Steel Sculpture and other trivial junk

by Roy Mackey

"Naked Man"     8ft high     sheet steel   hollow no armature

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Please note: I no longer do steel sculpture. Nor do I do

any fabrication or other commercial steel work. Aside

from managing the ARC my focus is on my writing

and building custom Harley's!!!

Some of my artwork is still for sale

and most is still available for rent those so inclined.

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Small Art Series

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     I started doing these steel "paintings" back in 1995. Then I just used mild steel because stainless was too expensive for my meager budget. Eventually I switched over to stainless steel. These works create a sense of reflective movement in the place that is quite refreshing.

Life in Lines Series

     Here is my newest series of paintings. The unknown magic of copper for your infinite reflection and contemplation.

Chair Series

     This is one from my series of chairs. These are all made from 20 gauge sheet steel. They are hollow inside with no armature and thus are a lot lighter than they first appear.




Cross Series

      Here are some works from my ongoing series of crosses that I started back in 1993. I may be adding a couple of more to this collection shortly. 

Modified Hammer Series

     This is one from my series of modified hammers. So far I have done around forty or so. Some have not yet been photographed.




Candle Holder Series

     Here is a piece from my presently ongoing series of candle holders. These junk candle holders are all made from perfectly good stuff. They are a very reasonable way to score a signed, dated and documented piece of my artwork on the cheap.



13 Rings Series

     Here are some rings that I started doing about 17 years ago. I did a series of them. 

Only $200. each....

!!!! URGENT NOTE !!!!

     I can no longer sell any artwork

to anyone who has a

facebook, twitter or instagram account.

     Due to the criminal nature of their censoring process I no longer feel it is morally responsible or socially ethical to deal with anyone supporting these, what appear to be fascist, type platforms that are attacking our freedom of speech. 


     No I am not politically correct. I am also adamantly against racism so needless to say am a serious Pro Trumper.

     Now if you follow the hate narrative of mainstream media like:

Conspiracy News Network...

then this will likely confuse you. If you don't like that then please go tell someone who cares like your Mom upstairs.

     If you are a fascist working with "PANTIFA" spreading the hate and racism like they do then this site could drive you crazy. You see it has opinions that are outside those of your boss, Sore-ass. Because lets face it obviously you have no opinions of your own. If that's the case please hit the back button to "" either that or again, go up stairs and tell your Mom. 

     I try to practice freedom of speech as much as possible. Thus if you have something to say I sure won't be standing in your way. But once again please go tell your Mom as I have no interest or time to debate my political views with you.

     Now if you really need to debate what appears to be my political opinion then go do it through my political assistants,

Candace Owens -  Dinesh D'Souza -  Larry Elder

    As my political mentors they know more than both you and I could dream of knowing. I love the bright outlook they have on the future! Of course if you do work for Sore-ass at PANTIFA you wouldn't understand the language as they are real people and only speak "common sense"......  

Close up of Sweetie's Feathers

July 29, 2020

     Parrot feathers close up are kind of mind blowing. An incredible system that makes them able to fly...... all over the studio and chew up everything in site!!!

     Oh... if you didn't know "Sweetie" is a parrot that has been following me around for the last 35 years??? We grown into really good friends. In fact I have to admit a lot of the crazy ideas on this site are hers not mine.... just sayin.... 

What'z New'z

Sweetie Heading Up To Her Nap Spot

December 4, 2021

     Sweetie's morning routine.... Since I shut it down here at around 2 or 3 am and then get up at nine am she never gets enough sleep. So now that she can fly she has breakfast when I get up. Stocks up on water and then flies up to the loft. She then figured out how to open my closet door. Next she would drag some towels laying around into the closet to make a bit of a nest and then turns her head around 180 degree's, tucks her head between her wings and goes out like a light!!! Proof even parrots know necessity is the mother of invention!!!

Shorter Version of Below

November 11, 2021

     Funny but life is nothing but a bunch of different perspectives at times. It is what makes the game fun!!!

Vintage Steel Cabinet

November 18, 2021

     Nothing beats a vintage cabinet for storing odd useless junk. These suckers are short of impossible to find. On craigslist they last five minutes at best. This one was not pretty but worked well. A very damp shed took it toll on this. Mostly it's complexion is what was so bad. Scaly rust covered all the drawer faces yet the inner parts of the drawer were perfect.

     So... being the cabinet minister I am and a bit of a self proclaimed master of salvaging patinas I went to work.

Two Drawers Done....

     The trick is to not lose any more of the original paint than you have to! Once you have the rust gone then a little autosoll and some wax. Feels like new looks a little warn. The trick here is you have to use the right rust remover. In this case... I soaked the drawer faces first in evaporust... noooo..... not envirorust or or rust-away, or whatever. It has to be evaporust!!! Lee Valley sells it. The only thing it removes is rust. It does not soften the paint either.

     Now of course evaporust is not the all time best rust remover for all applications but if you want to save the paint it is.


Nothing ever really "sneaks up on us....

It is barking the whole time it is getting closer.

Most just don't take the time to pay attention

     So it is looking like if you got the vaxxx you will have no choice to keep getting the boosters. The first shots have screwed up your system so unless you follow up it won't be nice. Now remember this is just what some of the censored science has to say. But... whatever... none of us live forever so get over it and get on with your life!!! Oh and if you think you will be able to do that with more compliance then you might as well hope the vaxxx kills you now. Because compliance is only going to make your life worse. Ask any German who lived in Hitler's dream.

     This is not just a vaxxx thing either. If you want to live the dream life you will never get there with compliance. Unless you are willing to pay the price you will be stuck for the rest of your life making legitimate excuses about where you are until you die. Once you die you will realize that it was no one fault but yours. No worries...... some say we get a second round!!!

Necessity is the Mother of Invention!!!

November 13, 2021

     I do the late shift here and usually shutter down at around 2 or 3am. Then because I can't wait for the next day I get up at nine am. Trouble is the poor bird needs more sleep than that..... So she finally figured out what to do. In the morning after I move her perch to her daytime spot she chugs some water and then flies up to the loft. She figured out how to open my closet door so opens it, drags some towels or what ever is on the floor in there to make a day time nap hangout. Then goes out like a light.

     The first time she did this I came back into the studio and could not find the bird anywhere... Finally I go up to the loft the second time and there she is in the closet snoring away!!! : )
     OK birds don't snore but she was sleeping soundly, head back between her wings like she does.

     This is a lousy shot because first it was a lot darker so had to photo shop it so you could see her. Second it is almost impossible to sneak up on her without waking her up!!! The second I get near her or pull out my fone she spins around.  : )


We are in the middle of world war III

and almost no one knows!!!

Could life be any funner!!!

OK It's not a panhead engine......

but it might tide me over till I can find one!

November 8, 2021

     Special thanks to Powell for letting this gem go!!! And giving me the tour of his cool shop and cars!!! He had the EXACT same car that I had my first near death out of body experience in!!! Even the color was the same!!!!!

     Of course this proves one man's junk can be another man's junk!!! Once the sheets of plastic change hands that is. Now I needed this like I needed a hair cut and a real job but it was hard to pass up something this cool. I figure I will have some time to play with this around 2060 when I catch up on things. By then though these will be as rare as honest politicians!!!! So glad I got it now.

     Now I know... your mom told you not to watch this

movie... because CNN told her it was debunked..... What

your mom did not know was that Veritos had already

debunked CNN!!! This is why CNN's ratings have gone

down over 70% in the last year!!!! They got live video off

a hidden camera where they confessed to making up

their stories.

     So if you can still think for yourself and are smart

enough to put together clues you will find this video

fascinating to say the very least.

Opening Up a New Tire Division in the Studio!!!

November 2, 2021

     Well I finally decided to open a tire shop here in the studio. After all I have a welding shop, a custom Harley shop, an art gallery, a nine to five job, a writing retreat, a home and a self storage already.

     Basically found a junk stand in the freecycle section at the ARC, found a garbage bag, bought some baby powder for the process, some tire irons for the dirty work, a little tire loob and some rim protectors... viola.... tires mounted!!!!!

     I will spare all the blood sweat tears and cursing!!!

Next stop.... a wheel balancer.... Nice vintagey looking tread

perfect for an old panhead...

This is the Coolest Protest I Have Ever Seen!!!

National Heroes that are getting axxxed

for not getting vaxxxed!!!



It is an absolute disgrace that Fidel Truedoughead

would do this.

Click on the image to watch.... Seriously worth the watch

Gratitude With Humans is Often Short Lived

Thousands of Canadian Nurses get their

walking papers for refusing

the vaxxxine!

Truedoughhead's special way of saying thanks for their

service during the pandemic.

     Though people have lost the ability to wonder it still

makes you question what do those nurses know that

the rest of us don't..... : )   No something is just not

adding up.... 

Home Shop Home

More Harley Shifter Knobs

I Got Pack Rats!!!

October 16, 2021

     Yup you can always tell when you got pack rats they chew up everything. Of course I had to warn my bird because she often refolds my socks in a more organic way when ever I am not looking. If she bumped into the rat it could really startle her.

     It seems I have been losing a pair or two every day....... Since the birds beak has 900 pounds of clamping pressure she could chop up that rat quickly.

Reading This Tests Your Ability

To Understand Simple Logic

Click Picture To Read More

Here is a very good video....

if you can still think for yourself

Click on Image to Watch

Street Flood At The ARC Last Night

October 8, 2021

     We had a water main break last night.... Things got ugly.... Lousy video because I was too busy trying to keep the drains unclogged as the water slowly creeped up to our stairwell into the basement. Lucked out and only got a few thousand gallons in the basement!!!  : ) It could have been real ugly.... Amazing the water that can come out of a 6 or 8" water main!!!

This Child Abuse Has To Stop

October 7, 2021

     I don't have kids.... never wanted any of the little brats. I learned from my Dad's mistakes. That doesn't stop me from seeing this appalling crime. Committed by a bunch of selfish, terrified, irresponsible parents worrying about a 99.95% survival rate... if you even get the dam virus in the first place!!! They could care less about their kids suffocating all day long. This is child abuse at it's creepiest!!!

     Now for anyone involved in kids getting forced to take this experimental medical procedure nick named a "vaccine"..... history tells us what to do there.... Just google Dr. Mengele.....  apparently "not knowing" is not an excuse.  

What'z Better Than One Jason York Original?

Two Jason York Originals!!!

October 7, 2021

     So just lucked out a few days back with another one of Jason's masterpieces! He does a lot of great work but every so often pulls off a masterpiece and I have lucked out on two of them so far!!!! Because like the preppers all say....

"if you got one you got none... if you got two you got one"

      This especially applies to art. When you find an artist you know is going places you have to buy more than one!!!

     I call this piece....... "orange man winning" This is because, Trump, the orange man in the middle is bringing the light from the Right over to the darkness on the Left.

     It could not be better timing as more and more people realize that Biden is the real fascist. Hell bent to destroy America and all it stands for. Ok not biden but the people who actually run him, because seriously any ten year old could see he is barely functioning let alone running the most powerful country in the world. People are not stupid just because they are not paying attention.    

Vintage Weatherhead 64 Drawer Parts Bin

October 5, 2021

     Just scored this cool new parts bin!!! It is the smaller brother of my previous score a few years back. Big thanks to Nick for letting this gem go. Now just need to tweak the patina and sheze ready to use.

Vintage Weatherhead 192 Drawer Parts Bin

     This is one of my favorite gems.... great for sorting and storing small stuff you will almost never need but when you do it is a godsend!!!! Scored this a few years ago off a very cool guy who jumped ship and headed off into the great unknown!!!! He had finished his work down here so, like the vulture that I am I scored this beauty. It has saved the day so many times it is unreal. Sure beats racing over to hopeless depot only to find they are out of stock!!!

Parrots are funny birds....

October 3, 2021

     Sweetie just turned 39 last month.... forgot to have a birthday party for her. Never been big on birthday parties anyway. So far she has been following me around for 36 years???? At least she is cheap to feed and doesn't need to be bailed out of jail. People always ask me how smart parrots are. I tell them parrots can often figure out a lot of human words....... but so far no human has figured out even one parrot word.. Pretty well sums it up right there.



Here is an absolutely hilarious video!!!

The first part is the sad part..... the funny part starts

about half way... : )

     You better be good at handling brutally violent scenes as the MAGA hat wearing insurrectionists tear the place to pieces!!!

     This was the big blood curdling insurrection that the media raved about. You know the one that was the worst thing that happened to American Democracy since 9/11. After watching this it gets seriously hard to believe that anyone believes CNN for anything any more!!!! Which of course explains why their ratings are down 70% and falling.   : )

OK it is fun to be funny sometimes but...

     This really is a serious issue. There are Vaccine bullies out there who are ruthless. I have heard horror stories of these terrified people seriously loosing their cool and going full on ballistic on their unvaxxed life long friends. It is beyond creepy. On top of that this brutal pressure often forces them into also getting this experimental medical procedure themselves even though their gut instinct is telling them no!!!!

    So even though I am joking here this is serious. Don't let these bullies wear you down. You might not know it but there are thousands of world renown scientists, doctors, physicians etc that believe this vaxxx is the biggest genocide in the history of mankind. They are just starting to speak out now. You will more and more all the time.

     These are not paid stiffs working for CNN's agenda but people who have devoted their whole lives to their scientific work. These people had everything to lose by speaking up and a lot did lose everything. On top of that the creepy "other side" assassinated their characters via social media etc. These guys are ruthless. Nazi's usually are. Because seriously any subject in science has those for and those against. Unless the society is ruled by Nazi's then there is only one side...... the State's.

     So you might feel alone but you are not. And remember just because someone heard CNN's opinion and also what their opinion was about the other side does not mean they heard both sides of the argument!!! Trust your own gut. Don't waste your time trying to argue with these people. They are terrified and won't hear a thing....

     I have watched about 6300 (seriously... I don't have a life so have the time) videos on or around the subject of covid the last year and a half. I wished I could tell you names numbers and stats etc but I can't. I watched to spot integrity, physiology etc. If I determined the person, site, news station or video was legit then I listened to the theme of what they were saying. If I were intelligent I could have remembered everything to use when arguing with the "terrified", but they can't hear anyway.... Because of all I have watched and what I have concluded you could not pay me to take this vaccine. Partaking in it is a crime against humanity. I learned years ago you can never save your life forever but you can save your soul. To do that you have to stand up and trust your gut not some terrified Canadian pant wetter, triple masked and hiding behind the couch for guidance on serious decisions like this.

Oh Wait......maybe that was herd immunity....   : )


September 22, 2021

     Think about it... I meet a ton of people.... in over one year of asking people I have had two people tell me they knew someone who lost a grandparent!!!! I have heard of one person from my hometown that supposedly died from covid. I also had a taxi driver tell me that he had been doing the same for the same time and he found 3 people who knew someone who lost a grandparent!!!!

     People this is a pandemic!!!! Where are all the dead people???? Of course you know someone and that's great but did you know the death toll in North America has not changed in the last three years. I have not checked it in a couple months but it had not changed. I tell people that and it seems their mind goes blank. How the hell can you have a pandemic this bad and it does not change the annual death tolls????

     Well this is what media based fear does to people as sad as it is. Yes it sucks when people die. But to shut down the whole economy here in north america because of a virus so deadly you have a 99.95% chance of survival. That is even if you get it in the first place??? This is so immature, selfish and irresponsible it is hard to fathom.

     Oh... as of now I know 20 second level people (friends of friends) who have had serious side effects from the vaccine that range from serious all the way to death. VAERS has reported 7500 deaths. They shut down the last vaccine when it hit 150 deaths....


September 21, 2021

     So after 12 years of looking for the right shortbox I scored this one the other day.... ok the photo makes it look hugely better than it is but still a fun score!!!! Clutch is shot... tranny's furked, rear end needs work exhaust is shot, worn unmatched tires.... but it had what I was looking for!!! Original paint!!! Unfortunately he swapped out the original grill for this one. Though this one looks better I like the old style one headlight one that the rare plain Jane models have.

     Will be takener to the doc this week for some "tax write-offs"

Studio Tours Available

(un-vaccinated only please)

Septmber 12, 2021

     Just a heads up that I do have studio tours available in the event you want to stop by for a copy of my book.... "A Fly in the Microwave.... fun on the farm when no one's around" volume one or two. They are still the same great price at $20. each. They have been that same price for ten years now!!!

     I will also have my Harley and Rat Rot shifter knob series available soon. Those will be priced around $200 each. They are hand made one of a kind originals.

     Sculpture wise the only thing I have for sale right now are some works from my candle holder series. They are priced at $75.

     Now just to note I will need to be convinced that you have NOT been vaccinated first. I have a large parrot here that has hung around me for 36 years now and don't take chances when it comes to her health. Until the human trials are over and the vaccine is actually proven safe in three or four years will this change.

     Just to note change is not looking good based on the vaccine's crazy side effects stats so far. That and the huge number of world renown scientists who have put their careers on the line by coming forth and frantically waving red flags.

Good News Everyone!!!!


Gets launched here in BC Sept 13, 2021!!!

September 10, 2021

     Now if you have never felt special in life you can now!!! With the Nazi Pass you will be free to go anywhere you want when you want during covid.

     Of course you will still be able to spread covid just like your un-vaccinated best friend who is locked down at home. Where of course the worthless vermin leppers who need to be exterminated should be.

     With the Nazi Pass though you will be able to proudly tell the world to "Look at Me... and how compliant I am". Yes I will still spread covid but I do what I am told!!! Your Mom will even be proud of you!!!

Whooo boy.... every so often you get lucky

September 7, 2021

     Here is an incredible vintage score I drug home today!!!! A vintage slide file cabinet. They seriously don't make like this any more! If you don't believe me just try lifting this sucker!!! It is weird how dam heavy it is. In fact hard to grasp. This cabinet is about as gem as you can get for small parts storage!!!

     The white dividers are for separating groups of slides. They can be easily moved depending how many small parts you have.

Silver Beauty Motorcycle Charge, vinatage motorcycle charger


Sept 7, 2021

     Just picked up this score this morning off Al here in Vancouver. It served him well for years keeping his cool 39 Chevy Opera Coupe sparked up. Unfortunately though the coupe left him awhile back so he no longer needed the charger.... in fact neither did I...... but how could a guy pass up a rare gem like this!!! Luckily for me Al is obviously one of those guys who looks after his tools unlike most guy who wreck everything they touch.

     I hate to say I got the best end of the deal... I got a cool charger and he got some cheap sheets of plastic that the government prints off in a back room and calls it money from taxes. All so people will think the "system" is actually legitimate!!!


1954 Harley.... yes with Royalite bags


     Does anyone know what happened to the company that used to make these in the US? I think they were called B&B or something. I was going to order them a year or so ago and didn't. Now can't find them anywhere? I am guessing the covid shutdowns got the best of them?


September 3, 2021

     After talking to a ton of vaxxed people I have not met one that actually made a decision regarding the vax. They never made a decision because they never heard both sides of the science like explained above. The actual decision they made was should or shouldn't they take the vax. Which was more about them than any science actually. That is like saying should I or shouldn't I buy a car and then just shelling out for the very first one you see.

     The truth is they just did what they were told and thought they actually made an educated decision. Of course all those that did will be anxious to get their participaction trophy as in the vaccine passport.

     How I know they didn't make an actual choice is because if they had seen even some of the opposing science they would have never taken this experimental medical procedure in a hundred years. Especially once they realized the opposing science is lead by some of the worlds best scientists ever.

Copper on Steel

August 30, 2021

     Here is the latest from my series of shifter knobs. Copper on steel. Needs some tarnishing to look right... time....

Vintagey Small Set Up Table

August 28, 2021

     Here was a sweet score I picked up off my good friend Doug. He picked this gem up off of craigs but realized that it was just too small for his needs. Of I was sitting on the fence like vulture ready to pounce on the gem. So when it came up out came the cash. Apparently the original owner brought it over from England. Course it is not as old as I normally like but it will be used here. Still have to track down where it was made etc. If you know anything would love to hear.

More Raw Metal Rat Rod Shifter Knobs

August 22, 2021

     Getting my system set up for these so got a few more done. This one was a bitch to photograph...... the pic does not do it justice.

Working on one bike just doesn't make sense.....

three is way better.

August 17, 2021

     So I just started my new line of cheepshitcrap harley or ratrod shifter knobs. Hugely over priced.... Toxic and deadly.... one of a kind.... waste of money.... but magic. You will have to qualify to buy one. Discounts given to anyone that can convince me they have not been vaxxed. 

This Is My Favorite Video....

August 11, 2021

     I have found human physiology to be extremely fascinating for years now. What gets me the most is the fact words always say way less than what the body "says". With most people words say virtually nothing compared to what their body "says".

    This is the best example of a grade "A" liar trying to say something else. It is a step by step breakdown of someone in liar mode and losing. Starts a little slow but once she starts getting into it you can't help but see it yourself.


August 9, 2021

     Anyone out there have or know where I can find a good or rebuildable panhead engine? I have cash and am not looking so much for a deal as I am for one that is not pure junk.

The engine is literally the very last piece I need for my 1954 panhead!!!

     The bike is a 1954 but the engine year is not that important to me. Though I would have a preference.... given  a choice.... 49 to 57. Would consider an early or earlier shovel head engine also.

Course I am here in Vancouver BC in Canaduh.... 604-269-3500

Have You Wondered Why Everyone

Is So Terrified Of A Bad Flue Lately???

August 8, 2021

     This video explains what is happening these days. Not too hard to follow and explains why everyone is so terrified. If you are one of the terrified then it likely won't help you but if you can still think on your own at least it will explain to you what these poor people are going through!!!

The Most productive time of my life

August 8, 2021

     Something hit me the right in the head the other day.... The most productive time of my life happened when I did not have a cell phone or a computer???? How could that be possible? These are apparently the two biggest enhancements to our productivity ever???

     On top of that back then I hardly ever used writing paper other than for my journals..... Now with a computer and the modern "paperless" society we have I use reams of paper every month!!! In fact the computer and the phone has made us so productive that we no longer make virtually anything in North America???? Did we get duped???  

At the time I was doing the following:

1.)      Ran a 4,000 sq ft second hand store by my self. Which included going all over the countryside  to buy the junk I sold......, bringing said junk back to the store to clean and price it all......., followed with managing the business end like collecting taxes and doing marketing. etc etc..... It was a ton of work but I did make a killing with that cash cow.

     A well seasoned store owner once asked me how many people I had working for me... I told him none.... He said "no seriously... four... five?" He told me he had been in the business for 30 years and it would take at least four to run a store that big? I was confused.

2.)     Also at the time I rented a property that had a house and two cabins. I rented the two cabins out and lived in the big house with the big lawn... I kept that property up while I was there.

3.)     In the evenings I did my steel sculpture... some of what you see here as I had just begun that crazy journey.

4.)     On top of that I was doing a frame up restoration on my 1951 Harley Davidson. Which included me doing my own paint and everything short of the actual engine rebuild.

5.)     I also sold a psychic course for a psychic teacher. He did these all night courses on the weekend and then we would have very late night meditations twice a week.

6.)     During that time I was also flying a hanglider any spare chance I could.

7.)      On top of that I rarely had any less than five carboy's of homemade beer brewing that I would eventually bottle.

     Kind of strange when you think about it. But the truth is having 500 pretend friends on farcebook is not productivity. Nor is doing shite like this website or commenting on cheese ball youtube videos!!!!! Seems to me there is a difference between being productive vs feeling productive. No question the computer makes me "feel" productive....

You Ungrateful Stiff


     Seriously it really is time to STOP DEMOCRATIC FASCISM.... this is easy to do. Start by closing your accounts with farcebook, nit twitter and instascam. Every vote of closure counts. First you have to show some backbone and quit waiting for everyone else to make the leap. Oh and get over it... you don't have five hundred "friends". They are inmates like you working for free to make suckerberg rich. Your kids will be impressed that you have finally done something in your god forsaken life.

     Look you are not really suckerbergs "product" OK you are... but you don't have to be! Man up! Find a work around... do your part..... Get off the dopamine for a change. You will not believe how great you feel!!! Who knows you might get enough ambition to start a company and create a job for your unemployed kid. Would beat buying them some some cheap safety gear so they can keep their job at amazombie. All so they can keep delivering cheap imported junk for just enough money to pay their cars gas.

Sometimes we are the solution to problem we all have.....

Anyone Know A Good Un-Vaxxed Hair Stylist

Here In Vancouver?

     If so let me know as finding a safe place to get a hair cut these days seems impossible. Will pay cash... heavy tipper.

     Until the human test trials are over in the next few years and this experimental medical protocol is actually approved by the FDA I can't let vaxxed people near my parrot. I have had her for too long (36 years) to trust her health to Liezer and other big pharma.

     Please don't ask me why.......... If your Mom won't let you read outside of CNN I can't help you. If you have read outside of CNN and other garbage main stream news then you likely already know why.   : )

New Bars....

July 25, 2021

     So the sissy tail had apes on it originally..... which I really like.d. But there was some problems with them. They were hacked onto the bike. The holes were not in the right place thus pinching the wires, the wiring was a bit of a farmer's job, and I had a glitch or two. Since I had these low original bars I opted to put them on and go back to more of an original feel. I have to admit they have a totally different feel to them. I will run them for the next while and decide if I want to go back to the apes... I am hunching that these will be a lot better when doing long rides of four to five hundred miles....

Did You Know?......

There Are Only Three Groups Of People In The World

Smart People....  Educated People..... and Everyone Else

     On top of that smart people are rarely educated.... and..... Educated people are rarely smart. Sure their is a little overlapping but not much. Especially when it is from anyone who tries to tell you so

     In my experience I have noticed that smart people usually know they are not educated... as least in the normal sense of the word.

     Educated people though I find rarely know they are not smart and often get offended at even the insinuation of that. 

     Now smart people are often just as bad. For one they often like to gloat at this fact and start spouting names of smart people like Stevie Boy Jobs, or the bitcoin millionaire next door. They often do this not realizing that even Stevie Boy Jobs would have gotten nowhere and vise versa were it not for educated people. Smart people dig up inspiration from beyond the grave. Educated people remember the math to help build that "inspiration" into reality.

     We all need each other no matter what the elites, neighbors, Christians,  democrats, smart people or educated people think.

      The thing is problems come up when educated people start thinking they are smart. Once they do that they think they can solve the worlds problems... but they can't. Solving problems requires smart people to come up with the original idea and then educated people can do the math and logistics to make the idea run.

     Also problems can come up when smart people think they can pull things together once they figure out the solution....... They can't and is the main reason why so many smart people never get their ideas off the ground. It takes an educated person to put the science together to assist in manifesting the vision. Often smart people will not admit that so end up struggling. Steve Jobs was "smart" because he pulled in the visions.... but let his team of techies pull the logical part of the vision together. 

     Now of course there is the third group.... everyone else. These are the people who do the hard work required to dig up the materials, run the factories, grow the food etc etc so that the smart people and educated people can build their glorious thrones of self adulation. Together this makes a three legged chair.... take away one leg and the whole thing collapses. Nothing is more disgusting that one from any group looking down on another group.. This is because no one is lower we are all side by side.

     A lot of people don't have the smarts, education, or ambition to realize this. They let their self adulation get in the way.

     Oh.... one other thing... there are only two political parties in the US..... the evil party and the stupid party. I read that awhile ago and found it to be true... in my experience.

Some Minor Make-up Tweaks

July 17, 2021

     You gotta love stainless.... the seat bolt on the left zinc on steel.... original.... the one on the right raw stainless..... the center one after some elbow grease with the right tools.... A tougher bolt that looks better and has no chrome to peel off....

Some Farmer Fabrication

July 14, 2021

     Sometimes when you can't find it online you have to make it. Four stainless bolts... some welding.... some grinding.... and a little polishing and on the bike she goes. Hell they might even work!!!

How To Identify a Fascist News Station

July 9, 2021

     The above explains how news stations manipulate people into believing what they are pushing. CBC has no choice to use the above trick when every they talk about anything sketchy like Truedough or the vaxxxines. Just go onto youtube and check if  you don't believe me. Either subject is almost guaranteed to have the comments shut off. If they didn't you would quickly find that you are not alone in your revulsion of those two subjects.

     In today's modern world the above and any censored information is vital to understand. Very few if any would have taken the vaccine had they heard even a small part of what the other side of the science had to say. There is a reason they had to censor it all and it is not what they say it is.

     If you check out the above videos title.... "It's a good idea" Montrealers react to vaccine passport system. This makes you think that most like the idea. So what the hell might as well go along with it so you can get back on facebook. The real truth is most hate the idea but have no where to speak up..... yes fascism at it's finest!!!!

     Anytime you see any video that has been censored by the fascists running facebook you want to make sure you find it elsewhere. Since freedom of speech no longer exists on facebook, youtube and instagram etc you can't trust what you are reading there. Most people putting up honest information will no longer risk posting it just on youtube. Thus there is bitchute, brand new tube, etc etc.


.......... and then Lytton burnt down......


July 6, 2021

     Time to make some changes........ Maybe lower bars and ditch the signal light mirrors.....

For The Love of God.....

unfortunately any one showing anything negative

about vaxxxes often gets shut down quickly. They don't want the rest of

the herd to get restless about their uninformed decision to take this

extremely risky experimental medical protocol.... nicknamed a


June, 29, 2021

      Before you sacrifice your kids to science and profit please watch this video!!! Then if you still think this is rare maybe it is time to check out the US Gov's VAERS site:

     It takes awhile to find the adverse events list but for the three minutes it takes when you find it your jaw will hit the floor. Especially when you see the death toll numbers. You will see this vaxxx is nothing what you were told it was.

Please........ don't sacrifice your kids just because you have

been brainwashed into being terrified

of a 99.95% survival rate!!!!

My Latest Vintage Tool Score

Late 30's Early 40's Vintage Delta 12" Disc Sander

June 24, 2021

     OK sheze got some baggage and has had a little surgery but still a beauty just the same. I have been looking for one of these for about 12 years now....... Then......, just when I had about finished off my collection of hens teeth....., Dave calls me!!!!

     Dave's one of those vintage tool nuts that seems to eat sleep and drink vintage and quality power tools. That is when he is not running around catching criminals and trying to save humanity from eating itself.

     Anyway a few months back he had a table saw for sale that I was looking for.... you can see it somewhere below......  Well when I was out there loading up that gem I spotted this beauty over in the corner. Turns out he was willing to let it go at a decent price but needed it for a little longer. Well 17 years later....... ok ok... it maybe was only a month or two.... he calls me up saying he is ready to let it go. Thus off I raced cash in hand and we loaded it up.

     Now to be quite honest I am not sure I am going to use it a lot but every so often a guy wants to grate a lemon or something, if so viola. Now I got a vintage delta band saw for slicing up any home made bread I make and this gem for grating lemons!!! My drill press works great for opening up coconuts and my metal band saw works for cutting them in half. This is the advantage of live work. Your tools are right there close to the kitchen. 

     I will be doing some very minor tweaks to the patina and may be some minor electrical changes and after that she will be dangerously ready to use.

One Of The Birds Larger Feathers......

Just Scored A Jason York Original!!!!

June 18, 2021

      OK Everyone....... read and weep!!! I almost missed this one but fate was on my side. Now just have to figure out a spot on the wall to hang it that is not already covered in my metal crap!!!


OK ....  not my favorite spot... but will do for now.

48 x 48

Just Some Simple Fax About The Vaxxx

June 18, 2021

     This is a nice animated video that would obviously be banned on today's fascist media outlets like youtube, farcebook, nit twitter etc. Because lets face they think most people are too stupid to make make their own choices.

My Chef Put A New Sign In His Window...

June 14, 2021

     Noticed my chef's new window sign the other night. This is great because good food is really hard to find late at night here in Vancouver. I would cook but the stench just lasts too long and ruins my sleep.




!!!! CAUTION  !!!!







Back From A Little Air Time

June 4, 2021

     Hit out for some air time but feeling a little "sugar cuby" so after smelling rain bookeder home. "Sugar Cuby" is a condition that people outside of Vancouver get when it rains. Thus whenever it rains they panic until they can find cover. I have pretty well gotten over now after all these years. Just the same it still flares up every so often. She was a beauty ride just the same. Bike purrs like a kitten.

     The sweet thing about the ARC is getting your bike in and out of the place is super easy. The handicapped ramp, big back doors and if you are on an upper floor the freight elevator and extra wide hallways make it a piece of cake!!!

     You seriously can't beat living at the ARC...... want in? Click green link: 

Garden Tower For Sale

     So I bought one of these garden towers shown above.... Great idea but I never get the time to play with it. This one above is from their marketing page. The trouble is I just don't have time to deal with a garden that needs weeding and watering!!! Thus I am selling mine. I just bought it a few months back.. I built a better quality base with five wheels instead of three. I also filled mine with soil and added worms.

     The tower with their three wheel base is around $640. I want $500. and have added I think four bags of organic potting soil and custom made five wheel base along with 40 dollars worth of red wiggler worms. Contact me if you are interested.

     To check out these online click on the pic above. These guys were absolutely super to deal with and when I get more time I will be going back to them to buy another.

??????? WHY TRUMP 2020 ???????

     So why the Trump flag? Well I have a hard time communicating with racists, homophobics, war mongers and other freaky types who can't think for themselves. Whenever they come into my studio and see the Trump flag they lose their cool. Then they either make an awkward break for the door which is great because I have a hard time making small talk about nothing. The real bad ones go into a spit spraying fit of rage. (TDS)

     I pay special attention to the ones with TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) mostly because they are the most dangerous. They are the ones who will be first to support the coming Nazi regimes. Often these "disciples of CNN" consider themselves to be geniuses. Thus there is no such thing as "communicating" with them.

    So what the flag does is make it easy. They see it... I tell them I am a "Dae Vote A" of Trump and in a fit of rage they break for the door. This saves me having to deal with them. The truth is I would rather step in a dog mine as I would talk to someone with TDS.

     You see if someone watches CNN and doesn't hate Trump then you something is wrong with them. Mostly because CNN are masters of distorting perceptions of truth. Now of course I don't need to say that because Project Veritos exposed them confessing that to a hidden camera!!!

     This explains why their ratings are down 60% or more over the last year. That's a "Hero to Zero" move!!! Of course since CNN never reported that story most watching it still believe that they are number one trusted news source......... and eight track tapes are going to make a comeback!!!!

Sweetie In Slow Motion

     Sweetie making a break for the loft... Bad lighting got lucky with my camera. She is very camera shy!!!

Anyone out there wondering why they are so hell bent to get 70% vaxed

Especially when you consider the death toll in North America

Has not changed in the last three years?

seriously.... think about that.....

Who would be crazy or cruel enough to

let their kids get vaxxed with the

experimental medical protocol nicknamed

a "vaccine"

Lettuce Burger

May 23, 2021

     I was talking to my chef the other day about needing something good to eat for a change. After a few short words she convinced me to try the Teen Burger on a lettuce bun? Hell I never knew that was even possible!!! So being in a somewhat adventurous mood I opted to giver a shot but for back up ordered an original one also with the Glyphosate wheet based bun.... just in case.

     So?..... Absolutely delicious! That sucker blew my expectations right out of the water. The funny part was I thought it was going to be soggy... No worse than the regular buns actually. Looks like I now have something good to eat for the next two or three months!!!!

     Just to note this picture does not do it any justice. I had already scarfed most of it before I thought to take the pic....

     Yes another day in pair a dice!!!! 

May, 16, 2021

     What a great weekend!!! Got two sweet rides in out to freshairsville. Bike purs like a kitten. Open freeway. 


As You May Know....

May 13, 2021

     If you can read outside of mainstream then you might already know about the science regarding being too close to or hugging vaxxed people. Especially if you are pregnant. Now I am not sure I actually buy it but... even if it was true you won't hear about it on socialist media, facebook youtube etc. In the meantime you might want to play it safe until more comes to light.

Yes This Sucks.....

May 12, 2021

     Self responsibility does suck but it is what normal people normally do. Those that don't usually don't mostly because they find it easier to just trust what people tell them. Even if their "gut" is yelling at them.

     Boy this woman has more back bone than a hundred typical Canadian  virtue signalling pant wetting males!!! On top of that she is hilarious!!! .

     Talk about a stable break in a sea of stupidity.  Click the pic to watch the video... unless of course you are a Canadian male... then head back to CNN and CBC.... for some more pant wetting horror stories!!!

     Here are a couple of "virtue signalling" Canadian Pant Wetters, just after watching some horror stories on CNN. Bumping elbows and heading out to get their "experimental medical protocol" shots, commonly called vaccines by the mainstream media.

Did you know this is not a vax? Actually it is officially called an experimental medical protocol for emergency use only. One that could void your life insurance?

Did you know that the annual death rate in North America has not changed in the last three years?

Did you know that according to government numbers the death toll from the Vax now stands just over 6.,000.... yes six thousand....? More than all other vaccines combined in the last fifteen years.

Did you know if you check out the Vaers website their documented side affects to the vax clearly show that almost everyone is a "winner" with an endless list of recorded side effects....?

Did you know that you are still allowed to "trust your gut" and make your own choice outside of the "herds" choice? This could change as one of the leaders of the Chinese Communist Party, Justin Truedough, might make free choice no longer an option

Did you know that CNN is just the personal opinions of the owners? Not sure about that?.....  google project veritos and cnn. Bit of a balloon popper to the handful of CNN watchers still clinging on.

If You Can Listen... Here Are Some Vax Fax

     Are you someone who thinks for themself? Someone who just can't bring themselves to trust the personal opinions of CNN or some other privately owned company like Coke A Cola. Someone who has a gut feeling that something is not right with this new vax.... If so... and your mom, wife or husband will let you.... then I highly recommend watching this video. If it scares you then just pretend it is not true....

Studio Shot

April 23, 2021

     Something sweet about live work that I can't just put my finger on....  : ) Nothing worse than having to leave your living room just to change the oil on a guyz bike. The ten gauge plate steel flooring keeps spilt oil from getting into the tiles grout.

     Yes getting some great air time this year. Just a quick forty five minute ride to the freeway ten blocks away and its freedom!!! OK between two am and six am. Any other time no so much.

Stay Tuned Folks...

The mainstream media will soon be pointing all fingers

towards the Jews.... I mean..... anti-vaxxers.

All signs are pointing to another

weird piece of history about to unfold.

Already families and friends are disowning each other.

Partly out of shear COVID terror and

partly out of different opinions....

Now we have to decide if we should gas chamber


April 10, 2021

Herez one for you.....

     If you don't think life is weird then try watching this short video a few times. Yessiree Bob... were stuck the side of a big rock going God knows where.

To Vax or not to Vax

April 6, 2021

   Anyone thinking of taking a highly experimental vaccine, that was rushed through testing at "warp speed", that was made by companies that cannot be liable if it kills or maims you all to save you from a bad flue that you have a 99.95% chance of surviving.... considering you even get it in the first place...., needs to take some math courses!!! 

     This covid game is a crime against humanity. Yes people are dying and yes you probably lost your elderly grandparents and yes that is painful. But to shut down the worlds economy because of this is a crime against the middle class which will take out the whole economy.

     Why do I say this. Well partly because of the endless number of legitimate scientists that have told me that but also I have been asking everyone I meet.... and thats is a lot... for the last year and two people lost grandparents to covid. The rest told me they knew no one who even got it let alone died. A taxi driver told me the same thing. Almost a year of asking everyone he picked up and he found three people in almost a year who.... yes.... also lost grandparents. I am guessing he asked more people than I did. Now two days ago I did talk to someone who lost both his parents to covid... apparently. If you can't smell something bad in the room here then good luck....




     The big new trend these days is asking...... where's it made. Strange as it seems people no longer want to pay all their support to China. North Americans especially have finally decided it is time to look after their personal savings a little less and their children's future a lot more.

     By them boycotting China they have more money to stimulate their local economy. Because seriously how much do you like the idea of your kid having to make a career out of delivering Amazombie packages shipped from China?

     If you haven't started yet now is a better time than ever. After all now that China has taken Hong Kong they will be working on Taiwan next.... isn't that what Hitler did? If you can't see that coming you need to learn to read.

Vintage Tanker Desk

April, 4, 2021

     Craigslist where would we be without it? I have been looking for one of these for a long time now. They are either priced like gold or dirt cheap. I had missed about five previously. Either a day late or dollar short. The Gods were with me on this one and I thanked them because it is a beauty. Nice super clean energy and in almost mint condition short of a few war wounds. It is a bit of a later version.... I am guessing late fifties?

     Now apparently up in Alaska guys load these into the back of their trucks during the winter. All the weight gives them real traction because believe me these suckers are heaaaavvvvy! Which is of course why I opted to move this one up to my loft.... late at night..... by myself.

     The task did remind me of some basic physics that I missed in school. Any inanimate object when lifted more than once increases in weight with each extra lift. Each weight increase is a standard percentage of the last lifted weight of the object. Now had I been better at math I could have avoided a near brush with disaster. You see thirteen steps later that tanker desk had gotten reeeaaaallllly heavy. Well by step twelve with only one more to go the weight had far exceeded my confidence. Going back down was not an option... calling for help was also not an option as my door was locked and to unlock it I would have had to get the desk back down to the ground floor. Something I no longer had the power to do. Mostly because it is almost as hard taking it back down as it was taking it up. The top step of course was the hardest because of a few factors. There I was trapped. Now I knew how the very few people who voted for Biden and told anyone must have felt!!! Like a pure idiotic fool.

     I then flashed back to doing martial arts and how my instructor Sue always told me you can always dig down to one more level of energy if you want to.... or maybe have to. After a few minutes of talking myself up I went for it and put every last bit of energy and effort I had into it!!!!! I gotter... cept... my toe was in the way so I had to let it back down.... Now I was really getting worried since I was exhausted beyond belief. So after about a five minute rest I thought I have to try it again.... Well I lucked out.... found one more level of last minute energy.

Emergency Phone Repair

March 3, 2021

    So my security blanket.... dog caller..... eyephone died the other day... OK maybe not quite dead as I could see a bit of spark in the beast but not enough for it to do anything. The horror was unbelievable.... All of a sudden it was like I was a lepper in no mans land... no friends... no phone... nothing. Stranded with nothing left but my self. It was creepy!!! My j o b depends on my phone and without my job I could not afford my phone... without my phone I am nobody.... 

     It was like being stranded outside of reception in a car with no gas and no one for miles. Seriously it was bad. Have you ever met someone who doesn't have a smart phone? They really are like creepy lepers and you are always worried that they are going to ask to borrow yours to call their boss or some other important call. After all we all know what brothers are like! Then they are going to breath all their covid germs onto your phone!!! I could feel the stress was building rapidly as my vision started to get narrower and narrower....

     Finally though after the hyperventilation wore off I calmed down and decided to get a grip, show a little backbone and do something about it. After all was I a man or a mouse. So right off I started doing some affirmations and chanting Hari Khrisna. Next I spread some crystals around the studio and booked in a tarot reading. I then took some vitamins and did a meditation.. Next thing you know like pure magic it hit me!!! Call Darren!!!! He runs BK Phone Repairs and saved my life twice in the past. Maybe he could do it again.

     Well at first it looked like it was going to be simple... turned out the infection was more complicated than the symptoms it was displaying. The infection had spread to other parts and it was going to take more than it looked. Just the same Darren had seriously saved the day!!! Man what a relief!!!!

     Anyway if you have one of these stupid smart phones and it ain't working give him a call. You won't regret it. Though this time it took longer the previous two times I was in and out in twenty minutes. Very professional and fast service.

Click on the Pic above to get whisked off to his site.





  • Mr. Biden got 10 to 15 million more votes than Obama.... Are you serious????

  • Obama was re-elected with 3 million votes less the second round.

  • President Trump was not re-elected with 11 million more the second round?

  • No sitting president in 132 years who gained votes in his second race has ever lost.

  • President Trump got the highest number of non-white votes that any republican has in sixty years.

  • President Trump is one of only five incumbents to win more than 90% of the primary vote since 1912.

  • No incumbent who has won at least 75% of the primary vote has ever lost an election...... except in 2020.

None of this was ever shared on mainstream media.

Check out this video if you want to know the real truth!!!


Because.... truth matters to you.... right?

1949 Delta Bandsaw

February 23, 2021

     Yes check out what my psycho self drug home now. Score of a lifetime... ok maybe not quite but a gem just the same. These are getting seriously hard to find these days at least in such great shape. Sadly the original motor was swapped out with a brand new one.... sorta like putting lipstick on Granny to maybe re-spark her pole dancing career.  But because he also did the wheel bearings so I can live with that. I have a line on an original motor to replace it will.... fingers crossed Not a real fan of the added switch but it looks so cool I think I will leave it. Nice to have the switch handy. Back then you had to look for the switch which was not a big deal as that was pre-smart phone thus most people still have some gray matter to work with. Now just need to track down a fence.....


February 13, 2021

     If you take a quick look at this Faux News screen shot what do you see?.....



     Good they got the bastard.... until you read the fine print.... which most don't. They had this window up for most of this video. This shite furks with people minds. They see one thing yet the truth is another. If you watch Faux Newz and think you can trust them then you are definitely missing the obvious and don't understand how creepy this stuff is. This is psychological warfare designed to twist and confuse the public. One small step at at time. Click the images to actually watch the video.

     Stuff like this is a bold statement of character.... or I should say "lack of". Thumbs down for Faux... not that it matters as they are crashing anyway.

Finally.... someone who is not afraid to speak up against all the selfish, terrified boomers out there who are willing to sacrifice the future of their children because they are afraid of a bad flue!!!

1958 Delta Homecraft Table Saw Combo Unit

February 6, 2021

     Here is a score and a half I picked up off another vintage wing nut not unlike myself. Dave is a real vintage nut and has some cool stuff. Like most tool buffs there he had too many tools and not enough space.... Thus he had to let this one go. I have had a similar problem.... too much tool and not enough space. Been the story of my life at least according to a few girlfriends I have dated.....

     Anyway these combo units do come up here and there but rarely in this nice of shape with the original finish. It even has the disc sander attachment and the fold down drill press!!!!! Made my day loading this heavy beast onto my truck. Dave even had all the original paper work and brochures!!!

     The trouble with these old vintage saws is they rarely last that long unfortunately. Since it hasn't been rebuilt yet and is already 63 years old I probably only got about sixty years left before I have to pop some bearings in it. Until then it should serve me well doing light duty full production work.

     In the meantime I have to track down the table wings for it. I had a set at one point but they walked away during one of my cleanses I did.


I'm Boycotting Youtube for Moral Reasons

January 9, 2021

     For years now I have been a fan of youtube. I have had over thirty videos posted on their site and loved it..... but... yes there is always a butt. But things started to seem strange about 8 years or so ago. I started hearing from very reputable sources that youtube were closing peoples accounts for no reason. One month someone was earning 10k a month from their channel.... two days before their next payment their accounts are closed.... no explanation at all. Just no check in the email....

     youtube had thus closed down the persons business with no warning, explanation or course of appeal. At first I thought it was just weirdo's whining.... eventually figured out it was not the case. Then I started hearing they were rolling back peoples view counts... I laughed again... yea right I thought. Which reminded me I should check my total view count again as last time I checked it the total three years ago it was 125K!!! Well low and behold three years later it was already... "up"... to 89K???? That worked out to 36k less! Of course I was not a business partner with them so I really didn't care. Now five years later my view count is just over 135k.

     Of course none of this really bothered me but man those poor people who were depending on their account were royally screwed. After some intense research this looked like fascism to me plain and simple. Anyone who did not follow what their idea of the truth was got banned or shut down. Sounds a lot like that fascist group called pantifa.

    The point that really iced the cake is when I found out I could not say anything negative about vaccines or I would also get my account shut down. Thousands were!!! That soon expanded to saying "voter fraud" which is why everyone has to "beep out" the word fraud for fear of losing their accounts. This took youtube to a whole new level of creepy.!!! 

   The final nail in the coffin was when they started banning videos on voter fraud as if they were all lies was mind bending to me!!!! I watched hearings with tons of video evidence being presented and I can't talk about it????? WTF???? This had gotten insane.

     Now I could have said oh well and moved on as my life is fine and it was not affecting me but what they are doing is a moral crime against humanity under the guise of protecting their disciples... I mean viewers. Freedom of speech was dying right in front of us.

     So my only choice was to start moving all my videos over to brandnewtube and bitchute.. At least now these two are censorship free. Once done I will be deleting all my videos off youtube and closing my account. Their formats are not quite as slick as youtube and youtube does have most of the herd watching but I really didn't want to be airing my stuff on a platform that smells like dog dung. Not only that even though I don't have kids you do and someone has to think about their future.....

NOTE: to see the videos I have moved over to brandnewtube just search flamingsteel on that site and they should come up.



Slaved in the Garden All Day!!!

January 7, 2020

     Yes another hair brained idea to play with. The one thing the studio was lacking... a garden area. Thus the Garden Tower!!! A fool and his money soon parted.

     I have to say it is well made. Not only that but it swivels and has a center tube to do a little Vermiculture. Lop the old salad scraps in the tube along with some hay, soil and a handful of worms and away you go. The worms eat what I shouldn't have then head out into the soil to take a dump and thus fertilize the plants growing out the side of the contraption. The leachate from the vermiculture drains into a catch bin which you can use to water the garden or throw it on your lawn.

     I will likely put some low light plants of some sort in the sides and then replace them with plastic ones after they all die. It should be fun.

     If you are thinking you like the idea you can check out the link below. This unit without the wheels was $540. Delivered to my door. Since I can make stuff I was just going to whip one up myself. I figured for about $495 I could have made it easily. It would have only taken me four days, seven trips to hopeless depot, a few skinned knuckles, couple a band-aids and I would have been set. Unfortunately I just didn't have the time.

     Now you can also get the wheel kit for it at around $125 or so but I figured I would make my own. I am kind of picky as to what wheels I use on things in the studio. So that only cost me $95 for the wheels, a part sheet of plywood, a trip or two to hopeless depot to get bolts and a quart of black oil based paint along with some brushes etc. A couple of days work and I was set for around $135 which saved me seven bucks. Math comes easy to me....

The Garden Tower Link

Bullies..... Our Unsung Hero's

January 6, 2021

     Did you know that bullies are the world's unsung hero's? I know this sounds crazy and your Mom is going to want to kill me but before you report me to all the "Woke Jokes" out there hear me out.


January 2, 2021

     This is one of the best overviews I have heard that explains all that is going on in the world including the virus. Click on the picture to watch the video.... something that if you have kids you might want to watch. Unless they are useless bums and you are soon to die anyway...... 


Saturday January 2nd Noon til 5pm

December 31, 2020

     If you are in the hood stop in as the ARC is partaking in the First Saturday Open Studio Event. Not sure how many studios are going to be open but I will be for sure.

Fraud.... what fraud?????

     Here is a good video that gives you a bit of an idea as to the magnitude of the US voter fraud situation..... It's a little old as even more has come out since then. This is stuff the media station you worship might not be telling you..... It will also help explain why millions around the world are also praying Trump sticks with this fight.... oh wait... your medial probably never told you that either.....


December 25, 2020

     I hope you all are having a very Merry Christmas and Holiday Season out there!!! Shewaza weird year but it's almost over. Thus even if 2021 is as bad at least it will be in a new year. Hell last year is best left behind and time to move on with the gems we learned. Things like the shut downs were a war game more than anything, the amount of US voter fraud was far beyond what any normal person could even believe even though mainstream media never saw any of it, yes mainstream media and most social media are corrupt corporations with an agenda that works for them... not you., and that the democrats have single-handedly destroyed California along with other states. Oh we also now know how corrupt the government has been and how thankful we are that Trump is out there battling for freedom not just for the US but for the whole world. If you watch fear stream media then you would not have any idea how many people world wide are praying for Trump's victory!!!

     On the bright side the shut downs gave us time to self reflect on our lives for a change and figure out what we really wanted or if our life was actually working. This was priceless because it allowed you to connect back to your own power. It also made us realize how us sending all our purchasing power over seas was destroying our own country and the future of our children. Now we can cherish our North American spending, get better products all while helping create a future for our children for a change. Millions of North Americans are now switching to buying American or doing without. This is huge. This is also why so many countries are now behind Trump and the US.

     Yes 2021 will be a challenge but the can of worms has been opened and there is no getting that lid back on. Even if nit twitter, farcebook and youtube censors the hell out of the news most will still find out what is going on. Mostly because people are seeking alt media in droves!!! It has gotten incredible.


     Taken by Jackie from here in Vancouver BC!!!  Like where the hell else on the brain sucking internet can you actually get free cash!!!

     OK.... only twenty bucks but if you are shorta cash and looking for a free twenty bucks just sent me an email with your name and mailing address. If you are the first to contact me you will score this twenty spot no questions asked. Once I give away the twenty I will post it here as taken..... Please note the Christmas cookies are not included in this offer... nor is the cabinet it is on.... delivery included as far as postage. Will ship uninsured. Or if you are in the hood you can stop in and grab it if you are so inclined. Click the green text below or the above picture for email address.

New Toys....

December 22, 2020

     Boy I remember when you could pick up a top of the line Devilbiss gun for only 350 bucks!!! Not any more but man this sucker was worth every penny!!! Not only does it look great but what a pleasure to hold. The Devilbiss SRI Pro lite is apparently perfect for motorcycle tanks and frames etc. I can't wait to try it out and get a taste of those ole isocyanates again!!! Hopefully I will be able to start painting the frame on my panhead in the next couple of years once it slows down around here.

     Now if you are stupid you can get a gun that looks exactly like this one... from about twenty feet. Like most stuff made in china though that where it ends. Buyer's on on eBay get stung on them all the time. Another reason why I have boycotted "made in china". Mind you some people don't mind artificial vanilla, eat food from china and often horde iron pyrite as it is way cheaper than gold!!!..... Yes the world is a funny place.


December 18, 2020

     Apparently science has now proven that making eye contact with other people you come in contact with doubles your chances of catching covid from them!!! This remarkable new finding gives us all hope that we may be able to flatten the curve and lower our risk of dying down to .01%. Not great but at least better. After all not even one death from covid is acceptable!!!

     So if you see anyone coming towards you it is better that you look down towards the ground or your feet to make sure no eye contact is made. Now some people are turning to wearing shades even at night and when indoors. At least that way if you forget no "real" eye contact is made.

     Now it is also good to not say anything to them. After all when talking we radically increase the chance will will spit out saliva and contaminate the person next to you.

     Now this may be hard for some to do but this can help. You just need to think of anyone outside of you to be nothing more than a disease ridden lepper. This will be a little harder to do if it is someone you love but you just have to keep practicing. It eventually gets easier. Remember the life you save might be your own!!! This is all very important in troubling times like these.

     So remember stay safe and never take chances exposing yourself to anyone!!!

Christmas Lights......

December 12, 2020

     Decided I should head out and grab some Christmas lights the other day for the ARC.... You know get into the spirit of the season. After all Christmas is such a great time to sit around with family and friends drinking out of the same glass, coughing, smoking, and the old family favorite double dip eating. Then after a big bout of gluttony sittin back and appreciating the spiritual aspects of what Christmas does for our stock market, sales profits and business marketing etc.

     Oh...... and of course paying some homage to those poor people who lived in some barn somewhere and only had torn robes to wear. Apparently this is where the head of the ole Christmas Marketing Campaign was born. Which goes to prove that if you work hard enough at Amway you too could get a big following just like he did with his company. The best part is you were not born in a barn so you are already ahead of the game. 

     Anyway after looking around for lights it hit me that they were all made in China.... This made things a little awkward. After all apparently it is now proven that China does harvest body parts from live people who follow certain marketing deities. Especially ones China doesn't like. So for me to send my money over there I would not really be supporting the whole spiritual aspect of Christmas over here.

     Instead I am supporting a country that has only one goal and that is to rule the world and eliminate all the great past spiritual marketing messiah's like Jesus, Budda, Ghandi and George Carlin. Sure it creates jobs over there so they can end up ruling the world for one day but sometimes it is better that we look after our own instead of selling out our family and friends to cheep imported junk. Now I am not saying that they are not good at marketing as obviously they are up there with the best. Anyone who can harvest body parts from live people, brag like knuckle draggers about ruling the world and not give too hoots about their back yard, yet have customers literally begging for more cheap goods, could likely teach Apple a thing or two.

     Anyway my conscience got the best of me and I put those strings of "soon to break" plastic down. I figure our landfills got enough to deal with already.

     UPDATE: turns out I found some used ones....... hung them up and because it wasn't enough... I locked my conscience back in the led box we all use and went back and bought new ones at cambodia tire. The trick when doing this is you first have to come up with the justification. I worked on mine for awhile... 'it's for the ARC.... it's been a tough year for most people and they could use the cheer...., I am not buying them for myself..... I never made the laws, I am just doing my job....., I will quit drinking next week....." Besides if the Biden"s election corruption he bragged about wins then it all won't matter anyway.   : )

Merry Christmas From City Elevator!!!

     Yes the only reason I now like Christmas.... City Elevator!!! Not only do they do an incredible job with our elevator servicing here at the ARC they bring by a box of the best chocolates I have have ever had every Christmas!!!

     Now sure it is only a single serving box but man what a serving!!! Always an incredible treat. OK I do admit they did lead to some trouble with that ex friend of mine one time. He barged in one day just after I had opened the box. I never had time to hide them and before you know it he grabbed one and popped the whole thing in his mouth. Well I lost it. I threw a couple left jabs followed by and swift upper cut to his apparently glass jaw? Man what a crybaby he was.

     When the police got there. I explained what happened and showed him the chocolates. Well the officer was so appalled he walked up to the guy and right out of the black and blue gave him one swift blow to the ole bread basket and left. I offered him one on the way out. He was impressed! Overall though it was a great Christmas.... even if I did miss out on two of them sweet gems.

     Though I am a little nervous to look I need to find out where these guys are located. Because seriously these are good chocolates!!!

OK.... I did it... here they are!!!

     Oh.... and as far as City Elevator...

if you are using anyone else... well.... I feel your pain!!!

Now in case you can no longer stand the pain

Youtube Confirms Massive Voter Fraud!!!

December 13, 2020

     This is huge and hard to believe I know.... especially if you only watch Certainly Not News or other mainstream drivel. Though it is true. Youtube has joined up with Nit Twitter and Farcebook to ban anything spoken that talks about election fraud!!!!! This is an obvious and desperate attempt to deny the massive amount of real evidence that has been presented already. Otherwise there would be no need to ban it because if it was just another "theory" then they would care less. Hell youtube is full of people spouting theories. It is now obvious that they seriously need their narrative of biden actually winning be the only side presented. I actually feel for all their viewers who are getting duped.

     Needless to say this exposes youtube (along with the others) as a criminal organization!!! Which something tells me this was part of the plan. After all assisting a criminal makes you a criminal. Which in this case is interfering with an investigation, by censoring the truth. Even if by some miracle Biden was found innocent they are still interfering with an investigation. All this rates right up there with racism, fascism, stepping in dog mines and pulling the wings off of flies. If you have much integrity and the ability to think youtube is really starting to smell bad....

     Herez a link to get the drift of the exposure.    EXPOSURE LINK

Vintage 3 Drawer Filing Cabinet

December 12, 2020

     Picked this vintage cabinet up for my stand-up desk. They are the perfect height. One on each side and a slaba wood on the top. Three drawer ones are really hard to find unfortunately. I found one a few weeks back and then lucked out on this one two days ago!

     This one was flat black everywhere except the drawers. Splittin two layers of paint is tricky but I have developed a few tricks and thus viola got both sides done and after this shot got the front strips done. Just the right patina for what I need. I decided to not do the top because it is going to be under the wood so got lazy. The rest looks like original paint now.

     Now some people are happy buying cheap big box junk made in china but since I have boycotted china and want stuff that is built with some quality I had to use vintage.

The US Election....... could life get any more interesting?!!!! 

November 30, 2020

     Man this is absolutely incredible!!! Mind bending evidence being shown in court and fearstream media keeps saying their is no evidence and Trump is just a sore loser??? Like everyone is saying...... you just can't make this stuff up!!!!

     Like it would seem to me everyone would want to know if the election is rigged or not. No matter what side you are on. Yet the democrats are doing all they can to block any investigation. Heck they spent four years and millions upon millions of dollars investigating Trump and found nothing. All that came of that was millions more people saw the video of Biden bragging about bribing the Ukraine. 

     Now sure the satisfaction of bragging about winning the race might be fun but knowing the election was honest should be everyone's priority. The trouble now is the evidence irrefutable far beyond a reasonable doubt..... unless of course you actually watch cnn, because you would have never seen the clips aired there. Of course you wouldn't because they have proven they have hated Trump since day one. All this evidence not only exposes the democrats but also the fear stream media.

     Yes life could not get any more fascinating!!!!!

New.... I Mean Old...... Bar Stools

November 28, 2020

     I picked up a couple of used but newer high quality bar stools and table a few days ago. The bar stools were... nice but the white leather seats were a little to "light" for me. So found a couple of beat up vintage chairs off craigslist. Chopped off the legs, beefed up the seats bottom and mounted them on the newer bases. These work incredibly well and now at least have some character to go with the smooth hydraulic function of the newer bases. 

If you don't think you are being scammed try getting through this video:

or click on the picture....


November 18, 2020

     Math is a funny thing. So is thinking for yourself. How many people out there are terrified of eating the wrong thing yet cover their breathing. Which of course is the very thing that could kill them the quickest by a HUGE margin. All of course without the assurance of any serious testing as to potential side effects. Just to avoid a virus that you have a 99 point 99 percent chance of surviving????

     Once you figure out this virus is a war game and nothing more then it all makes more sense. Now quit your dam crying!!! I know people are dying. I am not sure if you noticed yet or not but a lot of people die and die of a lot of things.... at least up until covid.

     Now the numbers that die because of covid are the least of your worries. Something like 29,000 die each day in the world from cancer alone. You need to get over it... you don't have a chance down here. Everyone is going to die.. Especially if you keep following your fearstream media station and going around wearing a breath restricting mask all day and accepting Marshal law and house arrest as if it was for the good of the whole. Yet the truth is this whole virus shut down is killing the future for our children all because we are afraid of dying! This is beyond selfishly embarrassing!!! 

JP Sears......

     This guy is nuts!!!! But he does he ever explain whats going with the election!!! Kind of interesting and could save you from throwing away your future.

Heddin Out To The Hamster Wheel

January 3, 2020

Update: Due to the criminal and fascist type attitude of you tube and their censoring program I can no longer in good conscience post my videos on their apparently criminal anti American, and politically biased platform. Thus will be moving them all over to bitchute or brandnewtube over the next short while.

November 8, 2020

     Testing out another new mic....... with poor results. Back to the drawing board. It was a bit nippy out there but the sun was shining!!! Hit gridlock on the freeway coming back....... November in Vancouver sucks. Now I have to wait a week for more sun!!!!  : )

     Just the same it was sweet getting out of the cage for a bit. Nothing beats fresh Vancouver air!!! Not to mention another game of "Dodge Car Stop and Go" on the freeway!!! Hey you got any mic tips for high speed highway recording? If so I would love to hear.

Mr. Dress-up.... The New President of The United States.... right...

     Anyone who believes that a 77 year old unaccomplished man with more than obvious onset dementia, no policies other than hating Trump, who barely hit the campaign trail, who never answered one question with out the world "Trump" in his answer, who spinelessly hid in his basement during the last two bad flue seasons, who had almost no one attend his events,  and who waves to empty fields was legally elected to run the most powerful country in the world had better find their safe places real soon!!!

     Now sure in the movies this stuff happens all the time. Bob's Garage Band out sells the Rolling Stones doing their final "One and Only This Time We Ain't Kidding Finally Too Old To Play" tour. But in real life if you think about it.... this don't happen.

     Now you might not like Trump but if you really think about this it sounds more like wishful thinking than something legal. After all you can't elect Mr. Dress-up to run a super power unless the election is rigged. No matter how much you want it to be true.

     If you need some proof go look for videos of of Biden anywhere with any size of crowd. You will find virtually nothing. Trump gave a rally at some town of five thousand people and twenty thousand showed up. Every one of Trumps rally's had huge attendance.

     This in itself is so obvious that it is surprising to think that even anyone believes it.... If I was a Biden voter I would be pushing more than anyone to make sure the election was clean regardless of what CNN says. Because if the election was tampered with, and all logical evidence points that way, then something really scary is going on.... I don't care who you voted for....jus sayin


Well Would You Look at That.....

70% of those who caught Covid wore masks all the

time prior to their infection!

Yet only 7% of those who caught covid never wore


Maybe following the "herd" might not save you after all.

      What makes this awkward is if you have kids. Makes one want to think that maybe they should not just trust mainstream media for their information..... After all I have heard that the longer you have kids the more you get attached to them.

     Now of course going outside of mainstream media is easy as you do often have to read instead of just listen but hey....... if you like your kids...... juss sayin....

Open Studio Art Event

November 6, 2020

     Hey Everyone, if you are in the hood any first Saturday of the month we have open studios here at the ARC. Most find the visit to be very memorable and worth the time. You won't regret it. Stop by, grab a coffee at the cafe, tour the open studios and experience some cool art etc. . Score some great art or just meet some cool artists., Harley softail, fall riding

     Got some not bad footage on the bike the other day with my gopro 7 but unfortunately no sound... Peers I needed a little more research in to my mickey mouse mic system. Winter in Vancouver sucks now I will have to wait a week for more sun to try it again..... 

Just My Two Bits

October 26, 2020

     There will only be two outcomes in this next US election... An absolute massive Trump landslide is the first and most obvious. This of course is based on the incredible amount of support he gets anywhere he goes verses the, almost none, that Biden gets wherever he goes.  Not to mention the incredible amount of good Trump has done for Blacks, Hispanics and other racial groups, middle east peace, the economy and was even able to lower the estimates of two million dead from the virus down to only 200k..... only twice what the regular flue kills annually give or take. Most of which were old people dying anyway.

     The other option is CNN.... I mean Biden...... barely winning. When this happens it tells you that the election was rigged. First because seriously no one with even half a brain would vote for this guy.

     Come on man.... Aside from all the Biden corruption that is surfacing he is a great old grand dad but president of the US.... are you kidding me???!!!

You don't appoint Mr. Dress up to lead the most powerful country in the world.

If you buy that then you aint smart....

     Second when it comes to rigged elections they always make the outcome close. The main reason for this is so it does not look too suspicious. The other reason is to make the losing side think "dam... we almost got it!!!" so they will quietly move on without a fight.

     Now if the democrats really are as dumb as they look and Biden did "win" so to speak with a landslide then there will be civil war because no half intelligent self respecting American could or would ever buy that story.......

     Less than two weeks to "showtime" Folks!!!!!!!

Redneck GoPro Accessories

October 24, 2020

     Unless I absolutely have no option I ain't buying from China even though Biden wants to "Make China Great Again".....

     So the option... make it myself. It actually works!!! Function was the goal here over looks as you might be able to tell.

     Now sure I coulda sent Bozo the money so he could send it to China to create jobs over there but I boycotted both Amazombie and China four months ago. Since then I've only bought only one thing there for $12.  Not only has this been a riot I have saved a ton of cash!!!! "WHERE'Z IT MADE" is now my favorite question!!!

     Now I just have to hope for another day or two of sun before the monsoons start. That way I can spark up the softail and test my new mount idea out. Just trying to gear up for next summers riding. Not to mention have some riding footage to get me through the long wet two month winter we get down here.

Cash or Cards..... which is better?

October 18, 2020

     I love this question and three years ago decided to actually look at this... Man was that ever surprising!!!!

read more by clicking picture....

Live At The ARC!!!!

     If you are artist... tired of life and want to start living you just might want to check out the ARC!!!! This is real "LIVE/WORK" at it's finest. We often have studios come up monthly. Huge tax advantages, very sound proof, weld in your living room or access all our cool amenity rooms in the basement.

To find more info on the ARC click on the picture above or the link below.
You might be quite surprised.


October 16, 2020

     Yes I know this is a little weird and of course there is a catch....... I can't ship it to you. Just the same if you are in the hood and want a free custom candle holder stop in. I actually did a series of around 300 of these. They are all signed dated and documented here on this site somewhere. that way in a hundred years you will be able to authenticate you holder. If it is not posted here I never did it. I would worry about hurrying as I am sure it won't be going anywhere soon. Go back to the top for my contact info.

     By the way this one is magic as it makes music when you walk with it and believe me it has no cheese ball electrical or digital parts to it. To see more of this series click image to go to:

Just Hit The "Delete Account" Button On Farcebook!!!!!

October 15, 2020

     I have been planning that for awhile now. Man what a relief that is already!!! I don't want to explain all the reasons why here but.... well.... you know... they are really starting look like a bit of a creepy fascist type censoring operation that is tampering with human psychology on a massive scale.

     Anytime anyone tries to stand between me and my data, my friends, my freedom of speech or my ability to shop on their marketplace it gives me the creeps.

      Now this is the same as having banks trying to stand between me and all my financial transactions. What if you had to contact the sperm bank every time you wanted to make a deposit in your girlfriends account? We would think that was absolutely crazy.

     Now according to Google there are two top things that humans crave most in life. Spending money and having sex. (Three if you are a man as eating is also up there.) What is really weird is with one of those things we already have to get "approval" from a third party. The only exception is if you use cash.

     Now people laugh at the possibility of having to do that with sex... Not so fast hot dog... with your smart phone nearby it can gather all the data needed to tell if you are having sex or sleeping. After all if it is 11pm and your heart rate goes up the powers that be wouldn't think you were doing pushups!!! Thus could fine you and your partner for not paying your "having sex" fee first.

     Of course most people today laugh at this but it wasn't that long ago that you never got charged just for spending "your" money. If you would have told people in the fifties or sixties that your bank had to first approve every transaction you made and would charge you for that approval they would have laughed you out of the room. Well cupcake looks like you're the sucker if you don't use cash because that is exactly what happens today. Even worse is if you were "docile" enough to fall for the money scheme then my guess is you will be sucker enough to fall for the "paying for sex" scheme next.  just sayin....

The Problem  With Live/Work

October 10, 2020 or 10 10 2020!!!

     The trouble with live/work you always have another dumbassed project or idea.... and since the your work shop is right behind the couch you can't help it. Especially when you consider it is pretty hard to get exactly what you want at China Mart, China Depot, China Princess, China Freight, Chinawaste etc. If this turns out I will post a pic of the final project. If not I will be cutting it in half and sneaking it into the dumpster late at night.

Vintage GE Coffee percolator,, roy mackey

Vintage GE Coffee Percolator

     Man could it get any better!!!! A brand new vintage GE coffee percolator complete with original brand new cord also. Well...... actually it could!!! It was over an hour out to the palace it was kept in. Nothing beats a perfect weather, little traffic, two hour ride on the FLST!!!!! Needless to say a sweet ride was had!!!

     Now these things suck if you like lukewarm horribly tasting coffee that you get with your typical carcinogenic plastic "coffee makers" This baby was made in America by a company that made real quality. Now I admit I will likely only get thirty years use out of it after all it is electric unlike my back up one below. I am not worried though as thirty years gives me enough time to find another one for back up.

     The sweet thing about this one that the China repo's usually don't have aside from the quality is the setting for the strength of the coffee.

     Think I will go out and buy a lottery ticket as today has been pretty dam lucky!!!  

FREE!!! All Canadian Made Chair!!!

September 11, 2020

     OK.... this oneza little rough around the edges but it is comfortable. It's perfect for time traveling. This Canadian made chair was constructed out of real Canadian pine. I bought it un-assembled and putter together before slopping on a little paint. Perfect for any situation. Decided it is just not fittin in here.

Pick up only and I can't hold it for you unless you are on your way over.

No hurry I am pretty sure it won't be going anywhere any time soon.

Phone number at the top

Revere ware coffee pot

Revere Cordless Coffee Pot

September 9, 2020

     Here is my latest score off eBay.... A genuine cordless coffee pot made by Revere. It has no sensors, chips, plastic and was made in the USA!!! The handle is made out of Bakelite which fortunately is only carcinogenic in the Sad State of California. This pre 1968 gem was built before accountants started infecting design departments desperately looking for even more profits. When your company name was something to be proud of. I figure this should last me through my next sixty years and hopefully by then integrity will be back in manufacturing and all accountants will locked back in their dark caves.

     I am guessing since I ordered it today and usps and can post will be looking after the delivery I should have it by Christmas!!!! I can hardly wait!!!

     Yes a coupla sacks of mold free coffee from and nirvana shall reign!!!!

live work studios

The Cement Columns at the ARC

     The large cement columns at the ARC are incredible.. There is something about the permanence of cement!!! Famous last words in an earthquake.... A lot of cement work here done back in 1932 just before farcebook came out.

Daze Gone By

August 31, 2020

     Yes the love that got away.... we all have one.... This was mine. 1948 Triumph 500 Speed Twin with spring hub. I rode this bike all one summer as it was here. Started first or second kick every time. Wasn't for sale the old timer told me....... two weeks later I halled'er home. Could ride this bike one handed on a washboard gravel road through a tight corner at 50 mph no problem. It was a work of art.

How to Retire on the Backs of Your Grand Kids..

by roy mackey

Aug26, 2020

     Lets face it we all want to retire with a life of luxury. This post here is going to tell you how it was done in the past and how you can get your grand kids or neighbors grand kids pay for it all. It is pure genius and almost too good to be true! The best part is it actually looks like "investing". Not to mention the system is all set up for you to take advantage of. You could start enjoying a life of luxury tomorrow if you wanted. You might have to act fast though or you could miss the boat.

Harley road trip Fraser Canyon

Over nighter to the desert, under the stars at Vulture Garage

August 18, 2020

     The Frazer Canyon never gets old.!!! Especially in the hot summer sun! Even better when you are able to ride outside of the mainstream rush. Left Vancouver Sunday night. The traffic coming back into Vancouver was bumper to bumper and barely moving all the way to Abbotsford. Glad I was heading the opposite way!!!!!

Antique anvil at Vulture Garage

Steel Sculpture 100 years plus in the making....

Click pic to buy her book.

She is going to be why there's a.....




Oil angel on flamingsteel

Oil Owl Angel....

July 27, 2020

     Looks to me like a panhead parked here....

A Fly in the microwave

     A lot of people have trouble with forgiveness. The main reason for this is about timing. You see you first have to seek out revenge before you can move on to forgiveness. The reason for this is because revenge is a part of the healing process. If you don't you will be seen as a pushover and will often get pushed over. This will put you in an endless cycle of having to forgive those around you. The revenge also helps heal the offending person by teaching them how to be decent in life. This makes it a win/win situation. For uplifting ideas like this and more check out my two books.... A Fly in the Microwave.... fun on the farm when no one's around. Volume 1 and 2. Copies are still overpriced at 20 bucks even after years of inflation!   Check out:

Trump video on flamingsteel

     I have to admit this was one eye opening video. It put into perspective something I was reading about over 35 years ago. Fascism is finally getting exposed. Course... fascism is not giving up easily and are desperately trying to get him nailed with anything they can from collusion to impeachment.

Money and Sex

     Wanna know how spending money is like having sex? Well then check out this link. This could save you a ton of cash and make your life hugely more enjoyable.

Hmmmmm... Yup once again the Demoncrats are trying to dupe the black people!!!

Luckily blacks are waking up to the double talk.

And like Candace says, once again breaking free from the

Democrat Plantation!!!

Christmas in November.....


      Dreamed about getting this box for a long time.. The foundation of any fun project. Click pic to see more.

Adrenaline Junkies Explained......

the latest blatherings over at cluelessrebel

June 1, 2020

     Most people don't know it but adrenaline junkies are just regular people that are terrified of life. Surprising but true. (If you are one yourself you may want to check this out.) Now they might brag to you..., humbly of course...  about their antics but the truth is they are scared silly and just trying to back into their mommies womb as quickly as possible. Now I don't want to pop anyone's "hero" bubble here but..,

Lincwelder on flamingsteel
lincwelder on flamingsteel

Lincwelder on flamingsteel

FOR SALE:  $350.

Vintage Lincwelder. 1949ish era. Works great. Built in wheels has cables.

It has a built in 6 volt battery charger also!

Has infinite adjustment so that you can giver just a little more juice if needed.

     Sorry........ can't ship it. Pick up only.  But if you are in the area feel free to call me anytime and loader up!!! Infinite adjustment so you can just give it smeesh more if needed. Now if you want to send someone who can give me the cash then I will help load it. Can be seen making sparks before purchase!!!  : )

Which is better.... cash or cards....

August 21, 2019

     Have you ever stopped to wonder which really is better. For the hell of it I did one day.... It surprised the hell right out of me!!!

     If you love money you will want to check this out!!! 

JP Cycles and bulletproof coffee on flamingsteel
May 8, 2020

Man could a Friday get any better!!!!

     Some of the best common sense proof that Black Lives Matter is a terrorist political movement. One pretty well bent to destroy black lives. This is really tough stuff to swallow if you are hypnotized by "fearstreet" media like Certainly Not News etc. 

Softail road trip, roy mackey,

Road trip back in August 2019


     Man... you shoulda saw the sun on mountains in the background with those four eagle's, soaring in a circle, right above this weird ape like figure standing on the rocks!!! Unfortunately was running low on battery so did not want to waste shots. Just under 1300 old time miles and not a glitch. The Frazer Canyon was incredible. Zero traffic, smooth road, very warm and full throttle... I mean up until the speed limit of course... delicious! It was great getting back to the valley again!!!

Door Series

     Here is a series of door signs I have done for the entrance door to my studio. Some I have used for a month or two some for a year or more. I change them whenever I get the urge and inspiration for something new.

All My Art Work

     Here is a fairly complete list of all the artwork that I have done over the last 100 years or so. It starts from my most recent and works back. 

Don't click here if you have a dial up internet connection!!



"Your ability to sculpt in steel is impressive

and your concepts are interesting" 

Nato Thompson,  Curator MASS MoCA

     OK... if you are a "woke joke" slave of CNN then this is not your video. But if you are seriously concerned about racism then here are some great facts.

Check Out My Hammers in the New York Times

To see these modified hammers in the New York Times

click the picture or the link here!

New York Times

"Your sense of form is wonderful"

Allison Mendes   Foster/White Gallery

Vulture garage, desert, old cars, road trip

Vulture Garage

June 2, 2019

     Nothing like a day of riding 400 miles worth of mountain roads in the sun at 75mph to cleanse the soul... and burn the face and arms right off you... I knew I was forgetting something!!! On top of that only pulled stupid twice... Funny how a good scare can save your life!!!!

     A couple of cool customers at Geof's Vulture Garage in Spences Bridge. A rare black Plymouth? coupe and super trick Orange 34 Ford 3 window. Check out the rare old time hot rod also!

Vulture Garage, old cars, desert,

If weird metal sculpture is not your bag

then check out my new blog!!!

( If you can't sleep it is just what you need!!! )
ARC live work studios vancouver bc,

Studio Tours

In the odd event you would like to wing by and check out my unusual studio feel free. Call from the front door or if you want to make sure I am here call ahead. I am rarely that far.






Art Buyer, Movie Industry, Designers and Gallery Info


     Click here for more information on buying this artwork, renting this artwork, designer commissions and gallery info







Commissions, submissions and exposure etc.

     I rarely do commissions. Mostly because I am too lazy. Also I am a lousy fabricator! Being a good fabricator is an art in itself. Not an art I am good at. I do sculpture which if you think is fabricating then you are missing the point.


CNC Plasma Cutting

     This was my plasma cutting table I had set up for about 12 years. I got bored of the thing partly because I have enough digital in my life already.  Finally I sold it.

My Two Books

A Fly in the Microwave..... fun on the farm when no one's around

Volume 1 and 2

     Yes I rote tu books. Hard tu beleve I rote tu books sinse I faled englesh 10 thre times. its emazing wat yu kan do when yu put yur mind tu it.  

Here is a quick... ok kinda long video on my two books.

actually 2:12 long

Ok... this rabbit hole does go a lot deeper..

If you are really bored check out some behind the scenes here by scrolling way down.

Bored? Can't Sleep?

A collection of long winded and tedious monologues
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The Vulture Garage

     THE.... Vulture Garage in Spences Bridge. If you are into vintage automotive and have not been there you are missing out. Gas pumps, enamel signs, vintage basket cases, cool drive away customs, antiques, vintage motorcycles and you name it.  Geof, the owner and I ran a small vintage auto parts scrap yard back when we were sixteen 80 years ago. Heze been into vintage hot rods and antiques ever since. I got side tracked with a life of crime in the art business doing steel sculpture. His place is constantly changing but definitely worth the stop!!!

Speaking of Spences Bridge....

     Just took a short road trip to the Vulture Garage to sleep under the stars next to a cactus patch. Incredible. Controlled burning along the way did take out some of the sun. Cleared up by the Garage though. An incredible ride.

2006 FLSTI ( FL Sissy Tail )

September 20, 2018

     Someone pointed out that my panhead basket case could take awhile... made sense so am hoping this gem will tide me over. A big thanks to Patrick for letting me pry this thing out of his bleeding hands!!!

     For me it was love at first sight. After having this bike for almost one day I still can not think of one thing I would want to change on her! We are talking soul mate energy here. OK she barks a bit loud, slouches a little low and has some baggage but nothing I can't live with!!

     You can't tell from the picture but this bike has flames on almost every part on it. Suits flamingsteel to a "T" !!!! It is now this websites official mascot bike.

To read more click the pic or here....          2006 FLSTD

1954 Harley Davidson Panhead

Barn Find Basket Case

     Finally... I found a Harley project in my price range. From what I can tell it is a 1954 even though I don't have a lot to go by.

     As you can see from the picture above I have a ways to go. Hope to have it burning dinosaurs by spring 2019, giver take a few years. Click on the pic to see more.

     If you have any original parts you don't want  I recommend listing them on eBay. Otherwise if that is too much pain give me a call. I do have cash for the right parts. To watch this project click the picture above or the link below.

Going to Maui for some sun?

if so....   Check out:

Now I Got Balls

     Turns out this Christmas might not be that bad after all!!! Apparently Santa was digging around some dumpster up in timbuck too looking for some coal for my Christmas present.... I am guessing he had a bit of a grudge because of my Santa vs Satan post. At the same time Murray Z. was heaving out a box of old bearings. Santa obviously figured that they would be good enough... well looks like the jokes on Santa!!! I have a hell of a time finding these bloody things. Especially big ones like this not to mention a fifty pound box of them!!! A big thanks to Murray's great timing on his dumpster trip!!! Won't have to listen to my Dad telling me to get some balls for a change!!!

Downgrading My General

     Here are some pointless pointers on how to make your new General Bench grinder look a lot older.

Click on the picture to read more....

vintage computer desk,, steel sculpture, roy mackey

     Here is my latest computer desk... 400 lbs of cast iron and steel. Now I just need to pick up the new iMac and it will be finished!




     One of my favorite torches... the Henrob Cobra... at least for certain welds. Really cheap on fuel also. Not the only one I use out of the five I run but a beauty just the same.

     I have to admit the light in this studio on certain days is incredible. Makes it hard to leave the joint


vintage hand saw repair,, roy mackey

Custom Hand Repaired Hand Saw

     Now normally I don't collect vintage tools unless they are something I am going to use. Sometimes though I stumble across works of art like the one above. You have to actually see this piece in person to grasp the story it tells. Created back in a time when common sense was actually quite common this is a real gem... a work of art actually. I scored this piece off of Ermanno Tius. His son Dan was holding a garage sale for his Dad who had lost interest in using his tools any more. There I managed to score this incredible work of art.

     Like I said above the photo does not do any justice to this piece whatsoever. I am not sure what the story is behind this gem but it appears the original wood handle got broken. (I am guessing his son Dan had something to do with this... partially because where there are kids things are broken) Thus Emanno opted to build a new handle out of metal. This was back in the day when men would strive to be men not like today where men strive to "look" like men.  After he cut out the metal and riveted it to the blade he wrapped a bit of cloth tape on the handle and viola!

     Times were different back then when you could not just run off to hopeless depot for another landfiller saw with plastic handle that would end up in the landfill often before the year was up. Like I said also said above it takes some reflection on this work of art to actually see the stories it tells. Not to mention the incredible rusty, worn and hand made patina it has. As of now this is one of my favorite finds. Saved from the landfill just in time. If you are ever by the studio you will see it here up on the wall. Oh and a big Thanks to Ermanno for letting me scoop up this gem for my collection!!

Cool Red Reclining Vintage Chair

     Hey in case you are looking for a really cool chair that reclines here is your gem. Open to considering any offers you may have...  Sorry.... sold

Vintage Velveeta Cheese Box,, steel sculpture, roy mackey

Vintage Velveeta Cheese Box

     Here is a very rare Velveeta Cheese box. The reason these are so rare is because most people threw crap like this out. Just a few psycho hoarders kept them. The one advantage hoarders offer is they keep and store evidence from our past for future generations to enjoy. Stuff that maybe should have been left in the past but is always fascinating.

     The two full pounds that came in this box was only $1.59. Not sure when that was but am guessing it was awhile ago. Have you ever wondered what the hell that stuff was made from. Sure like most products even these days there is some list on the back that claims to be the ingredients. But seriously I often wonder what is really in the stuff we eat.

     I am aware it is not good to ask too many questions and just eat it. At least that's what my Dad used to always say before he went on about starving kids in the world. They may be starving but this stuff would likely kill them if they ate it. I am sure it takes years to build up an immunity to food like this. In fact I did read some research some where that actually said that. They said that if people living in remote areas unexposed to these food ever ate them they would literally die. Maybe it's food like this is what makes us stronger and could explain why humans are living longer. That leads back to another theory my Dad had. He always said that if it didn't kill you it would just make you stronger. Usually he said this as part of grace before dinner.

Vintage Clinton Doodlebug Engine

     Here is a vintage Doodlebug engine my good friend Casey gave me. Apparently these are harder to find than hens teeth or honest politicians. Click on image to read more or want to make me an offer... too late... it's sold

Solid Gold Spoon

     Check this gem out... a solid gold spoon for eating breakfast cereal with. Scored this one in a box of old junk at a garage sale. Not often you find deals like this. Pretty sure this one used by the Queen of England when she was a baby. 



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     Mostly vintage designer junk, tools and other useless things that you might think you want. After all even modern contemporary homes need a touch of vintage history to ground and center the place. Stuff comes and goes here to check back often.

 Free Junk Other People Scored off This Site


     Seriously if you like free junk check out the bottom of this page. I often post perfectly good junk for free. If you want to see what other people already scored click on the quarter to your left. 


 How to Run a CNC Robotic Plasma Cutter in Your Living Room


     Believe it or not it can be done!!! Having a special living room does help though.




Tool Tricks from My Welding Studio


     Here is a small collection of tool tricks that might come in handy in your shop or studio.


My Vintage tool collection


     Here is a glimpse of my vintage tool collection. All of which I have to actually use. These are my keepers that I don't want to sell.


The Really Weird News


     Mother hopes to have sons book banned from production... "It's all lies" she was quoted as saying... "I never had any guns." "We are pretty sure now we never fed him enough when he was a kid.  Either that or maybe it was that agent orange of mine he got into... might have even been the time he got into my napalm stash.... that kid always was a little weird"



The Museum of Strange things


     Here is a collection of strange things I have come across. Worthless junk to those with no eye or average consumer mentality. Pure art and history to those with vision and finer tastes. 


Why Did the Artist

Cross the Road

     In order to avoid paying royalties to my bird for using her image on my site I negotiated giving her some of the black space for her two bits.





Barter is Better?


     Here is some junk I am looking for but too cheep to buy! If you want to do a trade I may be game. What the hell if you want to get rid of your junk for some junk then check this out.  

vintage bucket, kicking the bucket,, roy mackey

Kicking your "Bucket List"

     What is the absolute funnest thing in your "bucket list" you are ever going to do? Most don't know it but the answer is "Kicking it" Those out there who have kicked their bucket but not quite hard enough for it to fall right over already know this. When your bucket does not fall right over you end up having an "out of bucket" more commonly known as "out of body" experience. If you have not been there and done that then you will likely scoff at the idea but if you have done it then there is no scoffing or questioning it.  In a sense out of bucket experiences kind of ruin the thrill and gut wrenching dread out of your life. They tend to make you less worried about going but even more motivated to stay. So far I have had three. Sure the process stings a little when you use accidents to kick at your bucket but not that bad... The hard part is realizing you did not come here to leave, you came here to learn and experience. Not all the shit other people came here to learn and experience but what YOU came here to learn and experience. So it all boils down to the fact that if you life sucks then it is time to learn and change. Get over being angry or sad and just change. Don't fight the bad as that never works. When I was three or four my Mom kept telling me to stay away from the old Pot Bellied wood stove that heated our joint. Every time I got close she would yell at me. I got so mad at that stove that the second Mom turned her head I ran over and kicked that stove right between its legs. I still have the scar on my foot from the burn that red hot stove gave me. July/10/2014

Inspiration, Talent and Bodies of Work

     Personally I find that inspiration can lead to a good new piece of work. Logic, marketing and good reason though can hack scars into that inspiration. Logic is the thing that wants to capitalize on that inspiration. You know, make numbered prints, getem into costco, invest the profits etc. Personally I think I could use a little more logic at times but not always. After all I don't remember seeing the Mona Lisa "series" by old Leonardo whats his name. A series is often more of a logical or smart marketing ploy than real inspiration. To do a good piece of work one needs real inspiration... in fact it can often fill in where there is no actual skill or talent. Though to do a series or body of works one needs real talent... that is if the series is going to be in the order that the artist declares and not the inspiration. Every so often I get inspiration (when I can afford the state of mind it requires.) Talent though is the thing I have yet to find or develop. Fortunately for me I do seem to stumble into enough "inspirations" to make it appear like I have real talent. This is why most of my "bodies of work" accumulate over quite some time. I guess I could go to school or somewhere to try and learn more talent but quite frankly that would take more ambition that I can bother with. On top of that I don't want to risk that the "logic" of learning could screw up the already weak connection I have to inspiration. Now with my art selling better than it ever has that could all change. It is amazing the inspirations one can get when not worrying about food and rent!  : )  

copper on pliers,, steel sculpture, steel art, roy mackey

Copper on Pliers

     As humans we love to "fix things". Especially men even though in reality we usually screw up way more than we ever "fix" In fact that is what pliers are for. These ones here have fixed a lot of things over the years. Mostly though they usually just round off some tight nuts making them impossible to get off when you get the real tool for the job. Life sometimes does the same thing, making some things un-fixable. Like a bead of welded copper it will wrap around the situation blocking all hope of repair. Now this does not mean some situations cannot be fixed it just means that the means we hoped to use to fix it will not work. Miracles in life happen when ever we get our minds outside of, not "the" box but outside of "our" box. This may all be nice but getting outside of "my" box is harder than it seems.... at least for me anyway. 

desk installation,, steel sculpture, roy mackey

Desk Installation

      Here is a desk installation I did for a my "Mild Steel" book I put  out in 1995. It was kind of a tribute to my friends, favorite people, writers and companies etc. Though it looks like a typical  cluttered desk ever little detail on that desk was arranged and placed on purpose. Due to my short memory I could never remember all the details now but did make a list when I did it. Actually I think I still have it kicking around somewhere. Of course it would take a larger photo than here to be able to really focus in on some of the detail, like the blue feather on the copy of Illusions by Richard Back is actually a larger real one from my parrot Sweetie. It covers the blue feather that is printed on the cover. I spent a huge amount of hours trying to figure out who and how could I represent them in this photo. Then a huge amount more hours trying to get everything spaced just perfectly. Ken Flett of   took this photo and all the others for that book. He did an incredible job. I actually still have some copies of this book kicking around. I only printed a thousand originally. These were done pre-digital on an offset printer.  

Raw Real and the Art of Patina

     Most don't realize it but patina tells a big part of the story. It is something that a lot of artists miss. Click picture for more..

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You Need Some Fabrication Done?

     Seriously... these guys are who you need to see! Talk to Noel and tell him I sent you! You will be glad you did!! They have an incredible shop full of cutting edge tools and talented people who really know how to make things!!! Not only will they be able to make your project they will make it right and you will like what you get. Just click on the image above to get whisked off to their clean professional website.

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20 cent gas, two silver dimes,, steel sculpture

20 Cents a Gallon for Gasoline

     Did you know that gas has not gone up and in fact has gone down in price since the 1940's? It is actually true. If you bought gas back then it was around twenty cents a gallon. Two silver dimes would fill that glass gallon wine jug you used for a gas can. If you were to take those same two silver dimes today and cashed them in you would be able to buy slightly more than a gallon of gas.

     Most think that gold and silver prices go up but what actually happens is the value of paper money goes down. Though this would work with silver change it would not apply to paper money from back then. Thus if your grandmother won a thousand dollars back then and stashed it under bed it would not buy you anything near what it would back then. For example that thousand dollars would have bought her a new car back then not the mention all the beer you could drink when taking it out for a drive.

     Today that same thousand would not even buy the insurance on a new car. So if you have money piled up in your bank account or under your pillow you may want to reconsider. At least until the powers that be come up with a new money system that is more stable and will not allow them to steal off you via inflation. Do the math, $1000 in an account collecting 2% interest a year, subtract the real rate of inflation at about ten percent equals a loss of only 8%. A far better move may be to transfer it into something that stores value better. Needless to say my recommendations are what the rich do.... gold, silver, art and antiques! What a coincidence you heard that here! 

vintage gas can,, roy mackey, steel sculpture

Vintage Galvanized Gas Can

     Here is another vintage gem I picked up. It even has the original label. Since we live in my welding shop I prefer to have steel cans. Just feels a lot safer over plastic. On top of that this vintage stuff comes from a slower far more productive time. After all and like I have said before most of mankind's incredible inventions occurred between 1880 and 1950'ish. Sure things got a little smaller and tv's kind of morphed with electric typewrites into the internet but seriously what has really been all that earth shattering... not much. In fact some famous guy said that most new inventions these days only help us consume more junk.  Hell even the microwave was invented in that time period. These days it seems that most new inventions are nothing more than neato gadgets that will out date in a few years at most.

     Being surrounded in this vintage stuff when working on my art is a very refreshing break from gimicky gadgetry of today. Hopefully it has some influence on the art work that I do. I know one thing and that is the fact vintage power tools are a delicious pleasure to use.

     Here is a cool gem I have had kicking around for a long time. Old antique door knob. You may not have known this but these door knobs were not made with purple glass. The glass was clear and contained a chemical that when exposed to the ultra violet rays of the sun for long enough the glass would slowly turn purple. I have actually been in very old houses where the front door handle was purple and the one on the inside that was exactly the same, but had less exposure to sunlight and uv rays, was still clear. The material that was used in the glass got too expensive for glass makers around 1914 because of WW1. Thus they stopped using it so the government had more to use for their war games. Thus glass made after that date very rarely turns purple. 

End of the World

     Hey does anyone know what the latest "End of the World" theory is? We don't have a tv or watch news so have been feeling pretty good lately. I miss the feelings of worry, guilt and remorse for my actions that I used to have...

Click the picture if you want to read:

Santa vs Satan

     Hey in case you haven't herd Christmas is here again. Yes good ole Christmas... the one season that we can hardly wait to come and before it is over... can hardly wait for it to go. Now as trying as it can be at times there are some solutions to make it better. Here is one below. It is a quote I came up with that explains the True Art of giving.

The gift is not a gift unless the gift,

given by the giver,

is given with the gift that it can be re-given.

If the givee then chooses to re-gift the gift,

the giver gave them,

then they are free to do so proving

that the gift the giver gave them was

a real gift.

     Knowing this is the only way one can truly give someone a real gift. If the thought of them giving away the gift you gave them appalls you then you have not given them anything. You have just lent it to them. There is an old Russian story about that written somewhere.

bitcoin,, steel sculpture, roy mackey

Just so you know...

I do accept Bitcoin

Assuming you are one of the rare few who

actually spend Bitcoins and not just hoard them

The Magic of Marketing

     You know marketing is a funny thing. To me that is what real creativity is about. I always wanted to get into marketing and maybe will if I ever make enough money selling art. One idea that has haunted me for ages was getting booze companies to give away free kids toys with every case of beer they sell. That way the parent gets to get drunk while the kid gets to play with it's new toy. It is win/win. I have always thought good marketing has to create a win win situation in order for it to be effective. Plus it forces parents to do nice things for their kids. The bigger the drunk the better it is for the kid. After all it is better to get a toy and then beaten by a drunken parent than it is to just get beaten by a drunken parent and no toy. Sure not much better but better just the same.

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Today is also the yesterday

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 Mind you the Mothership did tell me...

You can regret yesterday

or worry about tomorrow...

but you can only live today

money,, steel sculpture, steel art, roy mackey

 How to burn money....


     Think about it… almost every "moveable" thing you buy other than gold, silver, art and antiques will be in the landfill well before you die. In fact most within two or three years. It will also depreciate to almost nothing within the first few days or years of purchase. What little worth your big screen TV has, the day after you buy it, is quickly diminished by the new "bigger thinner" screen tv the moment it comes out. Consumables are not only expensive but become worthless and tacky junk in such a short time. Have you ever wondered why you are not rich by now? How could you if every dime you spend is destined to end up in the landfill or become worthless in such a short time. This might also explain why the rich spend so much money on gold, silver, art and antiques... 


continue reading...




Warehouse/Studio Space Needed

     Hey anyone out there know of a large warehouse space or interesting classic building for sale or rent... around 2000 to 5000 sq ft. Prefer desert area.



      In order to dispel the myths going around that I don't have a clue when it comes to welding I made up this post card. Drill bits are a lot harder to weld that it would seem. You can pretty well see I got a nice bead on this one and now don't have to throw it out.






For most life is a burden

For some it is a gamble

For others it is a game

For few it is an art

Uranium Test Kit,, steel sculpture, steel art, roy mackey

Vintage Uranium Test Outfit

     Hey are you tired of getting stung when buying uranium? Well this is your lucky day. A genuine handy dandy vintage uranium test kit! They don't makem like this one any more. I don't really want to let it go in case I need more uranium for my time machine. But if you wanted to make me a high ball offer I may consider it... whoops.... too late as somebody already did. Thus it is now in their collection of weird things. Like seriously what kind of weirdo would pack this thing home???

flower power,, steel sculpture, steel art, roy mackey, vancovuer bc

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copper wire,, steel sculpture, steel art, roy mackey

Copper Wanted

     Hey got any copper wire like this kicking around you wana trade for some art? Investment art for investment copper. I need a bunch of copper for an art project and am willing to do a trade, part trade or give you a credit on something later. I will give you more than the scrap yard will and you will get cool art for your kids to throw away when you die.

     Now I am not looking for a truckload and it has to be like or similar to the wire shown here in the pics. Give or take on the wire size is fine. We can even weigh it on my honest to goodness no springs attached antique Holy Toledo weight scale. It does not have to be stripped either as long as the coating is not aluminum. it also has to be two feet or longer.  Might seem kind of dumb based on my art prices but copper can add up pretty dam fast.

copper wire,, steel sculpture, steel art, roy mackey

Remember Everyone....

Chasing the dream

is not

living the dream!!!

parrot feathers,, steel sculpture, roy mackey


parot feathers,, steel sculpture, roy mackey

parot feathers,, steel sculpture, roy mackey

Three Blue and Gold Macaw Feathers

     Three feathers from Sweetie... the top one is large. The next one is small... the bottom one is very small. The bottom one is what paints the black lines around her eyes. I told her I wanted one for a photo shoot and did not want to pull one out. The next day she had a loose one stuck to the side of her face. I guess she did not want me to pull one out.  : )


antique admustable wrench,, roy mackey, steel sculpture

     TAKEN via craigslist add     Here is a cool antique nickle plated wrench I am selling for $FREE! Ok crazy I know after all who the hell would pay free for this piece of junk? Well you never know. It is about five inches long and fits nicely in your pocket. The reason I say antique is because of the nickle plating and not chrome and the ancient lettering on it. Unfortunately I don't have the time to ship it so it is pick up only. If you like cool stuff this might be your score. Aug/29/2014

Antique 1917' ish Holy Toledo No Springs Attached Weigh Scale

           I picked this beauty up off a local businessman who was shutting down his business. I was going to offer him less when I bought it but luckily I never. Turns out he was from Saskatchewan. Not sure if you know much about those Saskatchewan types or not but they are tough and sharp. Not only that they live forever!! This guy was over 80 and I tell you I would not want to be in the ring with him... death stare Kung Fu or not!! My Dad always told me to watch out for them since men from out there don't grow old they just grow tougher and smarter. Man this guy was obvious proof of that!!

     Either way thanks to his kind and generous demeanor he gave me a hell of a deal. So along with some great filing cabinets and other junk home it came with us.  This scale is a prime example of stuff made by men with pride and commitment to quality you just don't see any more. A thing of beauty that still works like new.... 80 or more years later!!!!





vintage black and decker bench grinder,, steel sculpture, roy mackey

1947 Black and Decker 8" Bench Grinder

     Here is a vintage 1947ish Black and Decker 3/4 hp bench grinder I picked up. I had been looking for one similar to this for a long time so I can finally dump one of my last cheapo imported ones. Right now I think I am running six bench grinders last count... This one was way more than I could afford at the time but common sense is not one of my biggest traits. Did I say they don't makem like this any more?... Oh I am also still looking for one more... got anything similar or maybe smaller kicking around?

 Junk candle holders made from good useable stuff !!!  

     Though the prices on the candle holders continues to go up they are still a good deal if you like signed original art as an investment. Sure some of the earlier ones sold cheaper than they are now but hey... early birds get the deals. Just same with land values about to totally collapse here in Vancouver it may be a good time for a back up investment plan... you do have a back up plan right.... I knew a guy stateside who didn't and the bank stole his house and then arranged to wipe out his credit rating. Ever hear of the saying about carrying all your eggs in one basket.... Anyway check out this link if you want to see more of them before it's too late.

See Here

There are presently over 170 available.

give or take a few... 

 Most of these have a very cool feel to them when you hold them.

Something you have to feel to appreciate.

If you want to grab one feel free to phone anytime.

Good luck picking out though...




Fast breakfast

     Two things to learn from this picture... first icing is not just for cakes... and wonderbars make a great breakfast when served with a hot cup of black coffee... not shown.


Remember point #1. God invented fruit to tide us over until we could invent chocolate bars!!!

Remember point #2. Stressed is desserts spelled backwards!!!

Remember point #3. Always eat your dessert first... the world could end any minute and it would go to waste!!!

Remember point #4. Cake is always an easy and fast breakfast. Often with less sugar than normal breakfast cereal!!

Remember point #5. Too much candy will kill you... but then again too much life will kill you also!!!

Remember point #6. Always keep extra icing on hand for a fast and easy dose of sugar. Taken with black coffee makes a very energizing, easy to digest breakfast.





pumpkin pie,, steel sculpture, steel art, roy mackey

     Aaaahhhh gourmet fresh baked pumpkin pie. You just can't beat it course you gotta be able to afford it. Which is why we have a piece of "Cheep Crusty" Pumpkin pie from Safewaste. Ok not quite as good but you can make it better with a little smarts. Just get yourself a couple of tubs of "Betty's Crocka Icing". I stock up when they have the two for one "something's probably wrong with this batch"  sale. Next make sure the pie is quite cold. Since most products at Safewaste are mostly oil then it has to be very cold. After that just spread on a nice thick layer of icing. The nice thing about cutting the piece first you can spread the icing on the sides also. I tell you it is cheaper than whip cream and your kids will love it. Stay tuned for my new book.... a hundred and one ways to save money by eating icing.

Delta Unisaw Roy Mackey

     Herez my latest junk find. A genuine 1956 Delta Unisaw. A big thanks to Erik for helping me find the year of this beast. Luckily it has the original motor and even rarer is the cast iron motor cover and blade guard!! Runs smooth as butter. I will probably attach a band aid kit to the side if I plan to use it much. It was a little dirtier than this but I cleaned it up before taking these shots. Though these saws look sweet when smothered in fresh make-up I prefer the natural and original patina. Evidence of its history and age. At this rate I expect this thing will be wore out by around 3010. By then I am going to be doing something different anywayz.

     Though I rarely talk about it I have always had a life long dream to work in the corporate world. I figured if I got into some kind of easy money career like art it would be perfect. My plan is to make enough money so that I can finally go to school, become a corporate lawyer and move to New York. I am pretty sure by the time this saw is wore out I should have enough money saved. After that it will easy street, eating bagels and cream cheese every day!!!



breakfast,, roy mackey

Food From the Brown Color Group

     Here might be some information for those who are concerned about their diets. I read somewhere that it is good to eat foods from all color groups. It sounded good to me though I did not read the whole book... actually I just looked at the pictures but kinda got the point anyway. Here is a meal from the brown category. If you notice the donuts are brown, the coffee though darker is also brown, then of course the caramel sauce for the donuts is also brown. Man it was a quick energy meal to wake up to. I really think there is something to this food color thing. To make it even better I made sure it was "fat free" coffee. The donuts did not have the sugary coating, and the caramel sauce was low in fat! Delicious and apparently good for you. I know I was buzzing with energy. I might just check into this food color thing some more.



antique metal rocking horse,, steel sculpture, steel art, roy mackey, vancouver bc

A Tale of Mystery

     I have to say at times I am a magnet for the strangest things. These two pieces of junk are no exception. About 18 years ago, when I was a lot smarter, I stumbled across the front steel horse. It was the score of a lifetime and could barely believe it when I found it. I had been checking ditches for food when I saw it placed by the street next to the garbage cans. This was back in Nanaimo when I lived there. That was of course when the city would drag away whatever you tossed at them. After that they hired accountants.

     Anyway I was amazed and drug the thing home as quickly as I could. I kept it ever since and in fact I still have it buried away in my vault. Actually the mothership told me to  keep it so I did. Anyway awhile ago I was hitting some garage sales and came across this one. I could not believe it. After finding the first one I have been watching for them and have not seen another. The closest I ever came was seeing one or two online after hours of searching. I only remember the plastic ones never seen them in metal before but apparently they did make them. To find two almost exactly the same was pretty cool to say the least. Especially both being in such similar shape and color. Unfortunately though I don't want to sell these. I have some plans for them down the road.



Mercedes Benz, low milage,, roy mackey

     Ok this was kind of strange... I was having another great day in paradise when I decided that I needed more junk food to eat. I decided to take the Benz since it was closer than the truck and didn't feel like walking too far just to get candy. Well while I was getting strapped in I happened to notice the mileage was right on the 100,000 mark!!! Wow talk about the odds of it hitting that mark right when I parked it!!! The last time I drove it was out to the airport to pick up my latest mission papers from the CIA but I never noticed the mileage then. I did know it was getting close. Kind of strange. The first thing I thought was it must be my lucky day and maybe I should send some packages off to more galleries!!! Instead I had a better idea and headed to holocostco for chocolate bars. 



Two Vintage Pop Signs

     Here are a couple of recent scores we picked up while garage sailing. Judi and Dennis had these gems nailed up on the walls of their garage and were not planning on selling them. After getting exhausted listening to my long winded tedious monologues they finally opted to just let them go so they could get me out of their hair. The best part was they even gave me a bit of a break on the price. I was a little reluctant about carrying them home in the vintage Benz for fear of chipping the paint. These signs had the perfect patina and the last thing I needed was some kind of scratch in that perfect patina caused by a seat belt buckle or similar. Any way I was careful and they survived the journey home. They are now hung on the wall and look incredible... if you like junk like this that is.

People who spin in circles for too long

start to feel as if the world is revolving around them.

vintage hand saw,, roy mackey, steel sculpture

     Here is a really weird thing. Yes it appears to be just an antique hand saw with a cast iron handle. A simple sort of thing really but if you held on to it you would see what I mean. This thing feels absolutely incredible in your hand!!! I have never held a saw that felt so good. It is hard to believe how well it fits your hand. The strange thing is you will never find a saw in any store today that feels this good. I wonder why after all the big new word in marketing these last few years has been Ergonomic. We are in the middle of the high tech age and almost nothing comes even close to feeling as good as this one does. Whatz wrong with this picture? Hard to say but if you are by my studio sometime and want to hold this saw you can for a toonie. It will be the best two bucks you ever spent. I plan on taking this saw to Mexico next time. That way when I am lying there in the sun nursing that margarita in one hand I can have this saw in the other hand for the perfect Zen state!!!



Blue and Gold Macaw,, roy mackey, steel art, sculpture

     Herez Sweetie, my blue and gold macaw... bit of a mean beast to say the least. If she can reach you then you need band aids for sure but more likely surgery. If you don't believe me you will after you see how she saws up wood like it was cake!! Of course she is real nice to me but then she has had 30 years to get used to me. She loves to travel, bite, eat peanuts, and ride Harleys... trouble is I sold my last one so shez been out of luck. She still has not forgiven me for that move. Eventually I will buy her another one. This link below will give you a couple of clues on how to keep your parrot alive longer than a lot of pet stores might want.....  



brass Nabob coffee scoop,, steel sculpture, steel art, roy mackey, vancouver bc

Antique Brass Nabob Coffee Spoon

     Here is a cool old brass Nabob coffee spoon or scoop. According to my grandmother everyone had one of these for scooping out their real coffee they had. That was back before the government started adding the mind control drugs to it which is why a lot of the coffees now have what I call a "burnt roast"  taste to them. Though apparently the government has come up with a new formula so it no longer makes the coffee taste burnt or bitter. I tried the new stuff at Starbucks the other day and was really surprised at how smooth it tasted and it was a dark roast too boot. I am not normally a fan of dark roast since it has less caffeine than light roast. Anyway there used to be millions of these scoops around back then. I guess they gave them away for free after you bought a few pounds of coffee or so. I remember the old Nabob coupons back when I was a kid on the farm. Apparently a lot of these old scoops got handed down to the next generation who being a bit of a mindless sort threw them out and opted for the newer carcinogenic plastic ones so they could be trendy.



Vintage Dewalt radial arm saw,, roy mackey, steel sculpture, steel art, New York Times,

1956 Dewalt Radial Arm Saw

     Here is one of my latest acquisitions. A mid fifties Dewalt radial arm saw. I was not really looking for one of these but saw this one advertised and thought I should at least look at it. At first look I was not that impressed but as I looked at it more I could see these are interesting beasts. It originally belonged to the sellers grandfather who along with him kept it in near mint condition. Probably not that easy to find something like this again I thought. So considering I had previously noticed what appeared to be my ship on the horizon I offered him the last of my food money for next month. Just as he was about to call the cops on me I asked for his counter offer. Fortunately for me he was a very generous type and countered with an easy offer. Thus thanks to some cheap-skating on my part and generosity on his a deal was made. Now that I have had a chance to take a good look at it I think it is going to be a great addition to my vintage tool collection that will actually get a lot of use. On top of that since we have no more food money I could set it up in the kitchen right on top of the stove!!! To read more about this saw click here and then scroll down:  



Here is Sweetie doing here famous head swinging ring necking freak out!!

Test weld, Meco avaitor jet torch,, roy mackey, steel sculpture, steel art

     Check out this weld... not the best but I was using a new/old torch I just bought. A vintage Meco Aviator Jet. What a sweet beast to weld with and fits your hand like a glove. This shot is a zoom in with a normal pencil for reference. Pretty thin weld bead in fact well under 1/16th of an inch. I will be posting my dangerous, mackey mouse five torch welding set up shortly. Works like a dang though...



vintage harris regulator,, steel sculpture, roy mackey

Speakin a weldin...

     Any chance you got a low pressure gauge like the front one shown here? I don't really need the whole regulator just a gauge. Though it does not need to be exactly the same it must be brass and have the beveled glass face. I have this delicious set of vintage Harris regulators and need another low pressure gauge before I can use it. Unfortunately I cannot contaminate this set with a cheapo newer gauge for a couple of reasons. First it would offend the gods of good taste and secondly I need something that will work for a lot longer than a year or so. Anyway if that one you had kicking around in that drawer out in your workshop is still there let me know. Maybe we can do business.

old junky workshop,, steel sculpture, steel art, roy mackey

Your Dad's Workshop

     One man's junk is another mans junk... I mean gold. I just want to note here that I am always interested in old junk and power tools. I would love to look around your... or your Dad's old workshop. Even if you don't want to sell anything or you think it is all junk anyway. If you have stuff you don't know what to do with and want an honest outside opinion before you sell or dispose of it give me a call. Needless to say I am a starving artist and can't pay much for anything I buy but I can point you at least in the right direction if money is important. Otherwise I can help you make sure the junk ends up in appreciating hands. What might look like junk to you probably is but there are fools out there like me who love this type of stuff. Don't let you or your Dad's old unwanted junk tools go to the landfill !!!

     If you are thinking of selling junk but don't know much about it I can assure you that what you think is pure junk is likely worth more than the stuff you think is worth something. Give me a call if you want another two bit, uneducated opinion on what to do. Or if you do have an old junky workshop that you would not mind some artist looking around in and taking photos for my next book then give me a call 

Seven Rings,, roy mackey, steel sculpture, steel art, Live work studios, vancouver artist

     Here is one of my copper on steel pieces. This one is titled "Seven Rings" Actually the base is separate from the piece. I have done a few of these pieces and finally got some pics of them. 48 x 36 x 2"



Vintage beaver band saw,, roy mackey, steel sculpture, steel art, free art, free junk, vancouver bc

1955 Beaver 15" Band Saw

     Here is a shot of my latest gem. A genuine mid fifties 14" Beaver Band Saw! For it's age this one has been kept in pristine condition. A big thanks to Alan for this one. His dad originally bought it around 1955 or so. He got it after his dad was no longer using it and now I picked it up. Luckily for me Alan was reasonable with the price and let me hauler away for my counter offer. After a little clean-up I dug out the band-aids and tried it out. I am not much of a woodworker but sure seems to cut nice to me. In fact I am thinking of keeping it over by the fridge for cutting bread with!! Not sure Marta would go along with that though after all it is kind of noisy. A little wood dust on the white bread might even give it a little nutrition... or at least fiber anyway. The cool thing about this one is it has the original cast iron base legs with the beaver emblem embossed in them.



Learn a New Language

     Hey have you ever wanted to learn a second language? Of course you do, almost everyone does according to surveys made by places who sell expensive language courses! If so check out  It is a fast easy and FREE way to learn. I have always wanted to learn Spanish but could never afford those expensive and tediously boring language courses. After only one year of using duolingo I knew how to say "Hello", "Goodbye" and "That"s not my bag" Now I am ready to go to Mexico and can't wait!!

     Seriously though if you want to learn a second language this is it. It does not cost you one penny. You can work from the discomfort of your own home on your own crappy computer. You never have to worry about people laughing at your stupidity. You can practice when you want. After only one year of studying a half hour or so every day I know over five hundred words. Hell I failed Inglish 10 three times so if I can do it anyone can!!!   

Yo hablo espanol !

vintage reclining chrome chair,, roy mackey, steel sculpture, steel art, cool stuff

     Here is another classic find I just picked up. I was looking for something to sleep on when I am working in my welding area and bumped into this one. It's actually a very odd chair. After getting it home and taking a close look the attention to detail is amazing. All the welds were polished before the plating went on. The chrome is definitely not the accountant approved "tissue plate"  they normally do these days. You can tell by the "wet"  feel real chrome plating has. This chair not only reclines to almost horizontal it also folds up for easy storage!! It is also very comfortable. I don't have any clue as to how old it is but either way it is a real gem. Not sure I want to use it in my welding area now. Goes nice with the rest of my junk though so it is definitely a keeper. If you have any ideas as to who and when this was made would love to hear them.


Remember folks...

The lord may givith but it's the landfill that

takith away!!!



Suggestion box,, roy mackey, steel sculpture, steel art, free art, Vancouver bc

Now that I finally have a suggestion box

I am always open to new ideas etc.

I fished this one out of a dumpster out behind the Telus building. It had been

overheated too many times so the safety kick-out switch was stuck. Once I

fixed that it worked like new.



cnc robotic plasma cutting,, roy mackey, steel sculpture, steel art, metal art, vancouver bc

     You know I sometimes forget how sweet it is having a robotic cnc plasma table in my studio. Even though I almost never use it for my art it is still one sweet machine. This is a close up of a piece of ten gauge hot rolled plate right off the machine prior to clean-up!!! They take a little figuring to get working just right every time but once you do... I cut a lot of brackets mounts and plates around my studio which is not only fun but sure cuts out the hard labor. Sure they cost a lot of beer but are a hell of a lot more fun that heading off to the washroom all the time!!  : ) There are a lot of different brands out there but I am sold on ...



vintage industrial junk,, steel sculpture, steel art, roy mackey

Vintage Card File Cabinets

     Here is some more junk I picked up so that I can store more smaller junk I will be picking up soon. Just like I have always said it takes junk to store junk. Picked these beauties up at The Found & The Freed on the corner of Powell and Victoria Drive in the old Hamilton Building. I have been looking for more of these for awhile now and finally was able to con them out of these three. Yes more vintage classics that will soon be full of other useless vintage stuff I think I have to have but don't really need but too stupid to realize it.

small weld,, roy mackey, steel sculpture, steel art, expensive art, investment art

     Here is a shot of a tricky little weld I recently did for a friend of mine. I welded a small nut to the head of a machine screw. Luckily I only had to do it once which surprised the hell out of me. This is one of the reasons I am such a fan of tig welding over mig. There is so much more versatility with tig. Mind you it is not the end all be all but if you are on a budget and can't buy both then I would take a tig any day. Just my two bits....



Vintage delta scroll saw,, steel sculpture, steel art, roy mackey, live work studios, artist, vancouver bc

1947 Delta Milwaukee 24" Scroll Saw

     Well just when I decide to not buy any more vintage tools along comes another must have. This one is a 1947ish Delta Milwaukee. They kept this same design for years it appears but the older ones have a few differences. This one is incredible to hear running. Sounds almost like a sewing machine. The seller was a decent guy with an interesting life story. Trouble is he was asking a fair price.... fair is always over my budget... life of an artist... So I head faked him with the "This money was supposed to pay for my grandmothers face lift to help spark her modeling career" story. Well that didn't budge him an inch. I tried the "well here goes next months food money" story. Still no luck. So then I switched my strategy and just grabbed it for his asking price. Hell I could always deal with an empty fridge later. Well he took the cash I took the tool and we both were happy. Because it had the original hard to find light and the original stand and also the belt guard I was sold. It has a couple of little uglies but nothing serious so far anyway. Cuts like a dream.  Oh and this is a one hundred percent "plastic free" tool.



vintage wax can,, steel sculpture, steel art, roy mackey

Rare Vintage Can of Car Wax

     Here was another strange score. I vintage tin of car wax! Check out the 1959 Finmobile on the can! They don't make cars like that any more... thank God!! Can you imagine parking pigs like that? Anyway this wax works very well still. Used it on some of my vintage tools. My guess is it contains the exact same ingredients that all the new waxes have. Accountants love tricks like that... just change the label and marketing and call it something NEW!!!

Hey.... you like magnets?

If so you'll love this one!!

A 47 pounder!!!


     I tell you I get some real cool deals from the crew on the mothership. This was the latest score. It is a 49 pound kind of horse shoe shaped magnet with a lot of power. In fact here it is above shown with over fifty pounds of steel balls stuck to it. You can throw a hammer at this thing and it will suck it out of the air!! It is incredible!! I actually needed this for my time machine for the longest time but now came up with a better idea. Thus I will be making this into a sculpture. 

live work studio,, steel sculpture, steel art, roy mackey

Studio shot in my welding area


     Seriously... is life weird or what???? Check this color scheme out. Who thought this up? WTF???  Photo thanks to Sweetie, wood carver, part time finger biter and thirty year traveling partner


!!!  FREE STUFF  !!!


     OK I am finally going to make the free stuff even easier!!! Yes it is true. I am going to start listing any new free stuff here at the very bottom of my home page. For a couple of reasons actually. The first to make it easier for me. The second is to give you a chance at a free bonus for actually making it all the way down to the bottom of this page!! Thus in the future I will list free stuff here. If you see something here listed for free... and can come by right away to pick it up then phone me and let me know. If you can't pick it up until tomorrow... then phone me tomorrow! If it is something I state I am willing to mail out then feel free to phone me anytime. After the free stuff is gone I will then move it over to the Free Stuff Taken page. Maybe for any "American Nosepicker" types out there that like to dig around a bit I might just lop the odd thing in the Free Stuff Taken page.

Oh and don't forget to read the Free Stuff Rules which are also on the Free Stuff Taken page!!!




Did you know that no man... or woman for that matter has ever gone into a

hardware store wanting a drill bit.

What they really wanted was a hole




Just so you know folks...

Therapists Are A Waste of Good Money!

All twelve of mine say I am obsessive compulsive!

How crazy is that????



Every day for an artist is like a holiday for normal hard working people....

Every payday for normal hardworking people is like a holiday to artists....





     Did you know that both, "a cup half full" or "a cup half empty" are


Every cup is always full.

The only thing that can happen is the mixture of ingredients  inside the cup

can vary.



 Remember Folks...

If you can't take it with you...

Then why bother going?

Isn't it funny....

We all hate lawyers until our neighbor falls a tree on our house

Finally you made it... Thanks for stopping by!!!






my ugly mug,, roy mackey, steel sculpture, steel art, investment art, vanocuver bc

     Hey thanks for stopping by!! I hope you enjoyed your stay. If you are ever in town and want to wing by, feel free. We are almost always here.... day in ... and day out... and day in... An extra big thanks to all of you outside of Canada that have stopped by. Hopefully you did not take this site all that seriously. Stop by again soon!!



Hard work and working hard are two different things

Hard work is what you do at jobs you don’t like.

Working hard is what you do at jobs or careers you love.

Taking holidays while working at a career you hate is

more of a desperate need.

Taking holidays while working at a career you love is

more of an obligation with conformity than a necessity.

     Most people confuse the two and wonder why after doing years of hard work they never got anywhere. That's is because hard work is usually done half heartedly. Not many people can do work they hate and still feel passionate, motivated and excited. If they could everyone would be happy. Thus people who work hard never make much progress.

     Working hard on the other hand is often done with passion, motivation and excitement. Usually because we con only work hard at something if we really love it. This of course may not get you rich but almost always leads somewhere far more desirable than hard work ever will. Not to mention the journey is a lot more fun. 

     Now if you have been doing hard work you don't really need to get a new job in order to start working hard. It is all a mind frame. A mind frame that was long lost by most people these days. It actually started fading back in the mid fifties. You just have to forget about the destination while you are on the way there. more later..... 

vintage torches,, steel sculpture, steel art, roy mackey


Remember Everyone,

If the good die young then that leaves the rest of us

assholes here to try and figure out how to get along. 

Being an artist does require a certain level of positivity in order to maintain sanity. 

You know I don't hate much but I have always

hated people who hate people.

plumb mystery,, steel sculpture, roy mackey

Ok... one more shot.... strange things lurk in this studio...

Or... for those of you that still own your own souls

God vs Google

     Yes, the big question... is Google the next "God" on the block? No comment here but I did ask God the meaning of life the other day. No answer but all of a sudden a bird hit our window. I looked outside and sure enough it broke it's neck. I guess there was a message to interpret there...

     I then tried googling "What is the meaning of life" and got 417 million answers. Not to shabby but just the same I guess there will be some interpreting to do there also.

     That leaves the one and only almighty question of questions that dwarfs all other questions... "Is there an easier softer way"? feb/13/2015

Did you know that the government

sees "Privacy" as a violation of it's rights which

makes policing even harder and more expensive to the taxpayer

What if Reality Is Not Real?

     Apparently scientists are having a hard time finding anything that is really solid. Supposedly, if you believe them, we are not really solid but made up of nothing but molecules floating around.  Then of course molecules are not solid either as they are made up of atoms with lots of space between them. Then of course atoms are not solid either. They are made up of protons and neutrons with lots of space between them. Can't quite remember what protons and neutrons are made from. That is getting pretty small and still nothing really solid and mostly empty space. Crap like this warps your brain. It is like imagining the end of space. Once you do the brain wants to know what is on the other side of  that end.

Whoa.... it smells like coffee time!!!

Every once in a very long time or so something comes along that rocks core of our belief systems.

Things like the world is round, women have souls and there's no "selling" in network marketing.

Apparently, according to the mother ship,there will be more of these new ideas coming along soon.

They said it will be one of the hardest ones ever for us.... the first one is the fact that reality is not real.  According to the bs above it looks like this first one is here!!

Important Note:

     This website serves a couple of purposes. The first is to document all the work I have done. Virtually all the work I have ever made is documented here. Some sold works are not photographed well but here just the same. The only exception is some of the early small key chains and candle holders. If you have a larger piece that you bought off me and don't see here let me know and I can authenticate it and post the picture here.

     Due to the nature of this work each piece is like a thumb print. I could not duplicate one of my own pieces even if I tried. There are too many variables like how the metal warps or the way the bead of weld cools etc.

     The second purpose is to show you my work. If you ever want to see any of this work in person we are almost always around the studio so feel free to wing on by. 

money,, steel sculpture, roy mackey

     TAKEN...  by Ken Walter way down in Wilmette Illinois... June/27/2013    FREE!!!   Money pocked sculpture. This is the same one documented on my small sculpture page except here it's free. Signed, dated and documented for your collecting pleasure. In fact I will even ship this to you anywhere in Canada or the US for free also. Hell of a deal, but hey if you made it down this far you deserve something for free!!! All you have to do is drop me an email and I will drop it in the mail box for you!    June/21/2013

Strange Points to Ponder

     Did you know that speed was a factor in every car accident that has ever happened in the history of cars? Strangely it is true... parked cars never crash.

Also have you ever wondered about this....

Fifty years ago the speed limit was 60 mph.

The cars back then did really poorly on straight stretches let alone on corners. Their handling abilities were somewhat horrible.

The roads were also hugely rougher than they are today. Most were single lane, very curvy and poorly designed.

The cars back then were also a disaster as far as safety. In fact they did not even come with safety belts until around the mid sixties.

     Now today the roads are infinitely better as far as smoothness, safety and over all design. The cars are also hugely safer with air bags and every thing else designed around safety. The cars also have way more power and handle higher speed driving extremely better. Yet the speed limit has not changed one iota and in some cases has even gone down! Now for some reason this seems strange to me. Who decided the original speed limit of 60mph? 

More Time Wasting Contemplations

     Did you know that around five thousand pedestrians a year are killed by cars each year in the US. What does this mean? It is time to start giving cars the right away! Giving pedestrians the right away is absolutely stupid. Because pedestrians know they have the right away they will often walk out in front of cars without even looking. After all they are in the right but like someone once said "they are just as dead right as they are dead wrong" Sure the guys is supposed to stop but what if he just dropped his beer or cell phone and is reaching for it? What happens then? I will tell you what..... "THUMP.......... thuck..." soon followed by siren sounds and then, eventually, in the special cases a five gun salute.

      Now if the cars had the right away instead it would make the pedestrian  think and look before crossing the road! That is common sense and beats stepping out in front of a train, hoping it will stop in time. If it does fine and dandy.... if it doesn't you're deadski.

Pedestrians having the right away has

killed enough people already.

Time to change that law.... either that or eliminate cars or pedestrians all together.


If you keep killing time

for long enough

eventually time will kill you

Sunburn and The Cheapest Sunscreen of All

     When I was a kid of about six or so I learned some very complicated science. That was the fact that if you stayed out in the sun too long you would get a sunburn and that hurt. Eventually I learned that if I took the sun in smaller doses that eventually my body would get a tan and I could handle more sun. Thus by the time the hot summer sun got there it was no problem.

     These days though it is different. We all hide out in our caves in front of our computers and then when our holidays get here we want to rush out and spend two solid weeks suntanning..... no can do without burning until some snake oil shuckster crawls out from under a rock pushing sunscreen. Two or three years later everyone has skin cancer!! What a coincidence.... I read online that the increase of skin cancer directly relates to the increase of sunscreen consumption. You do the math but if you are still not convinced do some real research yourself as the nightly news will never tell you anything that could cost their advertisers lost sales.

Picobac tin,, steel sculpture, roy mackey

     FREE!!!!!      SOLD.... on craigslist because the person never saw it here.... Genuine Picobac tobacco tin in pretty dam good shape. You see a lot of the other brands kicking around but not many of these. For the price it is a no brainer. If I had more time and was a lot more generous I would save it for you or even ship it to you. But as I always say space and time are the final frontiers!! If you want it you have to come and get it. Just the same if you are in the hood though feel free to phone me up and grab this gem!    Aug/30/2014

Most times...

When You Are Chasing the Dream....

You Are Just Chasing It Away!!!

If You Are Not Sure...

How Much Closer Are You To

Your Dream this Year

Compared To Last Year?

In life you should always follow your gut thus always


You can be pretty sure it is your gut talking if...

The idea excites you...

and it is the stupidest idea ever!!!!

1951 Harley,, roy mackey, steel sculpture

1951 Harley

     Here is a shot my sister took of  the 1951 Harley I restored. Shovel top end, andrews cam, super B, 4spd, foot clutch, hand shift. 80 mph all day long. Nothing can match the mind altering rhythm of a Harley at 70 mph to wash away the blues... Like a fool I let her go. I still miss her. Of course we all have that special love that got away.... Last I heard she was in Holland!

By the way check out my sisters site:

She takes some pretty cool shots. 

Don't forget.... the game is over

once the rut you are in

hits six feet deep!!!


     Steel sculpture is what flamingsteel is all about. Expensive equipment, time, learning, experimentation and effort go into making exotic, mysterious, magical and decadent bits of strange, attention demanding art. Fortunately I have had the luxury of being able to spend years dragging these works from the depths of my imagination into reality. Common sense and a better education would have likely led me elsewhere. Luckily though I missed those two points in life. Which of course is what allowed me to pursue what inspires me the most.

     Now because of this I almost never do commissions, mostly because I just don't have the talent to work outside the influence of of my own inspiration. Had I more actual talent I would the be perfect for visual hacking anyone else's inspirations into reality also. It took me awhile to finally realize and accept this. Thus I now only work for inspiration. The pay fluctuates wildly but the lifestyle is delicious.

     Now those that actually do buy my work are often those who make their own decisions in life. As you can tell this work is not that common. Especially when you look into the details. Thus getting approval to purchase it from someone else is not likely, especially for the prices I am asking. You have to feel the work and then decide if it resonates with you and your originality. If it does, then in order to acquire it you will have to likely act on your decision alone. If you do then you will have bought into this collection documented here.

     I should note that this website shows all the work that I have done in the last thirty years. It also serves to authenticate all the work I have done. If it is not posted here then there is very good chance that I never did the work. This of course excludes some of my earlier, smaller and duplicated works like star key chains and the very first flaming candle holders. 

for the truly bored.....

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