By Roy Mackey

Or… How live rich buying art.

     Gambling and winning is not all that hard. In fact it is quite easy and worth the investment. That is if it is not overly invested in. I have read investing in lotteries makes good sense only if it is not over one half of one percent of your monthly income.

If you want to radically increase your winnings there is only one important secret. This is:

Never gamble in any situation where there is little or no prize.

     A prime example of this would be running a red light. If you beat the red the prize is a few seconds of saved time, worth virtually nothing. Of course if you loose you are out at least one hundred and fifty bucks! And that is only if your insurance company is not involved! An accident and you could be out thousands of hard earned bucks!!

This is a bad place to gamble since the prize is not worth the money gambled.

One hundred and fifty lottery tickets will get you richer far faster than one hundred and fifty traffic fines will.

     The same applies to parking in no parking zones. The prize for getting away with it is a couple of saved minutes looking for a spot. Big Deal! Loose and you will be out around eighty bucks and will have to walk to get your car.

Once again eighty lottery tickets will get you richer quicker than eighty tow jobs.

     Even if you get away with the parking eighty times that is only eighty times a few saved seconds…still a pretty lousy prize.

There is no prize for impressing your friends by doing something dangerous.

     This also applies to taking other chances also like doing something dangerous to impress your friends. This has always been a popular form of gambling with suckers. It is based on the thought that being dangerous means you are cool. The trouble is with this type of gambling is that there is no prize. If you win and succeed at your dangerous act your friends will look at you and say you are crazy. Being called crazy is kind of like an honor these days but pays very little. Plus they may be calling you crazy but will actually be thinking you are stupid. Aside from that there is no cash prize!

     If you fail though you either hurt or kill yourself and or/ someone else. This could ruin your life since you would be about as popular as the plague. It is kind of like buying a hundred-dollar lottery ticket that has a grand prize of five bucks!

     Now most of us are unaware how many times we get involved with gambling that has no prize. We never think twice about the fact there is so much to loose and nothing to win. So next time you go to do something like running a red it may pay to consider buying a hundred and fifty lottery tickets instead. You could also ask yourself whether first prize is going to benefit any more than my ego. If not then hey it pretty well looks like a loser’s gamble.

     It is amazing how many people take gamble on things with no prize and often lose. Then when a chance comes along where winning has the potential to be a huge prize the cop out. They may hear about some new hot up and coming stock or money making deal and pass it up. Then before long are crying about all the money they missed by not buying in when they had the chance. This is something to consider when it comes to gambling. It is also something to consider when it comes to buying art.

How to Live Rich by Buying Art

     Sure buying art is a bit of a gamble if you are strictly looking to make money. At the same time though if you buy cutting edge art that you like then you can’t help but win.

     First you get to enjoy it for years as most good art never fades with the styles and trends of the day.

     Second you get to show off your art collection to your envious friends for years.

     Third if the artist you choose hits it big the value of your personal collection can go through the roof. If you are not sure on this point check out some local galleries to see what art is selling for.

     Forth you get to show the world you have tastes that go beyond cheep beer and economy cars!

     And fifth if you have bought enough of the artists work and they go down in history then your name could easily go along for the ride, back stage maybe but hey beats not going along at all!! As you can see this all makes art an extremely good place to gamble.

     One common thing I have also noticed with people that buy art is the longer they have it the more they end up liking it. Not to mention the fact that good art is often timeless, that is if it’s not too gimmicky in the first place.

     If you went out and bought a new iphone like I did and at the same time bought a piece of good art I guarantee in ten years the phone would be nothing more than an embarrassing piece of junk you refuse to throw out. No matter how you cut it the story would be the same. Sure if you got it signed by Jimi Hendrix it could be worth something to the “right person” but generally it will be a worthless piece of junk. Of course I am being generous here since in truth the phone would be pretty well worthless the day after you got it.

     Now on the other hand and at the very least the art will very easily be worth what you paid for it. If the artist scored a good gallery though it could be worth ten-fold and increasing!! This is something to consider before you buy that bigger screen, green tooth, megapixel, widescreen wonder with the new KL2 green leaf wonder tech tuning. Hell fresh grapes have a longer shelf life than it will ever have. Usually by the time you finish reading the manual you start to notice the bad smell. Next time you check Yahoo there it is… the new model. Your heart sinks as you start to watch its slow decline over the next few months to nothing.

     When you think about this for awhile you quickly see how little a gamble buying art is and what a huge gamble buying consumables is. Like I said there is an art to gambling and buying normal consumables is definitely a sure bet. Trouble is the winnings don’t go to you. If you want to know one of the names on my “secret artists to buy” list then check out my post, Gold, Silver, Art and Antiques by clicking the link below.


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