Think about it… almost every moveable thing you buy other than gold, silver, art, art and antiques will be in the landfill well before you die. It will also depreciate to almost nothing within the first few days or years of purchase. What little worth your big screen TV has, the day after you buy it, is quickly diminished by the new "bigger and thinner" screen tv the moment it comes out. Consumables are not only expensive but become worthless junk in such a short time. Have you ever wondered why you are not rich by now? How could you if every dime you spend is destined to end up in the landfill or become worthless in such a short time.

     People often tell me art is so expensive and yes they would be partly right but almost always with art you could find another buyer to take it off your hands for what you paid even if it was twenty years later. On top of that there is a chance you could sell it for hugely more than you paid for it. I doubt you will ever see a 1960's couch under lock and key with armed guards. With art it happens quite often. The same with gold, silver and antiques. Maybe that is why the rich put a lot of their money they make selling big screen tv's into gold silver art and antiques. Might be time rethink which fire pits we toss our money into.

     I knew a lady once who told her husband that she would never waste money buying art. Man you shoulda seen the money she could blow... I mean "save"... at Costco though!!! Just something to think about.