Donalds Market Free Food Delivery!!!

by Roy Mackey 



     I used to love shopping for groceries… trudging around the store picking up stuff, pretending to read the labels so as to look educated. I also liked to study the fruits and vegetables as if it made any difference at all. My favorite of all was going to Safewaste and checking out the produce there. Marta and I would like to play "find the price" when there. You see they got this great little gig going on. They put a huge pile of oranges on a rack and right above them is the a big price that says .39lb. Of course they fail to mention the fact that’s the price for the watermelon on the back side of the shelf at the bottom. The price for the oranges is in small print hanging against the shelf at about groin height or lower and of course a hell of a lot more than 39. Man what a paying gag that is since most people don’t look that close! Not a big deal if you are a regular consumer since getting fleeced is part of the life. But if you are a little more frugal then you have to watch. All in all though it was always fun but of course like any game eventually you get tired of it.

     Well this happened to both Marta and I so I did a little phoning around. We used to shop at two places in Vancouver. One was Safewaste and the other was Donald’s Market. We love Donald’s Market because their produce was often not only great but half the price of the big places. When we called Donald’s we found out they deliver for free if the order is over fifty bucks!!! I was astounded and decided to give it a try.

     After trying this out for several months we have found it is the only way to go! Every Monday or Tuesday I email our food order in and if it is in by 1:00 pm then they will have it to you by 6:00 PM!!! Pretty dang amazing service.

     Now I keep a rough draft of our grocery order saved in my drafts and pull it out on order day. Marta goes to the fridge and I read over the order she sayz yes or no to whatever. No, I delete it yes it stays. Something new I add it on. All this takes just a few minutes and I hit send. Then we both get back to work… we work at home.


Here are a few points we have found doing this:

1. The produce they bring is always the best they sell. If something is not that good they will phone and tell us before adding it to the box.

2. The delivery guys are very friendly and almost always right on time.

3. They bring the food right into our studio, we write them a check and usually tip the delivery guy.

4. This has cut our food bill almost in half without even trying. The main reason is we always have food in our fridge since we order usually once a week. Because of this we go out far less for compulsive buys.

5. Their food prices to start with are great! They either match or even more often beat the big stores by a long shot especially on produce

6. Doing this is one less car slugging around traffic smogging up the place which helps save the environment!

7. It saves us around four person hours a week in time. Not to mention gas.

8. We don’t buy half the junk food we used to since we don’t see it. Thus feel better and are lighter because of it.


     Now if you really do love shopping, not to worry, we still go to the store once a month give or take when we need the odd thing. When we do we take our time since we are not lugging tons of stuff and go over every inch of the store. This gives us a chance to spot new products and old products that we may have never noticed. If we see something interesting we will grab it. If we like it then it goes onto our weekly order. The odd time they will substitute a product which is also great since it gives us a chance to try something we may not have chose. We now have a few new favorites because of this. Of course the one catch is you have to be home to receive your order which is kind of obvious but not easy for some people who work outside their home.

     I will admit though the cave man part of me that likes to go out and kill something for dinner is a little choked but in truth it is pretty archaic and impractical these days. We decided to join the race and let the past go. Not to mention it gives me more time to do things I really enjoy doing … like eating. Anyway check it out there website is  Check under contact us for find info on the delivery department. CheerZ and Happy Eating!!!



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