Barter is Better.... by Roy Mackey


     Actually ... butter is better! Just the same barter is not bad the odd time. The nice thing about barter is you can get rid of useless junk you don't want in exchange for investment art that will be worth a fortune in 80 or 90 years. Your grand kids can sell that art, pocket the cash and live their life in a drunken stupor with out worry of ever having to work again. In fact just so you know that I guarantee my art to be worth a fortune in 90 years either that or I will offer you your investment money back. How could you go wrong.

     Below are a few things that I may be looking for junk wise. If you have something on the list and would rather trade it than get cash and have the wife blow that cash on new bath towells then call me. A deal could be made. I will be listing here what I am looking for as I think of things. If you don't want to do a trade for more junk then let me know what you have and I might just dig up the cash.   



     I might just be looking for a big pink pig like this or similar... some kind of four door monster that is hard on gas. Must be running and in complete shape. I am also looking for a warm dry place to park... and maybe work on this one?


     I am still looking for a couple of more vintage bench grinders to upgrade two of my newer ones to the older ones.



     I might still be looking for one more vintage drill press. Preferably a floor model. I might also be looking for some other odd ball power tools.



     I am still looking for a few different hand held power tools....



     Yes I am looking for another vintage harley.... This was the last one I resto'd. 



     Just thought of it... I am also looking for an old tube radio, Zenith or maybe similar. Actually I am looking for two. One table top and one cabinet type with record player. Hopefully something that works but is beat up bad.



Vintage steel cabinet,, roy mackey

     I am looking for one or two more cabinets like this one. Prefer older but consider some of the newer junk also. I scored this one off craigslist from a cool guy with an eye for neat things. Man they built stuff well back then. I got this one full of lead for making cell phone shields that block it sending unwanted messages to government etc. Great for those times you want your cell phone near you but don't want everyone listening in on your conversation or whatever. 


      I am looking for some vintage Popular Mechanics or Popular Science magazines. Mostly looking from the twenties or so up to about the mid sixties.



junk metal bits,, roy mackey, steel sculpture, steel art

     I am looking for odd bits of useless metal... prefer rusty bits of old bolts, nuts, odd bits of metal pieces etc. Mostly smaller stuff not really looking for large heavy pieces of metal.



1948 Triumph 500 Speed Twin,, steel sculpture, steel art, roy mackey, A Fly in the Microwave, vancouver bc

     I am looking for a 1948 Triumph 500 speed twin. Could be give or take a year but prefer pre-unit ones. Must also be in mind shape like this one here I used to own.


vintage motor home

     How about an old vintage motor home... maybe a little better than this one. Something a guy could live in until the mothership gets here.



vintage car,, steel sculpture

     Hey I am very casually looking for a pre-66 four door car in good running shape no rust but not modified or fixed up at all. Kind of an original pig like the one above that runs. If you got anything that you want to trade for art let me know... maybe we can work out a deal.