I was talking to an accountant the other day and he had some good points to make. He told me that if he wanted to buy one of my candle holders for $75. all he would have to do is give up his five dollar, coffee and muffin he eats every day seventeen times. In fact if he were to quit this ugly habit period, he could afford to buy two candle holders a month! He went on to say that if you multiplied that by twelve months he could own 20 of these candle holders by the end of the year!! Not only that he would be healthier from eating 362 less muffins and coffee's. Less coffee would mean he would be calmer and thus more effectively productive. The best part about it all at the end of the year he would have 21 pieces of art that would only be appreciating in value. 

     Another thing he pointed out was the fact that if he bought the 21 candle holders now at only $75. each instead of the $95. that they were going to be going up to in April or May he would save $25. on each holder. If he multiplied that by the 21 he was buying he would be saving $530. !!! That would be like getting eight for free!!! I guess that's one of the perks of being an accountant you really get to know your numbers and can think in ways most of us don't.

     He also said he knew where last years muffins were..., half of them were clogged up in his intestines and hanging over his belt. The other half were floating around in some sewerage treatment plant somewhere…. Not much resalable value there he said. I have to admit he kind of got me thinking and I might even give up muffins myself, after all art verses the options he presented is a no brainer. What the hell there is pretty well nothing to lose except a little weight. Not only that but it appears that steel is not going to go down. I am guessing that it won't be long now with the downfall of America that China will start building their military big time. After all someone has to rule the world and kick a little butt. Thus there will be a lot of plows getting hammered into guns for that event and of course that will surely skyrocket steel prices. 

     Yes I would be thinking seriously about investing in "useable" scrap steel while these are still available!! After all if you do quit the muffins and coffee it will be like getting your candle holders for free!! How cool is that? It is like getting paid to get thinner and be more effectively productive. Can you imagine what your art collection would be like had you done this years ago!! You could probably retire off the sale of your collection!! Hey just a thought to consider