Free Stuff You Don't Want

by Roy Mackey

honestly do you really need more junk....

Hey Everyone, welcome to my free section... if you are smart you will move on right away. If not then enjoy your stay. Who knows what the hell you will find.


     In fact you may want to check out this page often. It is a really fast and easy way to score some cool stuff for nothing!! You never know what you could score. It is like an online garage sale that does not cost you a dime! Since almost no one reads this crap anyway you even stand a good chance of scoring some free art or who knows what! Scroll down to see what's going for nothing!!! Just remember I don't delete the taken stuff so you have to dig around a bit. Of course like all fun things there has to be some rules... and to qualify you have to read the rules!




They have been updated...




1. To claim your prize/junk must be the first person to PHONE me voice to voice saying you are on the way to pick it up. If you can't come till tomorrow then phone me tomorrow. I can no longer hold things in this section. Any junk that goes unclaimed with eventually be heaved into the dumpster.

2. If you live out of town and still want some item you can phone me to see if I will ship it and how much I will charge. If you still want it then I would need the shipping costs paid in advance via paypal only. Depending on my mood shipping and handling might be anywhere from expensive to free. For pricing feel to phone me. If it is smaller I may just mail it for free if I am feeling generous. I remember feeling generous a few times. In fact last time was just recently...back in I think 1987.

3. Since there is only one of each item the first one to PHONE me requesting the item gets it as long as they can head out to pick it up then. Once you tell me you are heading over to get it I will of course hold it for you until you get here.  

4. To claim your junk I will need your name, city you live in and email address for my contact list. Any emails I send out to this contact list will be only relating to my art, books or upcoming shows etc. I never give email addresses out to anyone else bar none. If you want the free stuff/junk but don’t want on my list then let me know right away.

5. All free stuff comes with out any guarantee whatsoever.

6. Also only one free item per person/email address per month. No hogging the free stuff.

7. All free art related stuff is signed, dated and documented by me.

8. Rules subject to change without any notice like it or lump it.

9. All decisions made by me are final no matter what like it or lump it.

10. Anyone scoring some free stuff here will have their name posted on the site. If you don't want the embarassment of your friends finding out you scored some of my art or other junk, I can substitute your name for a fake name. There is a five dollar fee for this service though.

11. Though highly unlikely, there is a chance you may be required to do an interview with Oprah or my mother.

12. Please note though I try to update my site daily sometimes I get busy surfing the net and forget. Thus some listed stuff may already be gone. Oh well you are out a phone call.... A drag I know but so is death and taxes.

13. Remember no crybabying! First come First serve!! I also reserve the right to remove some free stuff without notification.





Free two dollar bill,, steel sculpture, roy mackey

free stainless steel mug,, roy mackey

Vintage timer,, roy mackey

TAKEN!!!  by Peter from here in the building...     FREE!!!    Here is a classic old vintage timer that is about as useless as you can get. This sucker though will look great on your shelf. Plug it in and you could likely burn down your place. Just the same that is a small price to pay for COOL. Anyway don't hurry on this one as it likely ain't going anywhere soon. Oh and in case it does don't worry I have one listed on craigslist for ten bucks... buy it there or get it here free!      Aug/19/2013   

Vintage GE tube radio,, steel sculpture, steel art, roy mackey

TAKEN !!!     FREE !!!     Here is an old vintage General Electric am tube radio in very good shape for the year. Plugged it in and it scratched out some noise here and there so likely needs a tune up by someone in the know. A real gem if you collect useless junk like this. If so you might want to act fast as I have noticed there are a lot of other idiots out there who collect these old pigs besides me and maybe you...     July 31, 2011 based on how long it has been here so far... apparently not...


antique marking tool,, steel sculpture, steel art, roy mackey

TAKEN !!!     FREE!!!!     Here is an old antique wooden scribing tool. A classic but too old for my tastes. It's yours if you like cool old antique tools. This sucker is really old and yet still useable. No plastic on this one. Just loosen the wooden wedge, adjust to the depth you want and then reset the wedge. Mar/25/2012

antique scroll saw,, steel sculpture, steel art, roy mackey

TAKEN!!! by I can't remember who now..... FREE !!!      Here is a really useless score for.... of all things... FREE. A vintage scroll saw in really good shape. Strange I know as who the hell would want this anyway. Well no one unless they needed it and only had a butter knife. Butter knives may be handy but could never do that this sucker can. God knows how old it is but if you like classic old, made to last junk then give me a call. Unfortunately I am too busy to ship this one so you will have to stop by to grab it. Might be a good thing to give your unemployed kid for Christmas. Would give him something to do for a change and maybe even get him off the crack for also.   Dec/6/2011


vintage brush,, steel sculpture, steel art, roy mackey

TAKEN !!!     lost track of who scored this...      FREE!!! Here is an odd ball little antique brush. Really cool yellow swirl color probably made using highly carcinogenic ingredients. Not even worth the time it would take to pick it up but cool just the same. You could grab it at our next open house if you were a gambler. It is just too good to lop in the landfill. If you collect strange stuff give me a call. The only issue with this is I cannot mail it. Just don't have the time. Mar/25/2012 

free money,, roy mackey, steel sculpture, steel art

TAKEN !!!     by Magalie Merciez of Edmonton which I think is a part of Canada... dec/16/2011     FREE MONEY!!!      Here is another free one of those old and ugly two dollar bills I picked up. There is only one catch to this one... you have to live outside of BC. Yes as long as you live somewhere else in North America, could use or even want this old two buck bill, then drop me an email with your mailing address and I will poper in the mail that day! No questions asked!! These are a hot collectors item here in Canada. In fact I just met a guy five years ago who was looking for one. You might even get a buck fifty for it if you put it on eBay. What you do with it is up to you but you better be quick though. I have already had two people this year, outside of BC visit my site. This sucker will likely be long gone by spring. This is just my way of saying to all the other provinces that most British Columbian's still want you all to be part of Canada. I am also hoping our President hears this message. June/16/2011  

Free sculpture,, roy mackey, steel art, steel sculpture, New York Times

TAKEN !!!     by Tim Boothby from Coquilam BC. obviously a sharp thinker and fast acter with vision!!     Nov/5/2011     FREE !!! Here is a real score. One free pocket sculpture! The only catch is this offer only applies to those who have not scored anything free off my site yet and for some strange reason want to. It is about 2.5 inches long. Solid steel found object wrapped in a bead of copper. It is also signed dated and documented. All you have to do is send me your mailing address and I will popper in the mail. Free shipping to anywhere in Canada or the United States!!! Or if you live in Vancouver then grab your umberella and wing on by. Just so you know in advance I may change my mind on this one since I like it so much but as long as it is still here it is still available. If you see it gone and it is not listed in my free section then I decided to keep it. Seriously when did you last hit a website that had free junk like this? Oh and you don't have to hurry on this one after all look how long that free two dollar bill has been sitting up there. Sure a lot of people come to my site but most get out once they realize the mistake they made. Oct/13/2011...give or take 



vintage beaver saw free,, roy mackey
vintage beaver saw free,, roy mackey
vintage beaver saw,, free junk, roy mackey

     TAKEN !!!! ... Actually sold on craigslist before I could give it away here for free. Unfortunately I cannot tell any buyers that it here for free. They have to find it themselves. Otherwise it would not be fair to all my other free shoppers. This of course sucks but fairness often does in fact so does life at times. Anyway pays to wing in here every so often. What other website gives away free vintage tools and other useless but fun stuff?

 FREE !!!     Here is another real score if you like vintage power tools. This one is a fifties Canadian made Beaver. It does not have a motor but the belt and mount is there. Pretty well any motor could be bolted up to it. These are a pretty well useless saw if you are going into furniture production. But if you want to cut the odd smaller thing then these are great. They don't take much space and with a sharp blade are fine. It even has the hard to find blade guard. Most people take them off and they get lost. Eventually when they cut their fingers their wife insists it goes back on but it is usually long gone by then.



Free art post cards by Roy Mackey

Well here are five FREE postcards. These I just finished making. They are partially hand made and have nice glossy images on the front and a place to write your Mom on the back. Sure she would likely prefer a phone call but at least this way you don't have to cough for long distance fees not to mention post cards always make you look more thoughtful and the best part is you get to do all the talking. At least she can show them to her friends to prove that you learned to write!! Does not include the one to my Mom and Dad shown in the picture.

Anyway drop me an email with your mailing address and I will pop them in the mail that same day or so. Nov/8/09



Antique knife,, roy mackey

    TAKEN !!!     by Andrew Hedge of Vancouver BC. Obviously a sharp cookie who now has a dull knife. June/29/2011      FREE !!!!!      Here is a really cool old knife that was in my garage sale section for years. It was only twenty five bucks and now it is free here!!! This is a vintage classic and not likely appreciated by most obviously. Yet this is  a gem. You could go into business with this puppy! Carving wood, robbing banks, skinning raccoons to make hats. Whatever you wanted. In fact you could probably even sell it on eBay to someone!! We have finally had it with all the junk... I mean vintage stuff I have collected from landfills, garage sales and other fine establishments across BC. You better act fast on this one.



     TAKEN !!!  actually sold on craiglist before I could give it away here. What can I say other than it pays to shop here first!!  Nov/15/2010       FREE !!!     Here is a real free score for sure. This genuine piece of sanitary landfill is sure to give you hours of life draining fruitless and frustrating disappointment. If you or your husband/partner is mechanically inclined you may want to pick this up for them. It will bring tears to their eyes… not right away but after a couple of hours it will if not the next week or so. After all that is how long most normal handymen take to break down in mental exhaustion. Usually about the same time this thing breaks down… if it isn't already. Watch them squirm in frustration as they try to just get the blade to stay on!! Then even if they do get it to stay on then watch their faces sink the day it breaks down, or they find they can't get parts for it, or they realize how much of their valuable life they wasted even playing with the thing.

     Eventually they will toss and turn at the thought of throwing it out but most won't. More than likely they will try to take off the motor thinking it is worth something. That of course will turn into another wrong move. Mostly because the second they got that new idea up and working the motor would burn out. Thus they would be back to square one leading to more frustrating disappointment. Yes this thing is lose lose all the way to the grave. Just the same for FREE how could you possibly go wrong???!!!

PLEASE NOTE: I will also be listing this on Craigslist for around $35. so remember if you buy it there and then see it here free... to bad dad. Shuda shopped here first!! No rebates given but might send you one of my postcards for free as consolation. Another thing I should point out is the fact the base would make a good stand to hold some thin sheets of balsa wood or something.



     TAKEN by Allen Wu of Coquitlam BC...    Sept/8/2010     Here is a FREE genuine Craftsman radial arm saw in good working condition. I picked this up recently off a great couple out in Pitt Meadows or something like that. It's a beauty but just realized that it is not quite old enough to fit into my old tool collection. Has the original owners manual, wrenches and two blades with it. Likely could use a bit of oil and polish here and there but hell the price is right. One guy phoned and said he would give me ten bucks but I told him NOPE... I am firm on the price... either take if for FREE or it stays right here. For an extra eight hundred dollars I will deliver it to anywhere in the Vancouver area if you want.

     Just to note, I might list this on craigslist but if I do it will be $60. there. The FREE price here is only to people who email me in regards to this post. If you buy it and then see the post... too bad no money back but it will remind you it pays to shop here before craigslist!!!



TAKEN!!! by Allen Wu of Coquitlam BC... April/30/2010           FREE !!! Here is a set of free wrenches... I bought these at Can tire before I realized I already had two sets!! I hate storing junk so here they are up for grabs! Nice quality wrenches actually. I would take them for the price.   Mar/19/2010



Free sculpture by Roy Mackey

TAKEN!! Jason Weedmark of Victoria

     Here is a FREE but weird little sculpture I did may 29/08. It is just under three inches long and about 2.5" high. It is done in mild steel. It is one from my small series. The base was cnc cut. I then used my tig welder to do a bead around the outside. The sticks sticking up are just weld beads going up into the air. Of course like all my work this piece is signed, dated and documented.



Taken! Kath K. of Vancouver

     Here is a FREE green depression glass bowl. I am fairly certain that this one is an original and not a reproduction. Lots of wear marks and the flawed Hazel Atlas mark on the bottom. Course no guarantees on the age. I scored this just before before it was about to hit the dumpster. Years in the antique business gave me an eye for these things.



Free Flaming key chain by Roy Mackey

TAKEN!!!  by Gord Barker of Port Coquitlam BC   May/15/2010          Here is another FREE one of my flaming key chains. These actually make lousy key chains since they are too big and are sharp. Mom told me they could poke a hole in someones leg or even worse poke an eye out. You take your chances but hey the price is right!! CNC cut out of 10 gauge plate steel. Will never wear out or break.



arm protectors,, steel art, steel sculpture, free stuff, roy mackey, vancouver bc

     TAKEN!!! These walked out of here during one of our open studio events. It was in the free pile we often have set up. FREE !!!  Brand new set of arm protectors. Like I said most of the free stuff I will be posting on the bottom of my home page but every so often I will be tossing something in here. These arm bands I bought brand new and never used them. I got them to save my arms from the redneck tan I was getting from tig welding in my t-shirt. Since our studio is so warm it is hard to wear much protection without sweating so much. Anyway I did not like these so never used them once. I wanted to take them to Mexico this winter for lying on the beach. I figured with my arms covered I could tone down my farmers tan but my girl friend is so fashion picky she said no in slightly more fragrant words. Anyway yours for the price of free. Oct/23/2011



     TAKEN!!! by Kevin Rawlinson of Vancouver BC Oct/4/2010     FREE!!! One five dollar bill in rough condition. I found this one day while scrounging around in some back alleys down town. It was just lying there by the dumpster. We all know how filthy money is at the best of times let along money that has been lying in a back alley. God knows what kind of GERMS it has on it. Until Doctors figure out a way to cure GERMS you cannot be careful enough. I was going to leave it since it was also torn and a pain to fix but figured someone might want to take the time to clean and tape it. I am just too busy. Email me your mailing address and if it is not taken I will mail it to you for free. Anywhere in North America anyway... It comes in the sealed zip lock bag with the warning.       Sept/28/2010





     TAKEN !!!! ...    Here are a FREE stack of old plastic Snackmaster picnic trays. All are in really nice condition. Not exactly sure how old they are but they don't make them like this anymore. Would look great in your collection of useless old junk. I was asking ten for them in my garage sale now they are here for free!!

     Seriously where are you going to get another set of these for this price? You poke your thumb through the hole and get an easy secure grip on your plate of food. When was the last time you saw an accountant come up with an idea like this one? In fact the last plate idea an accountant came up with was the extra thin, collapsible, cave in on your new suit or dress, higher profit paper plates. These here plastic ones are a sheer pleasure. You have to hold them to believe how good they feel.


TAKEN!!!  by Ben Nguyen of Vancouver. April/4/2011     FREE !!!!!  To anyone who has not scored anything here before!!! Nowz your chance to score a classic 50's era table saw. Not bad shape but could use a little tinkering. Has a 1/2hp dual shaft motor that runs very smooth. Comes with fence, miter gauge, and parts breakdown sheet. You can score this cool saw here for free or go to my garage sale section and buy it there for $65. The choice is yours but if you buy it there and then notice it was free here... tough cookies. The deals go to those that dig around. No rebates given so you are better to shop here first!! This is pretty well a useless saw for production work but if you need to cut the odd board or finger you can't go wrong for the price. Not much for plastic on this puppy and made of real steel so will likely last forever. Perfect tool for a small shop where space is at a premium.




A Fly in the Microwave 2 by Roy Mackey

TAKEN!! Marcy Lui

     Here is one FREE copy of my new book A Fly in the Microwave 2 which is so hot it is not even off the presses! This is one of four proofs that were printed to check for flaws. I will not have the printed ones in hand until Aug/24/09. Remember to win you have to EMAIL me back before anyone else does.



Free sculpture from small series by Roy Mackey

TAKEN!!! again... This time by Cate Nelson-McDermott of Vancouver!! Sept/20/2010 Yes it is finally gone for sure as she just picked it up. I thought I was never going to get rid of that piece.   Here is another FREE one from my miniature sculpture series. It is signed, dated and about an inch high. This one goes to the first email reply or may end up in the free section on my door… better act fast this one will likely be gone within a few months or so. 




TAKEN !!! by... Tyson of Vancouver BC  Nov/12/2010     Here is a FREE vintage alarm clock... doesn't seem to work but looks cool just the same. It has a wooden base that is hard to see in the picture. The face is actually glass!!! If you want a classic piece of hard working history you better act fast as it likely won't be here longer than a couple of months or so.     Aug/11/2010



TAKEN!! Well kind of... since I am kind of nerotic about not giving away stuff that does not work I decided to double check these. Well even though they were working fine when I last used them one did not now?? Not sure what happened but there you have it. Typical modern landfill junk.  

     Here is a FREE set of HP speakers. They still worked last time I used them. Unfortunately I cannot ship these ones out. They are for pick-up only. If they don't go soon it will be.... "Praise the Landfill"



     TAKEN !!!      by Doug Wilson now of Maple Ridge   Oct/8/2011     FREE !!!!     Here is a real score... one free wood lathe! Crazy I know in fact that is the same thing my therapist says. This was hand made by a bit of an ambitious genius back when he was in grade 12!!! That was back before he came to his senses and got out of making things using metal. Too bad since he obviously had some serious talent! This is one real piece of artwork. Apparently it appears the only thing he did not make is the v-belt and multi-step pulley!! He even cast all the aluminum parts and threaded all the required pieces on a lathe!!! Man back when I was that age all I ever made was wooden pipes using a dull jackknife!! Course not for me... I just gave them away to people I wanted to be my friends who were still in school hoping to graduate.

     I have a bit of  a ritual when I pick up stuff now. That is I give myself 24 hours to come up with something I might use it for. If I don't then I let it go. If I come up with something I "might' use it for then I take it out to my cave in the mountains and store it there for six months. After that I dump it here or on craigs.

     This did come with an old electric motor which I did have a use for. It is going on my drill press as soon as I can get that project figured out. It is going to be perfect for it. Oct/8/2011



TAKEN !!!    by Wayne Bergman from up on the Sunshine Coast.   Dec/17/2010   FREE!!!    Here is a another set of free wrenches... I just found another set of the bloody things!! I bought these at Can tire before I realized I already had bought them !! I sometimes think the only thing shorter than my attentions span is my memory. Anyway I hate storing junk so here they are up for grabs! Nice quality wrenches actually. I would take them for the price.   Nov/19/2010



Free key chain by Roy Mackey

Taken!! Brodie Davison of Vancouver

This FREE one is a rare beauty from when I was living in Nanaimo. It is hollow and rattles when shaken like a lot of my key chains. Though not dated I can tell it is one of my older ones since it has the thinner wire loop. I now use a lot heavier rod for the loop part. That aside I have done very few of these key chains since moving to Vancouver. It is made from raw mild steel and was done around 14 years ago. aprox. 2 x 1"



Free antique drill

TAKEN!!! by Allen Wu of Coquitlam BC... Jan/10/2010

     Well here is a real FREE score from back in the good ole days. It was actually taken but never picked up so is back on the chopping block! This sucker is an antique variable speed drill. The guy I bought it off of said Jesus used this one to help build the ARC here in Vancouver. It could use a good cleaning. The wooden handle is hollow so you can store drill bits, smoking supplies and your daily meds if you want. Oiler up and away you go! Nov/4/09



     TAKEN!!! by Jess Wu of Vancouver BC. Nov/11/2010      Obviously another smart shopper and wealthy coin collector!!      FREE !!!  Four old copper pennies from God knows where! One is 1903, one is 1909, one is 1914 and the last one is 1908. These suckers are huge. Please note the loonie is not included in this free offer. I will though offer free shipping to anywhere in North America. Not sure what these would be good for though since they are so old and like I said God knows from where. I guess you could drill out the center if you needed some copper washers. Whatever they are Free and I will mail them to you for free so you pretty well can't go wrong. Hell I might even throw in a couple of my postcards... Might just be time to show a little gratitude and write your mother or some other long lost friend you have not seen in years. Which reminds me I wonder if I still have my Moms address kicking around?     Oct/31/2010




     TAKEN... but lost her name....   Does life get any better? Here is a FREE one of my new business cards!!! Normally twenty dollars each at another location on this site!!! This free card could save you up to hundreds of dollars when buying any of my artwork! Email me for the details. Hell $20. bucks is a great deal let alone free. These are hand made by me using 1/8th inch thick plate steel. On one side I engrave my website and on the other my phone number. They then get a quick sand and very light polish. These will be in VERY limited supply. Note each card has been photographed and documented by me also. In about 150 years these suckers will be collectors items worth probably as much as the toys in McDonald's Happy Meals. Jan/20/2010 



TAKEN or heaved in the dumpster!!! Not sure what happened with this one as I left it at the back door of the ARC.

     Chain Candle Holder signed and dated. This puppy has self cleaning drip tray like all my candle holders. The price is right for this piece so act fast. My guess it will be gone in a few months.



TAKEN by Adam Giesbrecht of Vancouver  Oct/2/2010     FREE!!!  One vintage 1950's 24" Delta Scroll Saw. Crazy but true!! This saw goes to the first person to email me asking for it. It might need a little tinkering but it runs!! There is no blade in it but it's a beauty. Comes with custom old hand made base with wheels. Rolls around easily. This is a classic piece of American made quality that will last for eons unlike all the biodegradable ones on the market now!!     Sept/28/2010




     TAKEN !!! by Steve Jopson of Burnaby  March/4/2011     FREE !!!!     Here is a real score... an old electronics magazine from back in the 40's or so I would say. I needed the instructions it has to build a radiation tester so I can test my food and the materials I use in my time/dimensional machine I am building. Radio active materials severely inhibit the accuracy of time travel which can be quite discomforting when trying to get back to this time zone. This book is full of plans to make all sorts of practical stuff you can use. I would grab it now before the government bans all these old books. Feb/18/2010



TAKEN!! Nov/1/09 ... by Katherine Markus of Radium BC.

     Herez another great free score. One Sony mp3 player. Works great just fully charged. Cleaned off and ready for your own music. About two or three years old. Sorry no ear-buds. I believe 512 mb. Works great as a back up for work etc.



Vintage fishing reel,, roy mackey

     TAKEN !!!    but lost his email and name... FREE !!!!     Here is a classic vintage fishing reel. Not sure how old it is but who cares for the price. This sucker could save your life if that big food shortage ever happens. Either that or just keep it for your junk collection. Kept my shelf down for ages.



TAKEN !!!! by Cate Nelson-McDermott of Vancouver BC  Dec/30/2010     FREE !!!!     One of my new candle holder series! The present price on these holders is $49. each. All these candle holders are signed, dated and documented by me as all of my original works of art are. These are all one of a kind pieces. Candles not included. Might even toss in a couple of my post cards if I have any kicking around. Not sure I would be willing to ship this or not. If I did there would be a shipping and handling charge that would make it not worth it. This also makes a great pen holder, though only holds one pen. Two I guess if you used the part where the candle goes.      Dec/4/2010



      TAKEN !!! by Jeremy T of Vancouver BC Nov/24/2010     Herez a FREE !!! Starbucks card loaded with $10!!! This card includes shipping to anywhere in Canada.... not sure if they would work stateside anyway? Unfortunately I only have one right now so first come first served. I don't mind Starbucks but find most times they serve what I call "burnt roast" The mothership told me the burnt roast taste is caused by the secret mind control chemicals they add to the coffee. Maybe but either way I prefer my coffee strong and thick but not burnt.     Nov/15/2010



Free Router,, roy mackey

     TAKEN!!!     by none other than frequent shopper, Allen Wu of Vancouver BC. Not only smart but fast!! June/12/2011     FREE !!!Craftsman router in good working order. Once again no high ballers on this one, either you take it for free or it stays right here. I scored this with a batch of old drills off George, a guy who sold me a bunch of cool junk. He was clearing out his Dad's old workshop and let me dig around amoungst the "junk to some... treasure to others"  It was an interesting tour down memory lane. If space was not the final frontier here at our studio I would have bought the whole dang shed! His Dad had a fine collection of interesting oddities and tools some of which now reside in my permanent collection of tools I actually use. You might want to be fast on this one as I am sure someone will grab it up... plastic or not. June/10/2011



     TAKEN!!! by.....Here is a FREE vintage camera! Not many like this around anymore and for good reason. That bakelite is extremely carcinogenic ... and if not now it will be once the asbestos clean up guys run out of work. Not sure if you can get film for this any more but either way it's a beat up beauty.    Aug/10/2010



TAKEN !!!! by Debra Frank of Vancouver BC.   Herez a real cool Free score!!! A genuine Swiss Army Knife. They are known for their strength and durability... the knife that is not the Army. Here it is free. Oh sure it has a few scratches and little wear but check out that nice red plastic handle! I am not sure right now if I am willing to ship it or not... I may but would charge $5. for a shipping and handling fee payable by check, cash or paypal which would of course also cover postage. Otherwise if you are in the area swing in and grab it. May/6/2010



A Fly in the Microwave by Roy Mackey

Taken! by Mark Henderson. here in Vancouver!!!

     One FREE signed copy of my book! $20. value!!! This freebee I will ship out to anywhere in Canada with a five dollar shipping and handling fee. See more about this book on my other post titled “A Fly in the Microwave….



     TAKEN!     Marcy Lui     Ok, now here is a FREE deal you won't want to pass on!!! That is if you are into art collecting... If you got a lot of money though you may just want a poster of it which of course can be arranged. This is one art piece of mine that I don't really like much... never did. Like all my work it is just another experimental sketch. There is only one catch here and that is you have to pick it up. Oh sure I could ship it too you but there would be a $200. packing and handling fee. That includes you too Mom!!! Plus there would be the actually shipping costs on top of that. Still a bargain I guess since the regular price of this piece would be around $1200. or more. April/30/2010




 Taken!!!!   Actually sold on craigslist for $20. Which once again proves you are far better to shop here than on craigslist!!! Here is a FREE black and decker circular saw. To those that don't know they originally made square saws but found the circular ones made a smoother cut. Yes FREE packs this away. It is in nice shape except for a little surface rust on the blade. I found an older one so don't really need this one... Also when I heard from the Mothership that plastic is extremely carcinogenic I decided to let this one go. The money you save by not having to buy one you can stash and use to buy your health back when you get older.



Free pocket sculpture by Roy Mackey

TAKEN!! by Ken Flett.... now living in some long lost, remote and desolate place called Bear River... Jan/20/2010

Here is another great FREE pocket sculpture from my small sculpture series. Of course it is signed and dated and documented. About 2.5" across. Kind of ugly but great for attracting good luck!! Though I like to keep that secret. Otherwise everyone would be fighting to get this sucker. Better act fast on this one! By the way I will even ship this one free to anywhere in Canada and the US. Would make a great throwing star though not sharp. Just the same my Mom said it could still poke an eye out so be careful!!



Free antique mixmaster

TAKEN!!! by Blair Willard from here in Vancouver.

     Here is a FREE classic old time Sunbeam Mix-master. This gem is just like the one Mom had back on the farm. It actually still works, though just like the one Mom had this one is missing the blades. Dad rigged up some bent metal rods to replace the missing ones. Not sure if you could do the same. This sucker will likely still outlive any brand new plastic junk off the shelf today.



TAKEN!!!   by Suzan Kostiuck of Victoria BC     Dec/26/09

     Well here is another FREE copy of my latest book!! This includes free shipping to anywhere in North America! This is a rare chance to get this book for what it's worth! Act now or you will miss out. Remember the first one to email me gets it!!



Free silver dollar at

TAKEN!! Marlene Chabot!! of Invermere

One FREE old silver dollar. I used to have a whole bag of these. I got them from a guy in exchange for a fast ride to the airport. A real weirdo I tell you. I should have known the guy was a weirdo after all who wears nylon stockings over his head!!?!?! Course me being the sucker I am I fell for his offer. Needless to say they turned out to be useless since they don't work in any candy or pop machines!!! That was a waste. Luckily for me I was able to trade them to some sucker for loonies. At least they work in pop machines. I guess this one fell out of my pocket and got kicked under the bed. It's not much good for use in candy machines but I did use some of them at McDonalds and the lady there seemed real happy to take them. Man if you thought loonies were a pain in the pocket to carry you ain't used these before. Since this is small I will ship it for free to anywhere in Canada or the US.



TAKEN !!!! by Ken Wu of Vancouver BC     Dec/17/2010    FREE !!!       Here is a free leatherman tool. What can I say... cheap for the price. First to email gets this one. It is listed elsewhere on this site for the amazing price of $13. and here it is free!!!       Dec/5/2010, roy mackey,

     TAKEN... Actually sold on Craigslist before I could give it away here. As you know I sometimes list free stuff here for sale there. Smart shoppers check this section out first... FREE !!!     Here is a really old piece of mechanical junk. This should be in a museum somewhere... either that or your storage. This is a genuine Kris Kross razor blade sharpener. It is amazing what they made way back when. You insert the old style double edged blade into the holder. Then you crank the handle and the thing sharpens the blade. It polishes one side then flips the blade over and does the other side. Sorry kids this will not do any of the modern blades you can buy today. What?... did you think modern day blade makers are dumb? We have landfills to feed. This thing was made back in a time when people were not such suckers for throw away junk. June/6/2011



Taken! Ken Flett. on Vancouver Island!

One FREE flaming key chain $20. value!! This I will also ship to anywhere in Canada for a $5. shipping fee. Otherwise you can pick it up at my studio.



TAKEN !!!! by Sargent Berner of Vancouver I think... Jan/9/2011     Here is a FREE old bakelite fly fishing reel... made in Australia. Not sure it is worth the effort but figured someone might want to save it from the landfill. If you want it I am sure there is not hurry I don't imagine it will be going anywhere soon. Oct/10/2010



Free antique snips

TAKEN !!! by Marek from here in Vancouver. In fact not far up the street. Nov/18/2010      Here is a FREE set of old snips. Not much good for anything though they still work. Sure you could by a modern set at wallymart or Iskia but odds are six months later they will be in the landfill. Sure the new ones will look nice after all it is amazing what they can do with plastic these days. Not only that but you get a little dose of "consumer high" that we all crave but is the price worth the six months they will last. Who are you making rich by buying that junk? Well if you don't like your answers and like getting blisters drop me an email and you are in!!



Taken! Blair Willard of I believe Vancouver Fame!!

     Here is a FREE candle holder made from found scrap. Like all my candle holders they never drip all over and are self cleaning! This one is quite heavy as the base is thick steel. It is of course signed and dated.



 TAKEN !!!!     by Ken Wu of Vancouver BC Feb/8/2011    Here is a deal of a lifetime if you like old money. One FREE two dollar bill. They quit making these a few years back and are now obsolete. It's not often you see them any more mostly because the government burned everyone they could. The mother ship told me it was because they were good luck. Apparently that is why the economy is going down the drain. Who knows they could be lucky. In fact if you are the first to email me then your luck could be starting right away. A great way to start the year of the "lucky" Rabbit by scoring a free and also "lucky" two dollar bill!!!  Jan/15/2011



 TAKEN !!! by... Tyson of Vancouver BC     Here is another FREE vintage alarm clock. Great if you like old junk that does not work. Or maybe you like the challenge of fixing things that can be fixed. We are not talking... last six months Iskea Landfill here. This one is likely older than you or even your mother. It is ugly dirty and rusty but all there.



Free silver quarter

TAKEN!!! by Kelly Trehearne of Surrey Jan/15/010    

     Here is a FREE old coin. Not sure if it is worth much since it is pretty worn. Probably still work in a pop machine though since it's about the same size as the newer quarters. No guarantees though after all it is 73 years old!!! Includes free shipping to anywhere in Canada and the US!!  




     TAKEN !!! by Ken Wu of Vancouver BC. October/31/2010     Here is a FREE old stanley plane... you might have to be fast on this one as I might just change my mind here. I have an idea for it and if it does not go fast it may get used. My Dad used to get the one he had so sharp he would shave with it! He just hated buying razor blades all the time. Me I buy blades and work in metal so it's pretty well useless junk to me.   Oct/11/2010




TAKEN!!! Actually sold on Craigslist before I could give them away here!! I guess Craigslist gets more traffic than I do... Had six calls in the first hour! Nov/9/09

Here is a FREE set of large Axiom speakers. These were still working great a few days ago. I was told these were an expensive speaker. I have got these beauties listed on craigslist for sixty bucks! You can either buy them there or score them here for free!! Your choice!! Mind you if you do buy them then realize they are free here... well tough luck! Shoulda looked here first! No rebates offered after payment. Either way you can't go far wrong for the price. Good idea to grab these quick before I change my mind and use them again myself. They really seem to crank out the sound. If you want to check out the company that made these check: Nov/3/09



Free Blue Bird toffee hammers,, roy mackey, steel sculpture

     TAKEN!!...  FREE !!!     Here is an old set of toffee hammers just like the ones my Dad had back on the farm. These are what you use to keep your bloody kids away from your toffee stash. Actually you use the blunt side to smack your kids and the sharp side to crack your toffee. They are small enough so they don't really do that much damage but will rattle any kids brain a little. Man I swear I got smacked by the one Dad had so many times it broke something loose inside. If I shake my head I still hear rattling sounds!! The mothership told me my tracking chip broke loose. Either way since I don't have kids I figured I should let these go to someone who has kids and loves toffee. These were priced at $5 for the pair in my garage sale but are now FREE here!!  July 31,2011


TAKEN !!!!...      lost the takers info...    I know what you are thinking.... this guy is nuts!!! Well you may be right but don't waste time thinking about it when you could be writing an email. This will likely go very fast. I realize this is an extremely rare work done by none other than Mr. Chris Blades himself.

     This is an earlier work from his "hard times" period. In fact was in his personal collection for years. Works like this are extremely hard to come by unless you are the lucky one to be standing there when he tossed it out the window. 

      Unfortunately that was not me but a dumpster diver looking for some food etc. As I walked up I commented "nice piece you have there"  He quickly replied "whut that piece of junk?" I new right away he was downplaying the piece to feel me out. So I hit him with a two hundred dollar offer.

     At first his jaw dropped and I immediately thought he knew what he had and I had just low balled him big time!! Not so... luck was on my side and he ripped the cash out of my hand. Eventually though the guilt about stealing this piece so cheap got to me so I have decided to let it go for free to appease the gods of Karma. Just a warning this piece will be gone before you can blink an eye. By the way the radio works fine but not sure about the turn table.  Mar/25/2011



Free US five dollar bill at

Taken! Ken Flett. on Vancouver Island! Well I guess it is pretty obvious that Mr. F is one smart guy not to mention a regular shopper here! Ok probably the only shopper here but just the same he is five bucks richer! Ken will be enjoying his five bucks shortly as it is being shipped out to him today via regular post. When I asked Ken what he intended to do with the money he said “probably pay some bills and then invest the rest” Well sorry to those who did not reply sooner but stay tuned for more free stuff!

Well it appears that this fiver was as hard to give away as it is to give away the steel candle holder! I hope that means demand for my art has gone up and not the demand for the dollar has gone down! Anyway this FREE fiver is now gone!! Yes it was in kind of rough shape but I am sure still works fine.

You know you have got to feel a little sad for the Americans after they let poor old Bush there beat the hell out of their economy and world image. The worse part was apparently they never even elected him. How would you feel if you were an American and wanted to travel the world? It is not fun you know looking over your shoulder all the time. What ever happened to the real men America used to have for presidents? The American people deserve way better. Anyway as of now they still accept American money in the United States so you may want to act fast on this freebee! Shipping was free on this one also.



Free t-shirt at

           TAKEN!!! by Greta Olsson of Aldergrove BC. Oct/25/2010      Here is a FREE !!!  one of my partially hand made t-shirts. It starts off as a new cheap t-shirt and then I add the lettering by hand using some kind of cheap fabric paint. This is all I ever wear now. They are great if you have no taste and will wear anything like me as long as it is black.  My Mom said she just loves the one I gave her. She said they make the best polish rags ever for her Harley. The other half she uses in the bathroom to clean the toilet with. My Dad also really likes his for a grease rag since it is black and does not show the dirt.



Free money,, roy mackey

     TAKEN!!! by Lance Cockrell of good old Sims Arkansas... FREE !!!     Here is another free one of those old and ugly two dollar bills I picked up. There is only one catch to this one... you have to live outside of BC. Yes as long as you live somewhere else in North America, could use or even want this old two buck bill, then drop me an email with your mailing address and I will popper in the mail that day! No questions asked!! These are a hot collectors item here in Canada. In fact I just met a guy five years ago who was looking for one. You might even get a buck fifty for it if you put it on eBay. What you do with it is up to you but you better be quick though. I have already had two people this year, outside of BC visit my site. This sucker will likely be long gone by spring. This is just my way of saying to all the other provinces that most British Columbian's still want you all to be part of Canada. I am also hoping our President hears this message.    June/16/2011



Free steel dice at

TAKEN!! Donna Whalley of Vancouver. Here is a free cnc cut and hand welded steel dice signed, dated and documented. About 1.75" square out of 1/8" thick hot rolled steel plate. I did this piece in 2007.



     TAKEN!!!!  by Geof Karps from up there near Hope somewhere. Oct/2/2010     FREE!!! Cool old plastic flashlight. Very interesting swirled plastic. It does have a crack that is barely noticeable on the back side but the inside seems relatively clean and I am guessing would even work. Not sure how old it is but a cool looking light. If you are thinking of this you may want to act fast. There are a lot of people out there who collect this worthless old junk.  Sept/28.2010




Free Mild Steel Booklet by Roy Mackey photos by Ken Flett

Taken!!! Siobhan Humston of Vancouver! Here is a FREE copy of my first art cataloge. It is a 32 glossy page collection of photos of my steel work. The amazing photographs were taken by none other than Ken Flett himself. Only 1000 copies were printed of this book back in 1995 on an offset printing press. This was pre-digital!! Very few are still available. They come with a clear vinyl cover that protects it. This I will also ship free to anywhere in North America. There is only one free one so you may have to act fast!



     TAKEN !!! by Gord Bednard of Vancouver BC. Jan 31/2011     FREE !!!! Another one of my new candle holders from my new series. These are all one of a kind originals which have been signed, dated and documented. These are listed for $49. in the other section on this site and will soon be going up to $75. Most are made from perfectly good stuff. So far there are around a hundred. I hate this one which is not the reason I lopped it here. Yes where else can you get free art? I know the landfill but other than that? My guess this one will go fast.



TAKEN! Actually sold on Craigslist for $50. Once again proving the value of Craigslist for stimulating the economy. Just the same they could have been had here for free. Unfortunately I cannot let buyers know they are free here. I do though leave my website on all my adds. Of course they have to look on their own. Thus proving it pays to visit and dig around on my site a little!!

     Free four older tires with some good tread left P215/75R 15 inch tires. I have got these puppies listed on craigslist for sixty bucks! You can either buy them there or score them here for free!! Your choice!! Mind you if you do buy them then realize they are free here... well tough luck! Shoulda looked here first! No rebates offered after payment. Mind you if you came here first then you just scored yourself a free set of skins for your car!! Could use a little clean up but what the hell for free. They even have some tread left.



Free Canadian five dollar bill at

TAKEN!!! Nov/1/ Jessica Markus of Radium BC.

     Here is a real score if you have some time. A FREE five dollar bill!! Trouble is it is torn in half and I just don't have the time or the tape to fix it. I had a chance to buy this empty coke can that Michael Jackson had drank out of. It was the deal of a life time but I got a little overzealous and as I was quickly pulling the fiver out of my pocket it snagged on something and tore right in half. Of course I could not give the guy a torn bill, even though he insisted it was good. Instead I was persistent and told him I would go get him another one. Course by the time I got back he was gone. So here it is... if you go the time and tape then she's yours. I will also include the postage to anyway in North America.



TAKEN !!!!  by Missy Markus of Dry Gulch BC .... a dusty little hole south of Radium. FREE !!!     Jan/13/2011     Here is another free candle holder!!! Yes hard to believe but true. It is amazing the crap you can get here for free. These junk candle holders have been made from perfectly good stuff. In fact this one has been made from a vintage Harley part. If you have restored an old pre-58 Harley then you would recognize it. Either way what a deal. Signed, dated and documented as part of my new candle holder series.  Dec/30/2010 



     TAKEN!!! by Allen Wu of Coquitlam BC... obviously a smart shopper and lover of deals!! Oct/25/2010           Here is a FREE set of black and decker drill bits. Nice handy case with extra space to put all the drill bits you break etc. Unfortunately I am too lazy to ship this item. Not only that shipping would likely cost more that it would be to buy. After I bought these I realized they are likely not much use for me since I drill steel and not wax. I need better quality drills made of steel and not pot metal. Just the same it you don't have a drill doctor for sharpening your bits you can't go wrong here for the price. Oct/11/2010 




 TAKEN !!! by David MacKenzie of Vancouver BC     Nov/30/2010    

 Free !!! ... another four old pennies like the ones above. I scored these in some old sketch books I found at a garage sale. They were full of sketches by some guy named Arthur Lismer... Likely some wana be artist that never did get a website up and decided to quit his art. Happens all the time with artists. I shouldn't have thrown them out I guess since who knows the guy may have become a famous politician so I could have made some money off of it. Trouble is I got enough junk kicking around here as it is. Anyway these four pennies are free for the taking to the first person who emails me. By the way I will ship these free to anywhere in Canada and the US.  Nov/27/2010



vintage oil can,, roy mackey

     TAKEN !!!     by Geof Karps from the Hope area or at least somewhere way the hell up there.....     FREE !!!!!     Yes here is a deal of a lifetime. A free quart of oil!! This gem is an old Castrol, made back when they put oil in cans like idiots! To open these bloody things you have to have this stupid little pointy spout thing.  You would thump it into the top of the can and then it acted as a spout so you could pour the oil out. Once the point on the opener got dull it was even harder. The ones I had were always dull since the pigs I drove were always heavy drinkers and smokers. Thus I was using the oil opener all the time. Originally the tins were made out of thin metal. Then some oil company scientist hopped up on acid came up the brainstorm that oil cans would be better made out of paper. He convinced the powers that be that it would be far better for everyone involved. Of course the only one who benefited was his buddy who had the metalic paper company. At least the tin ones would open with a dull opener. If you used a dull opener on these paper sided ones they would cave in... unless you got it just right with the exact snap of your hand. Thank God the guy finally got into politics and out of the oil/acid business.

     Fortunately a few years later some other oil scientist discovered removable lids in a super market. After a few years of intense research it was decided that oil would be far better in containers with removable lids. This was a real bonus and helped tide America over until Japan finally figured out how to make a car that does not always burn oil.  Anyway act fast on this rare drug inspired collectable cause it will likely go fast!!! June/15/2011  



Stay tuned

for more free art/stuff/junk coming up. : )