Vintage Drill Cord Repair...

by Roy Mackey April 11, 2015

     Just picked up the Black and Decker drill this morning for five bucks at a garage sale. I have another one of these that works perfectly for one of my processes here but is almost wore out. I thought the switch was shot on this one but it turns out the wire in the cord was broke where it entered the machine. On and off was done by just jiggling the cord. Not that handy at times. Thus against my good judgement opted to upgrade it. By sheer miracle I actually got it back together and it works. I was shocked to say the least. Most of what I take apart never sees use again.

     The wires were broke just as it entered the cord protector.

     Hey! Maybe I can use the old cord protector.... nope bonded to the cord.

     "Hey Marta... who left this old extension cord here?".... whoops it was mine... oh well.

     Next... time to shorten up that long gas line on my old chevy truck....

     A snug fit but managed to get the short piece on with the help of a little soap....

     Finally.... found my dam electric clip box....

     Here are the old wires still hooked up. Now if I can just remember black to black box gizmo and white to mar connector.... Take photo for backup memory.

     Next put some ends on two of the wires. Also ask God... I mean google as to whether I should ground the body of this old beast. After discovering a lot of heated debate on  the issue I opted to ground it even though it seemed that it would have been more dangerous not to. I like a little danger in my dull life. But things have been picking up lately so opted to go what seemed to be the safer route.

     Next blow out all the dust and crud and hook up the wires. I tagged the green ground wire to the one switch screw. 

NOTE:  it only looks like the white wire is going to the switch screw in this photo!!!

I then added a little silicone to the end since the handle piece was not quite gripping it tight enough. I also added a little of it to the cover piece. Then letter dry over night. Works beautifully now.

     There you have it. Now you may have noticed that the new cord is shorter than the original one. I did that on purpose. I am not a fan of long cords on my tools. I have a few that are way too heavy and way too long. Years ago my Dad cut his all down to only about a foot long on all his hand held tools. I like this length since I have plug ins every where in my studio so this is just long enough to work a quick hole.

     Man the pleasure of using a vintage power tool with a good cord cannot be overstated. Especially since I don't allow carcinogenic imported plastic crap anywhere near my work area. Not that I got anything against supporting China's war machine after all apparently every bit helps... so they say. I just don't want cheap stuff designed to break by no-name companies in my immediate area. If I want to throw away money I will buy some cheap wine. Presently almost all of my power tools from drills to drill presses are from the early 40's to the late fifties. Almost 70 years later my Walker Turner drill press runs quieter, smoother and straighter than my soon to break, likely made in China, Riged floor model that I sold when I got the WT.

     Most cheap no name tools are like no name canned beans... they are cheap to buy... God knows whats really in the can, they give you bad gas... and turn to shit way sooner than you had hoped or even thought possible... just sayin...  : )


     Stay tuned as I have come up with another idea I want to try when it comes to fixing worn out tool cords. If it works I will post it here.