A funny thing happened to me the other day. One of my avid website fans had been checking out my free section and found some brand new tools on there. He claimed them and was stopping by to pick them up. A great guy and previous shopper on my site I might add. (which of course proves to my Mom that there are people who do come back to my site after the first look) Anyway while he was here picking up his free score he wanted me to write down the name of the place I got some of my studio supplies. Well with any kind of writing paper almost impossible to find or at least fish out of my all in one I opted to tear an old envelope I had on my desk in half and use that. I always was a bit of a fan of recycling to save money. I wrote the names etc down and handed him the paper not thinking much… my usual state. 
     Well a little later on that day I was trying to clean up some of the crap piled up on my desk… actually I was looking for the keyboard. Well I picked up this half envelope and out pops half of two twenties and a ten? At first I was like… "what the hell" Then all of a sudden it had hit me. That fifty bucks was my annual payment I make to my Mom and Dad!!! They had lent me a hundred grand twenty years ago for that amway scam I got in on. Well being no dummy I quickly realized what the hell I had done. The envelope I had torn in half was the one I had that payment money in! 
     Well I quickly tried phoning the chap that I gave it to but his phone was shut off. I then emailed him hoping even though it was four hours later that he still had that scrap. Well eventually he got my email and called me back. I explained him the situation. At first he could not find it so said he would look some more and call me back. Well not long afterwards he phoned me saying he had found it and the …. $25. so to speak!!! Well that was sure a lesson for me. Next time that happens I am going to get serious and clean my desk top to bottom. After all it's just not worth wasting money like that!!!

     When I told Mom and Dad they were really relieved. They said they really needed that money for more dog food. Even though I knew they were pulling my leg since they don't even have a dog. They are such kidders at times. Hopefully that the last time I pull that stunt!!