richest country in the world!!!!

Care for a slice of desert...


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