My Cousin Earl's Favorite Videos Etc.

By roy mackey

Here is a very good video

March 14, 2022

     This video is worth watching because this guy is obviously credible in my meaningless opinion.

Dr. Richard Fleming


A great video to confirm that the antivaxers are not kids in their basement like CNN.

Dr. Peter McCullough

click on image to watch

     Whooooo Boy this is one good one to watch if you still have functioning logic in your brain.

Click image to go to the US Gov's page regarding this.


     It has always amazed me how so many people have been able to shut down their logical reasoning and let mainstream handle all their thinking. All despite the obvious staring them right in the face!!!! If you think I am crazy watch this video..... and let me know which points are not right.

     Free hugs if you can convince me what is said here is wrong.... as long as you are not vaccinated of course.

Dirty Masks Killin Your Kids

August 14, 2021

     Now seriously I am sure China wouldn't send us toxic masks... They have an incredible human rights record. Now sure just because they have been planning to rule the world for as long as I can remember it is not like they would kill people to do that.
I bet they hardly killed anyone when they took over Hong Kong. On top of that all those organs they are harvesting from live people are from criminals right?

     Anyway I am sure your kids should be fine. Not to mention Canada probably phoned China and asked them already. Likely found out it was a conspiracy theory. Either that or they were told not to question China. 

     Besides Bob wants to meet you for a beer down at the pub so he can show you his new Tesla. Those new Tesla's are really trending right now.

Have You Wondered Why Everyone Is So Terrified Of A Bad Flue Latelly???

August 8, 2021

     This video explains what is happening these days. Not too hard to follow and explains why everyone is so terrified. If you are one of the terrified then it likely won't help you but if you can still think on your own at least it will explain to you what these poor people are going through!!!


August 4, 2021

     I have heard some reputable scientists for months now saying that there is no isolated COVID virus. At first I was like whoa!!!..... Those idiots!!!...... there has to be a virus.... the news said so!!!! Well this video sure can't help  but make you think...... if you still can...... that they might be right.

     This lines up with the fact that after one year of asking everyone I meet I only had two people tell me they lost grand parents to the virus???? I asked a taxi driver and he told me he had been doing the same and he had three people who lost grand parents. A ton of the people I asked had been doing the same and had the same results...... That is one helluva good pandemic if no one seems to know anyone who died that wasn't old!!!

     Now yes I know there were younger people who died but most times those also had comorbidities. There is no question that red flags are popping up everywhere with this virus and frantic vaxx operation that just don't make sense.

JP Spears The Most Trusted Source of News Today

July 10, 2021

     Wow!!!! if you thought mr biden was creeepy before this is now getting really crazy!!!


June 18, 2021

     Some people just follow the "heard" like CNN or other mainstream garbage. OK not many any more as their ratings are in free fall but just the same. The sad part is though history has shown us over and over that is a dangerous idea. Especially with Fidel Truedough running things up here in Canada.

Just Some Simple Facts About The Vaxxx

June 18, 2021

     This is a nice light video that gives you some basics about the vaxxx that might stir your interest. Especially if you still think for yourself. Click the pic to watch....

Are You Getting Tired Of Your Kids????

     Seriously...... are you are getting tired of your kids? If so why not make sure they wear a mask non stop... It will be a prime way to virtue signal how wonderful you are. If the little buggers don't agree tell them you will take their phone. They'll cave. To read more about how this works click on the picture...... The best part is you can just say it wasn't your fault....... you were just following orders. After all it worked back in 1930's Germany.




     Most people these days will spend their whole life doing what they hate to get money. Yet almost none of them know where money even comes from. Most think that they "make" it by busting butt at their miserable job all day. Doing that is like hunting polar bears in Arizona! The chances of success are slim to none...... Don't let anyone tell you it is complicated.... it aint...... at least no more than a ponzi scheme. is. They taught you it was complicated so you would not ask questions. Instead they just tell you to save your latte's and that money with compounding interest will make you rich. Well if you are capable of understanding that if you save money in a bank collecting .05% interest........ and inflation is around three percent you will eventually be stone broke far before you are ever rich....... sure you might have more money down the road but it won't buy you anything.... When you "save" money you are losing at least two or three percent interest per year compounding!!!   : )




No Need To Watch This Video For Two Reasons.....

                 First...     you already know about CNN...

                 Second.... you watch CNN and thus would never be able

                                       to comprehend this obvious exposure of the
                                       facts. Even if the video does not lie!

Sometimes One Has To Man Up In Life

And Make His Own Choices

Dang!!! CNN must have missed this story

Deaths from vaccines is actually now at 5,000.......

     I went onto the VAERS site and confirmed what ole Tucker said here. It is a little tricky to find the list as you have to dig around before clicking and agreeing etc to get in.

     Anyway herez the main page link: Once you find the page on the side effects reported your jaw will hit the floor!!! 600 reported side effects beginning with the letter A alone!!!! If you are on the fence about being a lab rat or not best go here first!!! After all it showed just under 5 thousand dead on April 10, 2021

     Remember they stopped the swine flue vax once it killed 150 or so.

Click the image above to go to video.  

What the Hell Has Gotten In Men These Days????

"It sure ain't backbone"

     Boy there sure are a lot of men out there pissing their pants out of covid fear. Even though there is a 99.95% chance of surviving??? WTF?????

     Obviously these two failed the COVIDIAN IQ test... as they head over to vaxx central.... for their "experimental protocal for emergency use only"...... nicknamed a "vaccine".

     In fact there is one big US lawyer that says getting the VAX could void your life insurance. Apparently anytime someone takes or does does an experimental medical protocol it can void their life insurance. Mostly because the insurance companies know experimental means it is not approved. This is what the vaccine is actually called. This would suck for anyone who paid life insurance for the last thirty or forty years!!! Good timing though will all those boomers about to leap the great divide and let their kids cash in on that "policy".

     Getting this vax is a prime example of immature, self centered and morally disgusting behavior. These men could care less they are destroying their own children's financial future and in fact their health also and all because they are afraid of a bad flue and are too scared to take off their face diaper. 

Are You A Transpolitical and Stuck In Your Closet?

     If so you will want to check out this video. Nothing worse than not knowing who you are....

Spears and His Gang of Cohorts Drive Another One Out of The Park

     Yes this really explains what the hell has been going on in the world lately.... Now we know how to identify and spot these.... types....

In Case You Never Thought About How Strange The World Is......


Is The Covid Fear Fog Getting You Down..... this is a must watch

     Do you feel you just want to get your vax so things can get back to normal...... if so you might be surprised that the vax will do nothing for getting back to normal because normal is already here. Covid deaths are dropping so fast that they now have to focus on cases... If you can do the math it don't take much to realize that something is wrong with this... the flue season is ending and cases are dropping... have we ever seen that before???? Of course... every year. If you are tired of being terrified then shut off fearstream mainstream media. All is well and getting weller....

To Vax or Not To Vax

     For anyone stuck in fear there is not much that can help. For those on the fence and still here this is another good video to help you decide. Even though if you are here you have likely already decided to trust your gut. Those suckered by mainstream fearstream media could not even get near this video.

Are You Running Scared????

     If you are running scared regarding the vax..., going against your gut feeling and opting to just get the vax so you can get on with your life? You might want to watch this... Something very creepy and criminal is going on with this vax.... OK before that scares you away best to remember.... "looking away... won't make it go away...." There is more at stake than you can imagine. Getting the vax is going to do nothing to get things back to normal. Tons of states are opening back up as normal and nothing is happening. It is going to open up again either way because no one is buying the fear story any more.

Yes No Question Life is Strange!!!!

Spears drives another hardball right out of the park!!!!

     Kamala Heiress (to the throne) must be giddy with excitement right now. She is going to get her chance to become infamous!!! The mere thought that Mr. Biden got more votes than Obama is outright embarrassing. Other than long time CNN addicts not one normal intelligent person buys that story. This has gotten so bad it is unreal. After all no one is beating up on Biden.... he is doing it all to himself.