Hey if you are ever in Red Deer Alberta watch out for these guys at Berkley Compressor. Man they are a weird bunch! Believe me I know. I phoned them up one day looking for some compressor parts for my old 1948 Brunner. I told them that I was a starving artist, low cash, ambition and motivation. I was also too cheap to buy a new compressor and thus wanted to save my old one. I made it pretty obvious that I was not going to be their next big spending customer. Well Richard, one of the gang there starts yapping away about how he was going to dig around for the parts and let me know right away. He told me to call him the next day. 

     Well even though I was very suspicious I did phone. Sure enough he had all the parts I needed!!! Then to make matters even worse he offered me a bargain deal on the price. Well at that point I was getting really weirded out. The guy was acting like it was 1950 or something and that you treated ALL customers with respect as if they were valuable and that you main goal was to be of service no matter what!! I tell you it was like going to the gas station and having an attendant fill your car, wash your windows and check your oil??

     At one point I wanted to Remind Richard that I was barely going to pay for these parts let alone ever come back to their place again! After all I rarely if ever need the type of service and parts they sell. So why the hell was he giving such great service?? Well your guess is as good as mine but I did have a few theories. The first is that Red Deer might be a little behind the times and just not know that good service stopped with most companies years ago. In fact it is partly to blame for the demise of the economy.

     Another theory I have is that they must not have accountants riding around on their backs all day. After all most accountants are deadly to good service and satisfied customers. Mostly because they forget... or never knew that customers are real people not just numbers. It's pretty obvious the owner of this place understands what customers really are. After all any sharp run business usually does and they also know that the real money made in any business comes via the front line people who deal directly with the customer. Sales people are the only thing that stand between you and your businesses cash flow. Outstanding sales come from outstanding sales people.  

     Often though business owners think that the accountants are the ones to look after. In fact part of the reason for that is accountants, a long time ago, made a deal with the devil if he would come up with a quote to help them in their mission. Sure enough he did in order to keep his end of the bargain. (as if they really needed it as their inventory management software was more than customer killer enough.) His quote was "its not what you make... but what you keep"  Sure it sounds good at first but what would you prefer? Keeping a 100% of a thousand dollars or only $50% of a million A good accountant will get you close to the first option…. A good salesman will get you close to the second… you pick. 

     Anyway the problem with this type of service is that it gets addictive fast. Next thing you know you start longing for it. Especially at those times you are standing in the isles of Hopeless depot or Cambodia Tire begging to make eye contact with at least one of the service people darting around corners trying to avoid you. After a couple of trips there you will be wanting to order some reed valves from Berkley Compressor yourself… whether you need them or not,... just so you can get a taste of good service. You will feel like you are young again!!!

A quick side note here to any big spenders out there looking for great places to deal with. Walk into the place, whatever it is, and tell them the return spring on you Volkswagen's carburetor rusted off. Keep your big spending plans totally quiet. Then watch the service they give you. That will tell you the service you are going to get the second your big spending is over or slows down little. Any place will try and impress the hell out of you with free cigars and friendly smiles if you walk in like a big spender. Though when your spending slows don't be surprised to find so does your service. It is pretty obvious with places like Berkley Compressor though the service you get will always be great!