I was talking to the mothership crew the other day and before long they got into another one of their long winded spiels. This time it was about voting. Now apparently according to them, who you vote for in the elections has no bearing what so ever on the real world. The reason for this is all the candidates work for the same "company" so to speak. They are all on the same side. All you are doing is voting for the "companies" figure head or CEO in a sense. This all seemed dumb to me but they like to blather on so I let them. Apparently politics are set up to keep everyone's eye on the "bouncing ball" and not their wallet or bank accounts. This is how they get away with stealing from people using tricks like inflation etc.
     They then went on to say that most people don't know it but "real world change" is done with dollar votes not protests. Every person, at least in North America anyway votes every time they spend a dime. What they buy is where their vote goes. When people buy cheap chemical laden and GMO food for their kids they are voting in favor of those foods. Thus the companies making those foods get richer… pennies at a time. This they said is not that big a deal it is just the way it is. It is actually win/win. You get cheap food and the companies making the food get to experiment on you and your kids with that food. This is a small price to pay especially if you are saving up for a big screen TV or something.
     According to the mothership dollar votes are the ultimate democratic system where the majority always wins. If someone does not like landfills then all they have to do is quit buying cheap junk that breaks. They stressed to me that the power of dollar voting is incredible. So much so that even the government does not want you to know about it. They don't want you to know that you hold ALL the power. This is why they strive to keep you distracted with politics. They actually want people to get all caught up in the "political" issues that they “stage”.
     They told me that dollar voting is really easy. All you have to do is remember that every dollar you spend is a vote in favor of where you are spending it. Thus before you spend your hard earned cash think about your purchase, whatever it is. Ask yourself if it is really what you believe in. If not stash your cash and walk away. Doing this is real voting. You have the power!
      They told me that people have often disowned their friends over political arguments. Arguments that were based on politicians saying things they never intended to do I the first place. Election promises are just lies made up to get votes. This happens over and over and yet most don't see it. Then they asked me if I seriously thought those low paid politicians are going to stop huge mega billion dollar companies from giving people what the people want at any expense? Not likely. They also asked me about the drug war… how are they doing with that one? I had to agree as I had read that since the drug war started drug consumption is up 900%. That is a big enough increase to make Coca Cola bribe the government into banning their products also!  
     They said that real election campaigns apparently take place when we shop. The battle is not between politicians but companies that sell products. Nonsanto verses Natures Hay… They were also quick to point out that all my clothing "votes" went to China. It was actually true but that is all you can find in stores these days. They told me the reason for that is because everyone votes for "cheaper" and cheaper now comes from China. They also told me that when I did that I was actually voting for higher unemployment here in Canada and lower in China. Once the majority of the clothing votes went to China so did the jobs making those clothes. This really sucks because it dumps the problem back on my shoulders. Hell I thought I was innocent and had nothing to do with unemployment in this country!
     When I thought about what they said it started to make sense. Another area they noticed is the food we have been buying. A lot of what we have been buying lately is organic or non GMO. We did this not because we are worried about our health as much as we just wanted to look cool and trendy in the stores line up. It was also not our intention to be "voting" as they say. Just the same voting we were if I listen to them.
          Just when I thought they were finally done they pointed out some more interesting stuff. They said that if even half the people who wasted time and money protesting oil pipe lines got a job and spent the money on a bicycle or electric car they would really be doing something. According to them though, it is easier for most people to just be protesters demanding other people to change when they themselves won't. Actually government and big companies want this. Just like famous actors they know that any exposure is good exposure. The trouble with protesting though, is to do it you give away your power to someone else's actions. This is because the change you desire depends on the other person. A lot of people try this though which is why there is so much strife and fighting in the world. No human likes to be told what to do and often does the opposite of what they are told. Governments and drug dealers know this which is why the drug war was started in the first place. They had a point… after all I have wanted an electric car for years… My accountant told me that if I stopped buying all those double shot caramel chocolate and whipped cream latte's, saved that money in a bank, after so many years...I fell asleep at that point so not sure what he was getting at. Just the same I have not been able to afford to buy an electric car mostly because I can't figure out where to get the money from.
     I was surprised though that they were kind enough to point out some other interesting stuff. They said most people buying cheap imported clothes did not realize at the time they were voting for higher unemployment here in this country. It is just how it works. They saved big money buying those clothes and by doing that shipped all those jobs overseas. Now only a few years later they are spending all that saved money on food and housing for their 30 year old son who can't find a job. They finally get fed up and demand that the government creates more jobs. The trouble is they told me is that the government cannot create jobs by building wagon wheel factories! The "voters" don't want wagon wheels or expensive iPhones either. The power all goes back to the dollar voter! This is why more money gets spent on high tech advertising telling you what to should want than ever gets spent on elections. They reminded me that big money can only get big when a lot of small money is willing to give big money their cash!! That, they said, is a point that even "big money" forgets. Rock stars never forget this though. To them every buying fan is their hero and they often treat them that way.
     The best part about all this is it puts the power back into your hands. If you don't like the choices you just don't "vote" so to speak. They said if most people stopped for a bit to think about what they were buying they would not buy it. You can't do that in normal elections. They may all be bums but you have to pick one! They also pointed out that most people who "dollar vote" spend a lot less money stupidly and thus are not as likely to end up slaves to banks and credit card companies. After all do you really need that iskia shelf that will probably break during assembly, if not on the way home from the store?
     They then reminded me of another situation in my life. A few of the chocolate bar companies shaved a few grams off each of their chocolate bars recently… same great price but smaller size! Being an avid sugar fan it made me mad as hell. This was partially because it was plain outright theft from their customers. The trouble is I never said anything and just kept buying them. Every time I did I never realized that I was voting in favor of the smaller size and same great price. They told me that I was just being lazy and complacent and going with the easy flow like everyone else. Not any longer though…. I bought a sack of sugar and am now going to make my own dam chocolate bars!! Which, finally gets to my main point, I am trying to get at here with this post…. Does anyone know any good chocolate bar recipes!! Especially ones with peanut butter! If so let me know ASAP. I am never picking up the soap… I mean “voting” for Cadbury or Nielson’s again!!!