You know I just love taxes. Seriously income tax is one of the best things ever. I always wonder why people cry about it so much. I am pretty sure it is just because people love crying. If you really think about it income tax is the ultimate in motivation and fairness. If you get a job and just do your job and nothing else then the government is going to take a big chunk of your change and use it to create more jobs for other people. It’s called spreading the wealth around. No matter how badly they spend the money it still benefits all of us. After all the more people that have jobs the more money they have to spend. A lot of them may even spend that money at the company where you work. Thus you will still have a job! Sure the government may not spend it as wisely as you would but hey that's life. You could always give up your big screen TV and get a job as a politician
     If you yourself wanted to get around paying taxes you could also start your own business. The nice thing about doing that is that you get to write off certain expenses so that you pay fewer taxes. This is a good thing since your business could take off and you could create all sorts of jobs for other people. Jobs are what make the world go around. Starting a business is a piece of cake and a great way not to pay as many taxes as the average working stiff. Sure there are a few catches. One is the fact that most people who are self employed pretty well work from morning to night. Not forever but usually for the first five or ten years. After that if they are not among the eighty percent of businesses who go broke the first year they get to start enjoying the fruits of their labor. It’s a great life though does not come easily. Rarely do self employed people have much spare time for TV and other acts of leisure. If they do make it though then they get to taste the really good life.
     I would have to say that being an artist is the all time best. Anyone can be an artist if you have some talent. Being an artist you may starve most of the time but if you connect you can make money beyond comprehension. Right up there with football players and almost movie stars! Sure the odds of making it as an artist are slim to none but even if you half make it you can lead a pretty good life. You got all your free time. You get to write off almost everything that relates to your art. You get to set your own hours. Every day is a new creative adventure. 
Either way self employment through starting your own business really does work well. Most of the biggest companies alive today started in home offices, back sheds etc. Those huge companies may now be hiring hundreds or thousands of people thus creating jobs for everyone. This is why tax breaks for small business is so vital to the future of our economy. After all if the company don’t start it this country it will start in another sooner or later. If that happens then the country takes a huge loss.
     Sure it hurts to pay a lot of taxes but only if you focus too much on what they are taking verses what you are getting. Remember like I said you have the option. The key thing is taxes often get put back into the local economy unless of course you live in Canada. Here the taxes get sent to Quebec so they won’t leave us. If the money stayed in the averages persons pocket it would likely end up all spent buying products from some foreign country. Not much job stimulation there. I would say almost none of the consumers today that have kids ever give thought to buying local products so their kids might be able to get a job. None of us are really as concerned as we like to think.
     Anyway you can argue all you want over the details but taxes are a man’s best friend. I have even read where there are some people in life who’s goal is to pay more taxes than anyone in the world. Kind of crazy but if you are paying lots of taxes then you are making lots of money. Something to think about.