Seriously if you are a fan of peanut butter cookies then I highly recommend you click on the link below:

     These peanut butter and jam cookies are pretty well the best you will ever eat. These cookies are so bloody good that if you are a guy and never made cookies in your life you better learn fast! I am serious I would wear a dress if I had to in order to make these. They are the ultimate in peanut butter and jam. I doctor mine up though by covering the jam with a nice thick layer of Betty Crockers French Vanilla icing. That is the vital part that is left out on this recipe. Un-bloody believable!!!! The icing helps balance out all the protien with a few carbs. I guess I should point out that these are not an easybake cookie but worth the time and effort no question.

     To those that don't know me I eat a lot of peanut butter. On average about a half kilo a week and mostly with raspberry jam and cheddar or catsup and cayanne pepper. I have lived off this for the last forty years or more. Of course I don't eat it just because it is good for me either. I eat it mostly because I love it. The nice thing about peanut butter and jam is you get a nice balance of fat, sugar and protein in one meal. Needless to say because I am fairly health conscious ( I have been vegetarian for 29 years now) I always use no sugar peanut butter and low fat sugar. That way you get both low sugar and low fat in one cookie!!

     All my life I dreamed that there was the ultimate in peanut butter cookie out there and by sheer fluke I found it online. Sure I have had some really good peanut butter cookies over the years but none that come even near these ones. It is a big claim but once you try them you will know why I rave about them. In fact if you are like me you will likely dream about them. Anyway happy cooking and eating!!

Here is the before and after the icing