Me playing a little Russian Roulette

     Hey have you tried the new "lip burner" lids from McDonalds? They are pretty amazing since it is almost impossible to get a sip out of them without burning your lips. You either get noneā€¦ or tip'er up a little more and its burn lip or tongue time. Usually followed by stained shirt almost immediately afterwards. One of the reasons I might add why I wear only black. Coffee stains never show up and not only that but you only have to wash your shirts every couple of weeks or so.
     Anyway back to the lip burners. You may have thought you were stupid and you could very well be right but you probably don't run a company as big as McDonalds. How do you think they feel after getting suckered on those stupid lids? After all they obviously put no thought or testing into them whatsoever. Who knows what the hell happened. Especially with a company like that. Hell they must have spent millions making just their milkshakes alone! Have you ever noticed how light they are? If you have never had a real milkshake maybe not. I am guessing they contain some weird fluff it up chemical designed by a team of accountants in a cave somewhere. If you are a little flush one day buy one and just leave it on your counter till it "reverts" back to its original form. Not much left even if it was full when you put it there. The magic of chemistry I guess.
     I would assume with these lids they just dumped the big buck lid contract onto some friend of the family's son. Who likely whipped something out on his computer one afternoon or maybe even during recess at grade school. My guess is he wanted something that looked kind of roboty. That way when he gets old enough to actually drink coffee it would be a lot more fun. Well the thought was nice but for the rest of us suckers it is not that fun. Especially when you are late for work and trying to drink your coffee, eat your eggless McMuffin with pancakes, talk to on your wireless and drive too boot!! Sure eventually you get good at steering with your leg but one slip and it's hash browns on the floor again!! One of the reasons I often get two orders of them greasy suckers. They get hard to hang onto when driving.
     Really now how hard could testing like that be? Walk into the joint, buy a coffee sit down drink it. Go home wash your shirt. Then go back into the joint, buy a coffee and walk down the street drinking it Go home and wash your shirt. Then finally drive into the joint, buy a coffee, drive down the street drinking your coffee. Go home wash your shirt and pants and then phone the autobody shop. Not that hard. After the testing was over they could have phoned me and I would have gave them a lead for great quality black t-shirts cheap. Something you may want to consider if you eat at McDonalds. In fact for every two coffee's you don't drink you can buy one new shirt!!
     Well back to what I was saying. You just can't beat black clothes. Save money on washing, never show the stains, you look more like an artist, banks won't lend you money to buy stupid consumer things, black is cheap, change your oil in the same clothes you wear to the office. Does it get any better? Not only that but if you make your coffee at home you will save enough to buy those black clothes.