Hey if you are female or I guess even if you are male and are tempted to lie about your age, don't! That is unless you do it right. Most women as they narrow in or break forty they tend to like to lie about their age. They do this by telling people they are ten years younger than they are. They also do this with good intention since they really would rather be back there. There is a problem though in doing this. If you really do look ten years younger then you will be alright. If not they will think "holy cripes does she look bagged for her age!". Instead if you tell them you are ten years older than you are they will think "Wow! does she ever look good for her age!" Far better to have people think you look great for your age than "OMG she looks half dead already". In fact saying you are older will likely even get you more dates after all at least people will think you must be real healthy!
     I read somewhere an interviewer asked Dolly Parton what she wanted people to saying about her in a hundred years. Her reply was "Wow!! Doesn't she sure looks good for her age!!"