CNC Plasma Cutting by Roy Mackey



My Craigslist add below says it all...


     Certified lazy and unmotivated handy man welder type of guy with robotic CNC plasma cutter. If you need some weird metal shapes cut then I may be the guy to call. Especially if you are not in a hurry. Unreasonable rates and a minimum order of $1000 but I offer a level of interest in your project not normally found at most shops.

Free advice on most subjects including metal work, career changes, investing, your life's purpose, motivation and ambition etc.

Any job over $1000. comes with a free copy of my first book, "A Fly in the Microwave... fun on the farm when no one's around" A $20. price and $0.00 dollar value.

No guarantees on any of my work, no financing available, cash on delivery. No calls before 10:00 am.

Minimum order $1000.


If you want to phone.  


 Here are some crows I cut out for the Eastside Culture Crawl Committee. I cut out 50 so far out of 10 gauge plate steel.


Here are some of them after the mounts were welded on.  


These were some window guards I did for Vancouver's Famous "La Cucina del Diavolo"  (The Devil's Kitchen)


Here are some smaller pieces I did. These are available for sale somewhere on this site.... and if not coming soon. Though kind of cool makes a lousy key chain.


 A comparison of two cuts... one while in school and the other after I escaped...


This is cut from ten gauge plate steel.



Here is a small stack of brackets I recently cut using cold rolled 1/8" plate steel. This stuff cuts quite nice.


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