Apparently some people of gotten the wrong impression when I talk about accountants. They seem to think that I loathe accountants. This could not be farther from the truth. In my opinion accountants are one of the most vital parts of any business. Without them the tax man would have you for lunch. They keep things in order and sorted out. That huge sea of papers and numbers all neatly sorted and filed.

     Anyway I became aware of this "wrong impression" awhile back when approached by Coalition for the Fair Treatment of Lawyers, Sex Offenders, Accountants and Artists. Hell I never even knew they existed. Anyway it appears they can't read since it is pretty obvious in what I say that I really do like accountants. They just need to keep in their place and not try to take over things all the time. Running a business is about life people connections dreams, visions etc. Not numbers and logic. Nothing critical just the fact I would rather brain surgeons stuck to cutting up brains and not trying to fix my car that’s all.

     Even though a lot of accountants may think they can run your business they can't and in fact the smart ones don't even want to. They just want to get paid to manage your numbers. After all why should they risk their whole lives for some half baked new idea that someone who is not quite broke yet has come up with. Far better investment to go for the good pay and leave "base jumping for profits" to all the fool hardy entrepreneurs out there. Of course there are always grey areas. Here is how it works with accountants. The better they are at running your business the lousier they are at being an accountant. Now the one exception to this is Chartered accountants. They are a different breed of cat altogether. Why they are better than regular accountants is that they run their own accounting businesses. They have to really be sharp as the business they lose could be their own.

     Just the same every business does need an accountant and for smaller businesses a chartered accountant are the way to go. Like I said the reason they are so great is because they are not only accountants but business owners also.

     I am really fussy when it comes to my taxes and really lucked out when I bumped into my accountant David Cox. This guy is amazing. The best part is he works on my stuff as if he is really interested in doing it. Other accountants I have dealt with in the past were always more concerned about that cold beer and lottery ticket they have waiting at home. Their day job is just something to do until they win the "Big One" Actually this applies to a lot of people these days.

     Like I said what I like about David is he really thinks about stuff as if it was his own. He is interested, concerned and out for my highest good. Rare these days. He also understands the gray area that a lot of artists work in. Best investment I ever made was calling him. At first he cost me a little more but in the not so long run those extra costs were compensated by huge tax savings. Not that I am against paying taxes. In fact my goal is to be paying more taxes than any one I know. After all if you paying lots of taxes then you are making lots of money. It is a really fair system actually. Most people just worry too much about it.

     So anyway if you are looking for a good accountant then I would highly recommend David. So far everyone I have sent to him has been pleasantly surprised. I am a big fan of promoting quality when you find it. Especially these days as appearances can be deceiving! 

     So my advice if I was giving it... watch for the big fancy marble showrooms, all that glitz, glamour and marble could be coming out of your pocket!! And as far as the discount mall booths, remember you might pay a little less at those places and give some ex con temp worker a job but could be paying through the nose in taxes. Not worth the risk. 

Herez his contact info if you want it:  
David Cox   604-720-8744