Cross Series...

by Roy Mackey

     Here are images of my cross series that I had started years ago while surviving in Nanaimo. Like most of my work these pieces come to me via inspiration obtained during meditation. Most of my work is not so much about me trying to blurt out a statement for or against anything. It is more about rendering into reality the images that come to me.

     Response to this series has been quite interesting over the years. It has been mostly flat, with a few VERY overwhelmed, and one that I am sure wanted to nail me to a cross. He was a nice Christian chap with anger management issues. After he left I was quite happy we have such strict gun laws here in Canada in order to protect politicians. Just about the time I started thinking I should destroy these works I was approached by another Christian, who did not have anger management issues. He was completely amazed at them and could not praise me enough for the work. Thus remember what you see in this work will not say as much about the art as it will about you.

     I should also add that though most would think my use of the cross in this series would relate to Christianity it is not necessarily the case. The cross as you may already know was around and in use long before Christianity. I should also note that even though I myself am not Christian I do have good friends who are Christian. Strangely I have had three near death out of body experiences which I found pretty well ended any interest in formal religion for some reason. 

The list below starts at the oldest and works newer as you scroll down.

Cross Eye     1993

Star Cross     1993

Flower Cross     1997

Cross with Crosses     1998

Small Cross with Arrows     2000

Cross and Stars     2000

Shining Cross     2000

Shining Cross 2     2000

Glowing Cross     2000

Cross with Arrows     2000

Cross on Steel     2003

Chrome Cross with Nails     2007

Crosses with Stand     2007