You know I tell you there are a lot of real nut-bars out there. I should know I grew up in the country. In fact it is almost as bad here in the city. I am not sure what is happening in the world but it seems to be getting worse. Maybe it is just because there are getting to be so many more of us. I don't know but it is strange. I was talking to this loose nut the other day and he started telling me about his imaginary friends. He kept going on and on about all the stuff he did with them. Finally I was like… OKEE DOKEE then... looks like I gotta go now! I often wonder how people like that even get through the system without ending up in some kind of institution or something getting shock therapy. Imaginary friends??? Give me a break. Sure I got friends that are invisible but its not like they are imaginary. In fact it is where I get a lot of ideas for my stories here.

     I admit, like most people, nut-bars do drive me a little crazy. Just the same I am not the type to want to condemn anyone just because they are a few wires short. After all it's not like there is no place for people like that in our society. Actually the opposite is true since we really need people like that. If it were not for them where would we get politicians to pretend to run the country? Someone who has imaginary friends is perfect. Mostly because they would not mind the idea of following orders from those invisible people who really run the country from behind the scenes. It is kind of how things work. There is a purpose for everyone. Not only that but what about parking police? Obviously no one likes them so who would they have for friends if it were not for imaginary friends. That's one of the reasons we all need to remember there is a time and place for everyone.

     Another fine example is dumpster divers. They probably do more recycling and live greener than most consumers carrying their... BLACK... "This bag is green"  bag out of Cambodia tire. Yet most people look down on them as if they are scum. I don't think so… except that one that grabbed that piece of copper pipe I was fishing out of the dumpster that time. I know I had my hands on it first!!! I would have gotten it back off of him if I could have ran faster. Unfortunately I cut my foot barefoot running awhile back which slowed me down. Needless to say he got away. Either way I realize they are not all scum and do an excellent job of recycling. We all need to be giving them more respect than we have. By the way if you do see this one guy that stole my copper pipe let me know. He is easy to spot. Unshaven, ragged clothes and was wearing odd shoes. Anyway I am not holding a grudge but I could have used that pipe in a project I did last year.

     Anyway back to my main point here. Stealing is wrong no matter how you look at it. I think it is time we brought out more laws to stop that. The sooner the better. Life is tough enough as it is let alone thieves grabbing stuff right out of your bare hands!!