Ever notice that once you cut a piece of cake there are two sides that don't have icing on it?
Keeping extra icing on hand solves this sad situation. 

   Yes it is that ugly time of year again when everyone has to come up with some resolutions. I love it since I always seem come up with some good ones. This year my main one is to eat more cake for breakfast. I already do most times but might want to amp it up a little. My other main one is to get back on my candy bar and coffee diet. I love how I feel on that. I sleep great have tons of energy, feel more focused and better workouts. You can read more about this diet in this blog somewhere else. But don't try it. Unless you are taking these pills the mothership gives me it would likely kill you. Another one is to try and work less this year by doing more of nothing. That one will be the hardest I guess.      In the event you are thinking of also coming up with some resolutions or maybe already have here are some tips and tricks that might help. A lot of people don't realize this but the trick with good resolutions is to AIM VERY LOW !! That way you cannot miss or at least are less likely to. Remember an accomplished goal in the hand breeds more confidence than two large dreams, unaccomplished, ever will!!! Don't let any ra-ra motivational guru convince you otherwise.

     You see a lot of people set huge goals not realizing how far they are away from those goals. After awhile you start to realize that you are not going to make it and the next moment your motivation dives as you fall into depression. I have seen it often especially with myself. Often someone will wake up one morning after years of doing no exercise and decide they are going to start of the "powerful six pack in six days, gut bustin power packin, pain is gain workout regime by Ben Swetin"  Day three hits and they realize the futility of their venture. Thus day four they all of a sudden have something important come up so can't do their workout that day. Then the next day they feel a little stiff so take the day off etc etc….. Then a week or so later they start thinking what losers they are. Depression sets in and they turn to the suppressing power of food to deal with the pain.

     By realizing and accepting the fact that you are nothing but a loser right up front and setting goals very low you soon start to build powerful confidence in your ability to finish things. Mostly because the goals you set end up being more realistic. Not only that but even if you don't make your goals it's no big deal since if you have already resolved you’re a loser and can be happy with that who cares. If you had to choose between being a very happy loser or a very miserable millionaire what would you choose? Most of us would choose the miserable millionaire thinking that we could buy happiness but that would be missing the question. Trouble is neither wealth or poverty can buy you happiness. It is all a mind frame. Proof is in the fact that there are both happy and miserable millionaires along with happy and miserable poor people.   

     After choosing a new years resolution one other thing I like to do is amp up my procrastination. In fact you may want to use this also. What you do is figure out things you may want to do no matter how stupid they are. Say for example you wanted to eat less sweets. The first thing you have to do is decide that you are NEVER going to QUIT eating sweets, after all why should you since you love sweets just like everyone else. What you want to do though is every time you are thinking about some sweets decide that you are going to but not until later on that day or maybe first thing in the morning. Then you just turn to procrastination with the aid of distraction. If you are like most people this comes natural since we practice it every year about this time. Then the next morning as you are thinking about the cake again say to yourself that you will have an even larger piece maybe even two pieces but not until a little later that day. Then immediately after that start doing something else to distract yourself again. This way you actually use procrastination to your advantage. After all procrastination can be a very powerful tool that you can use to your advantage. These days even more so since the options for distraction are almost endless with email, google, faceplant, nittwitter, Judge Judy etc etc. The nice part about procrastination is that you never have to give anything up and feel like you are missing out. You are free to eat that sugar any time you want… just not right now since you have to… uh… check your email!!!

     You know most people seem to forget it but the reason they set new years resolutions in the first place is so that they will feel better about life and themselves. Since feeling good about ourselves is more about a state of mind than it is external circumstance then worrying about outcomes is of not much value. Thus set lower goals that you know you can accomplish very easily. You will feel better and end up climbing that mountain how it should be climbed, one step at a time enjoying it all the way. After all there is fuck all at the top anyway other than the view. And what is the view of???... The valleys and fields where you are living right now anyway!!! So would you rather be up on a mountain looking down at your perfect lover or down in the valley right next to them? Personally, in my opinion right next to them is a lot more fun.