You know I don't know about you but I miss the old Russia. They really had some cool stuff going on over there before they fell apart. In fact everyone knows that most of the new age, ufo and psychic research was being done over there…”behind the iron Curtain” That's where all the cutting edge progress was being made. It gave us new agers hope that change was happening even if we could not see it here in North America.

     The nice thing about it was no one could dis-prove it either since once again it was "behind the iron curtain". There were those who were always ranting and raving about what was being discovered behind that curtain with glee. Yes old Russia was sitting pretty behind that "Iron Curtain" They were learning all the cool new stuff that was going to give them the upper hand as they proceeded to take over the world. The whole idea scared the hell out of a lot of people which is likely what the government wanted so they could justify spending more money on defense.

     Actually even the sound of that phrase “Behind the Iron Curtain” was cool. It reeked of power and mystique… maybe more so to me because I am a metal sculptor. It also radiated such strength yet grace at the same time. It was loose like a curtain but bullet proof like iron. Almost like Superman's tights. Everything behind that curtain was secret, forbidden, evil and dangerous. This is what we were told anyway. We of course were also told that we had to be protected from it or else we would befall some unthinkable fate. Don’t you just love government propaganda.

     I am sure all this has been talked about before but I really do miss it. For some reason “Behind the great wall of China” just doesn’t sound near as good or mysterious. Maybe at some point those Russians can rebuild that "curtain" and once again we can have something scary to fear.

     I guess if  we thought about it maybe we could get scared about China but I am not that sure. Even though they seem to be really pulling themselves out of the dark ages this last while. Maybe with a little more money from us consumers they will get their miltary up to par. If that happens then they too can start dropping bombs on poor countries just like America always seems to be doing. Sure their human rights record is not that good nor is there enviromental record that great but they seem to be getting very advanced in a lot of other areas. Because of this they likely do deserve the benifit of the doubt. Who knows maybe they will do an even better job of ruling the world than America has. I guess we will know more about that in the next two or three years give or take.

In the meantime I think I am going to keep cheering for the return of Russia and their good ole "Iron Curtain"