I have heard people say that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Personally I know this is true since did a lot of work on that road. In fact I heard the devil was going to dedicate a section of that road specifically to me. Mind you as proud as I am of my achievements on that road there were obviously others that did as much if not more than me. In fact most of us have chipped in on it far more often than we all want to admit or even know for that matter.
     I guess it is human instinct. We all plan to excercise those intentions the month after we win the lottery. Pretty much the same old story each time. I am going to help the poor, teach the rich, give to the sick, spot that begger paper instead of coins. Yes my middle name is going to be "Give" In fact on the top of my list are those close people I know that helped me out. Sure I could have just said thanks and gave them a small gesture of my appreciation but figured why not wait until I am rich and then really surprise them. It seems like a good plan even though the rich part is taking longer than I had anticipated. Just the same the grand slam of gratitude is going to be impressive. Some might think this is a dumb plan but I like it. Besides most people I talk to seem to have the same plan so it can't be all that bad.
     I did though meet someone the other day that had an inspiring but different approach. A nice lady named Victoria. She happened to be visting the ARC here and by a freak of luck dropped her keys just as she was entering the elevator. A huge clump of keys, in fact it looked like she had enough keys to get into Fort Knox. These keys hit the floor right on the crack between the elevator and the floor and slid down under the elevator. I found it amazing that they even managed to slip through that space.
     Well now they were five feet or so under the elevator with no way to get them out except through the way they went in. The elevator repair guy could have gotten them out but that would have been reeel expensive. Luckily Joe at the cafe was still at work and led her to my door knowing I was once the manager here.
     Anyway it was not a big deal since I managed rig up a way to get them out using a rare earth magnet on a rod I had in my welding studio. A short while later she had them back. To me it was a fun mini challenge trying to get them out, and on top of that it was the second time in ten years I did a favor for someone. That felt kind of strange.
     Well after she gave me a big thank you I snuck out of there since I had some more road work to get done. A couple of days later though she stops off this thank you card with a ten dollar Starbucks card!!!!! Well right away I figured I wouldn't be seeing her doing much paving on the road I was working on. Just the same I had to admit it was pretty dang nice. I could now score a couple of trips to Starbucks without having to gather up pop cans!
     A couple of days later when I contacted the mothership they told me that is what gratitude is and that the grand slam gratitude  I and almost everyone else was planning was just showing off. I had to admit they had a point and decided from now on I am never going to "nose up" or "chest out" another homeless person just cause they asked me for a quarter. I guess, according to the mothership, he doesnt need another employment lecture from me either. Might even practice saying thanks once in a awhile. Well I guess the way it works is a  simple action is worth ten times more than a grand intention! This might even explain a lot of things in the world today. If not it sure explains a lot of things in my life....
Oh... by the way...
Thanks Victoria for the coffee card!!! Made my day!!  : )