Yes good ole Red Velvet Cake made with fresh bug guts. Who woulda thunk. Which is why I wished the food companies did not have to list the ingredients on stuff they sell us. Someone has to fight that ruling. You see it all would have been fine had not Marta been so dang persistent to find out what this one mystery ingredient was on the list…. COCHINEAL. I told her who cares what it is after all it says it's natural so it must be OK. If the President chose it then it is fine for me. Well Marta being as stubborn as she is hits the beast and before long has found out what it is…. Bug guts… OK maybe not just the guts as they are kind small and would be hard to separate. No just 100% pure ground bug... or insects, if you prefer that term instead. Fascinating little critters I might add but insects just the same. Apparently they make the coolest blood red dye and even though it takes a bazillion of them what the hell.

     Now I realize that we should all just shut up and eat whats put in front of us after all there are starving people in Biafra, if I am remembering correctly what my Dad used to always say.  At the same time though if I also remember, listing ingredients on food boxes was so we could make choices ourselves about what foods we want to eat. Now at least they did list this strange name on the box and called it natural. I am sure if they would have called it "little insects" it would not have looked near as good. Not to mention they would have lost a lot of sales to vegans and other picky eater types.

     I have since wondered was it really the presidents choice to eat bugs? Maybe so but I am not sure I am comfortable with that myself. Not that eating bugs is bad. Hell lots of people eat bugs in different parts of the world. Apparently nothing beats a plate of fresh picked grubs hot off the rotting log. Who cares if they ate all or just part of the bug, it's still a bug. If they like it then great. It is kind of like the ole 100% beef gig… I would often ask people what part of the hundred percent beef are you eating? I have always found that kind of strange. What makes one part of anything more gross than another? Excluding a few obvious areas like hair and hide etc. After all shez all pretty well meat, 100% dead animal.

     Now even though I am vegetarian and have been for nearly thirty years I am aware that some people don't do well on that kind of diet. I was just one of the ones that did hugely better, thus it stuck with me.  My staple in life was double patty cheese burgers. I loved them and ate them every day at least once. That was up until I quit them and found my energy skyrocketed two weeks later! They may have been good but not near as good as all that extra energy tasted and felt!! I have to admit it was fun finding that out myself and not having the government stuffing it down my throat. After all I like to make my choices myself which I agree does not go well with the government whom loves everyone to be and do what they say. For now though and until they pass a law stating otherwise I think I will pass on the bug gut… I mean Red Velvet Cake. No matter how sexy that "red velvet" sounds

     I recently found another example of this in some juice I used to buy. Not sure what it was but it had some kind of Omega 3 or 9 or something in it… Code word for "oil of fish guts" No one would even think of drinking fresh grape juice that was steeped in 'oil of fish guts" thus the cleaner sounding name…. Omega 3 or whatever. Now I realize fish plants got a lot of guts to dispose of and if there is a way they can turn all that waste into money then good for them and the share holders. Just hire some unemployed scientist to come up with a nicer name and some quick research and we are talking good money. Plus on top of making good cents it sure saves the landfills. Apparently a lot of big companies seem to think human mouths are as good as landfills. Which in truth they may just have a point there. After all humans are kind of like high speed composters in a sense. If we started taking stuff that was hard to dispose of and ground it up fine, gave it a nice sounding name, called it nutritious and then put it in our food the disposal problem would be solved.

     Well for me though I think I will pass, while I can, on the fresh picked fishy grape juice, sexy velvet bug cake and pig gene tomatoes. Instead a tastier idea might just be to buy some shares in those companies... after all apparently there's a sucker born every minute...