A long time ago I read something quite interesting about money. It was this. “Every time a sum of money changes hand the country's wealth increases by that amount." . If you think about it this is true. Say for example you had a million dollars and then spent it on a piece of my art. Sure all your money would be gone but the money would not have vanished. It would just be in my hands. It would really not matter much to you though since the money is only worthless paper that could be devalued any day. The art though is forever and you would now have a million dollar piece of art.
     Now if you go back to the money again I would have the million dollars… for ten minutes anyway. I would then give it to some guy to build me a million dollar house. In the end the builder would have my million dollars and there would now be million dollar house also. One that was not there before! Then of course the house builder would rush out and buy a pile of cars and they would need to make another pile of cars. Again the money would still be there just diffused a bit. Along with the money still floating around would be another pile of cars that weren’t there before.
      Because of this logic I find it really strange when people cry so much about government spending. Whenever the government gives some air head a half million dollars to study house flies having sex it just benefits everyone. The second the scientist has taken a few photos and made a few notes he is off to spend the windfall. Before long he is buying my art again and maybe even some of the products you make and sell thus creating more products and work.
     Thank God they didn’t give it to my grandfather who would have stashed it under his bed and doled it out sparingly a bit at a time to some starving employees. The government needs to give it to fast talkers and quick spenders that way each time the money changes hands it stimulates the economy. Even better for the government each time the money exchanges hands they get to skim a little during the transaction! The more transactions that happen quickly, the better it is for them. Before long they are looking for someone to study the effects of dog urine on grass and the fast cycle starts again. If you do anything in this country then this whole cycle eventually benefits you first hand. If not you would be out of a job or gone broke.
     The more piles of money that are flying around the better the odds of you catching a pile are. So really I think it is time to quit whining about government spending and start looking for ways to put your hands in the air instead. That’s my plan anyway! : )